Top 10: Best-selling cars in October

The UK new car market fell by 1.6 per cent in October, with 140,945 cars registered, marking a nine-year low.

With England now under a month-long lockdown, the SMMT has said the new car industry faces a "tough end of the year". Meanwhile, demand for used cars is up by 15 per cent compared to last year.

Click through the gallery below to see which new cars were in high demand in October.

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Audi A3 - 2523 registered

The latest Audi A3 Sportback could be described as a fancy Volkswagen Golf, though it holds its own well against premium rivals like the BMW 1 Series. It has a bang up-to-date interior, plenty of technology and lots of standard equipment on even the cheaper models. The Audi engine naming system is confusing but the 35 TFSI and 35 TDI are excellent. Both engines are powerful yet also economical - making it an ideal, midsize motorway cruiser.

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Loisel    on 9 November 2020

My BMW X 1which is the 2 LITER DIESEL , 2 WHEEL DRIVE 2018 MODEL recently returned 58 .8 mpg going north to south traveling 285 miles against the prevailing wind.
On the return journey with the prevailing wind behind me travelling south to north again covering 285 miles my BMW XI returned 61.2 mpg.
I must add that I set my cruise control to 73mph and did not go any faster and did not go much slower.
So I am very pleased with the mpg and and it is a very comfortable and relaxing car to drive.
The other plus for me is the boot space I can slide the back seats forward and get my large electric golf trolley and large bag of golf clubs easily into the boot so no need to put the back seats down flat.BRILLIANT boot space.

DLDLDL    on 10 November 2020

Anyone else think it unusual that all these cars are of European Origin? No Nissan Toyota Mazda Honda etc.

John McNamara    on 10 November 2020

Funny thing is quite a few of the Nissan, Toyota and Honda models are made in UK and the last two of those three are always at the top of the reliability charts. It's no wonder Honda are shutting their UK factory next year with the loss of 1000's of jobs. Brits seem to prefer the much less reliable German built Ford, VW and Audi models and the very unreliable Swedish Volvos.

Edited by John McNamara on 10/11/2020 at 19:00

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