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Latest Mercedes-Benz offers from Drive the Deal has some excellent deals on brand new Mercedes-Benz models, all supplied by UK main dealers. Prices include road tax and delivery to your door is free. With savings of around £5,000 off the popular C-Class saloons and estates, and savings of around £7,000 off the new model E-Class saloons and estates, these deals offer excellent value.

  • Mercedes-Benz A180 SE 5dr £19,690 Saving £680
  • Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI SE 5dr £20,711 Saving £734
  • Mercedes-Benz B180 CDI SE 5dr £20,576 Saving £1,853
  • Mercedes-Benz B200 CDI Sport 5dr Auto £24,307 Saving £2,222
  • Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Coupe BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE 2dr £26,257 Saving £4,563
  • Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI Coupe BlueEFFICIENCY AMG Sport Plus 2dr Auto £31,200 Saving £5,228
  • Mercedes-Benz C200 CDI Saloon BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE 4dr £22,474 Saving £5,111
  • Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Saloon BlueEFFICIENCY AMG Sport 4dr Auto £26,511 Saving £5,717
  • Mercedes-Benz C200 CDI Estate BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE 5dr £23,515 Saving £5,270
  • Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Estate BlueEFFICIENCY AMG Sport 5dr Auto £27,552 Saving £5,876
  • Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI Saloon SE 4dr Tip Auto £27,320 Saving £6,600
  • Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Saloon AMG Sport 4dr Tip Auto £31,784 Saving £7,250
  • Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI Estate SE 5dr Tip Auto £28,960 Saving £6,826
  • Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI Estate AMG Sport 5dr Tip Auto £33,350 Saving £7,482
  • Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI Coupe BlueEFFICIENCY SE 2dr Tip Auto £28,117 Saving £6,471
  • Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI Cabriolet BlueEFFICIENCY SE 2dr Tip Auto £31,049 Saving £6,910
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 2dr Tip Auto £26,995 Saving £4,790
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI 2dr Tip Auto £28,910 Saving £3,648
  • Mercedes-Benz ML250 CDi BlueTEC SE 5dr Auto £38,487 Saving £5,303
  • Mercedes-Benz ML350 CDi BlueTEC AMG Sport 5dr Auto [Comand] £45,166 Saving £6,084
  • Mercedes-Benz S350 CDi BlueTEC 4dr Auto [Start Stop] £46,813 Saving £14,548

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