Entire SAAB Heritage fleet to go under the hammer (or fax to be more precise)

After spending most of last year lurching from saviour to crisis to crisis to saviour and back to crisis, the collapse of SAAB is now starting to feel much more real. Following staff lay-offs and the total shut-down of its production lines, the firm’s administrator Delphi is breaking up and selling off its entire heritage collection.

The unique collection includes SAAB’s earliest cars, including the 1946 SAAB 92001, which is also known as the Ursaab.

One-offs and rarities include a 1960 SAAB Formula Junior single-seat racer, Elbil, rally and touring cars, several beautiful Sonnets, rare 99 and 900 estates, various 9000 prototypes and – perhaps most strikingly – the AeroX Koncept from 2006.

There are even a few models that even SAAB enthusiasts might want to forget, including the 9-7X from 2005 (a re-badged Chevvy Trailblazer) and the 9-2X from 2004 (a re-badged Subaru Impreza estate). There’s even a Cadillac BLS hidden away amongst the lots, which was built in SAAB’s Trollhatten factory for GM during the middle of the last decade.

Delphi, which has posted a notice on its website (you’ll need to brush-up on your Swedish) is inviting bids for the cars by fax by 20 January. The full list of lots is below.

SAAB Heritage Fleet Sale


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