Latest News From Barrett Jackson's 15th January Marathon Auction

Published 16 January 2015

With Barrett Jackson car auctions starting at 10.00am Arizona time, 8 hours behind the UK, most of these sales are taking place while Brits are in bed.

But Arizona is 14 hours behind Thai time, which means they start at midnight and run to midday next day.

So my periods of consciousness mean I can fill in some of the gaps while you were asleep dreaming of Corvettes, Mustangs and hot-rods.

With the Ron Pratte collection sold, on the third day there were a lot more cars selling in ‘price range’, which seems to be $30k - $60k.

Remember, here, the bidders have American tastes, which are very different from those in Europe. This is where big private collector money meets the better hot rod shops.

The most prized cars are the muscle cars from the years when ‘baby boomers’ first got their driving permits.

Rather too many unique ‘special edition’s, maybe. But the big turn-ons are ‘super muscle cars’, a term coined by Barry White of Corona, California for the muscle motors of the 1960s and 70s brought up to date with the latest tech that can include air suspension, rack and pinion steering, 6-speed manual and autoboxes and remanufactured ‘crate engines’, some of them offering 600HP plus.

But the buyers at Barratt Jackson are smart. They know the difference between a top build and a car that isn’t quite up to the mark, and that can mean a $100,000 price difference.

Two buyer’s name that cropped up repeatedly were Ron Price and ‘Chisholm’.

And credit to the rostrum for never letting a car that topped out but deserved to make a lot more escape without sensible bids.

To introduce you to our Classics site, the list of 110 Barrett Jackson 15th January results we recorded are listed here: HJ Classics Barratt Jackson Results 

Remember, thanks to Mke Brewer for the link you can hook up to the live link auction at:

You then have to enter your email and a password, then click the <Watch Live> box in the top LH corner.

The Auction takes place from 14th - 18th January.


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