New battery tech to improve EV range

One of the biggest problems with electric cars is so-called range anxiety. EVs can only usually travel around 100 miles before they run out of juice, and charging them is a long-winded process when you find a place to do it.

But as with all technology, there’s a constant drive for improvement and a consortium led by advanced battery manufacturer Axeon has developed a new type of battery that goes some way towards removing the limitations associated with pure EVs.

The project, part funded by the Technology Strategy Board, aimed to develop a high density battery specifically for zero-emissions vehicles. The new battery is light weight and smaller than current designs, and provides 35% more range than current batteries.

Lawrence Berns, CEO of Axeon said: “This project has been a remarkable success and reinforces Axeon’s position as a leading provider of advanced battery technology.  This new battery represents a real step forward in the development of electric vehicles and is highly versatile, being suitable for applications for many vehicle manufacturers and across a wide range of platforms.”

The battery is currently in a prototype stage, but thanks to its design it should be relatively easy to start testing it in practical applications.



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