Top 10: Best-selling cars in October

The UK's new car market fell by almost three per cent in October with 153,599 vehicles registered. Zero emission vehicles — electric and hybrid — saw almost 89 per cent growth (584 more vehicles registered compared to September) despite the announcement that the Plug-in Car Grant has been cut for pure electric cars and withdrawn completely for plug-in hybrids.

But what were the UK's most-popular cars in October? Aside from the Ford Fiesta, obviously...

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Volkswagen Polo - 2753 registered

The latest Volkswagen Polo jostles with the Ford Fiesta for the title of best in class. Its interior feels upmarket, which might explain why it continues to outsell cheaper alternatives from SEAT and Skoda. Aside from being spacious and backed by an excellent range of petrol engines, the Volkswagen Polo is more Golf-like than ever before and certainly raises the bar for the once humble small hatchback. It's just a bit pricey, which explains it sitting in tenth place.

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HighlanderUK    on 6 November 2018

a top 20 would be interesting. Keen to see what Mazda's sales are like.

hissingsid    on 7 November 2018

I drive a Mazda CX-3 and I am surprised to see only one Japanese car in the top 10, especially as they are usually near the top of most reliability surveys.

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