Zap-Map launches multi network EV charging payment service

Published 18 September 2020

Electric vehicle (EV) owners will soon be able to use a single payment app to access different public charging networks in the UK. 

EV owners currently need to use multiple smartphone apps and payment cards to access different networks; however, the new and free Zap-Pay service - from Zap-Map - is designed to simplify the process by creating a single all-in-one app. 

Engenie, the UK-wide rapid charging network, will be the first network available on Zap-Pay. Many more are expected to follow in the next few months, including ESB EV Solutions, LiFe and Hubsta.

There are already more than 12,000 charging locations in the UK – more than the total number of petrol stations - and Zap-Map has told that over 250,000 people have already downloaded the free Zap-Pay app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Despite some of the major nationwide networks offering contactless card readers, drivers currently still often need to use multiple apps and cards to pay to charge on different networks. This can lead to ‘charger anxiety’ – concern about being able to access the right charge point when needed. This is an issue for 68 per cent of EV drivers, according to a recent survey of 1617 EV drivers by Zap-Map.

Rachel Maclean, the UK Government Transport Minister, said: “It should be as easy for drivers to charge their vehicles at public charge points as it is to pay for petrol or diesel.

“As the EV market continues to go from strength to strength, journey planning and paying with one app or membership card must also follow – Zap-Pay will help do just that, propelling us towards cleaner towns and cities and a zero emission future.”



Mike Ibbotson    on 22 September 2020

How about us older drivers with electric cars who do not have smart phones & do not want contactless cards?

VINCENT MILLARD    on 22 September 2020

Yes it is a Problem but there are more and more of us "Baby Boomers" coming through who only carry Plastic these Days.

Some of the Chargers can take Cash just like the ICE Fuel Pumps.

One other consideration would be to have the Car (at your command) dial up the Charger when the connector is plugged in.

davethesteam    on 22 September 2020

How much does it charge per Kilowatt Hour?

philtth    on 10 October 2020

All very nice but how much are they charging per kilowatt. Rip off charges often make electric miles per pound dearer than petrol!

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