007 Cars for Pageant of Power and Beaulieu

A selection of modern James Bond cars will be displayed at 2012 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power from 15th - 17th June, and go on longer display at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

These include the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish from DIE ANOTHER DAY, 007's BMW Z8 and the villains Jaguar XKR.

This is in association with the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, which hosts a Bond in Motion exhibition that showcases 50 of the best loved and most iconic James Bond vehicles in 50 years of Bond movies.

Cars on show during the three-day Cholmondeley Pageant include the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
from DIE ANOTHER DAY. Featuring in the 20th Bond film, the car featured an 'Adaptive Camouflage' cloaking system, which allowed it to become invisible to the naked eye at the push of a button. The Vanquish was also equipped with a generous quota of Bond gadgetry, including twin .50-calibre autocannons, rocket projectiles, dorsal target-seeking shotguns, and a passenger ejector seat - in homage to the
original Aston Martin DB5.

Also on show at the 2012 Pageant will be the Jaguar XKR and Ice Dragster driven by Bond-villains Zao and Gustav Graves in DIE ANOTHER DAY, and the beautiful BMW Z8 from THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.

The 2012 Pageant's 007 celebration is a satellite exhibition of Beaulieu National Motor Museum's 'Bond in Motion' season that features many of the most famous Bond cars from the last 50 years. The exhibition is currently a major highlight of the museum's celebrated automotive collection.

Alongside the Bond car celebration, visitors to the 2012 Pageant will also be treated to a 50th anniversary celebration of the seminal AC Cobra, as well as the appearance of a range of aero-engined cars such as the BMW 'Brutus' - featured on the most recent series of BBC2's Top Gear.

Now in its fifth year, the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power will take place on the Cholmondeley Estate in Cheshire from 15 to 17 June. A full event schedule and list of participants will be announced over the coming weeks, as Pageant organisers continue to reveal exciting new additions and features for 2012.

To buy tickets or find further information, visit www.cpop.co.uk  For further information on Beaulieu National
Motor Museum's 'Bond in Motion' exhibition, visit  www.beaulieu.co.uk .

The 2012 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power will be open to the public from 15 to 17 June at Cholmondeley Castle, Malpas, Cheshire. It was awarded Best Tourist Event in Cheshire in 2010 and runner-up in 2011. Gates open at 8.00am every day. Adult tickets for the fireworks concert event on Saturday 16 June start at £20, while child tickets start at £5. For more information about the Pageant or to book tickets, visit www.cpop.co.uk

The Bond in Motion Exhibition at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu is the largest of its kind staged anywhere in the world and showcases 50 of the best loved and most iconic James Bond vehicles in celebration of the 50th year of James Bond movies. Bond in Motion runs from January to December 2012 at
the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.  www.beaulieu.co.uk


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