Jaguar XJ Makes Open Auction Debut

No one was sure how to value this 13k mile 10 reg XJ 5.0V8 Portfolio. It started at £48,000, then rose through a mix of hall and online bids to £55,100, at which point the auctioneer decided to refer it to Lex Autolease for a decision. But this could be the basis on which next month’s guides are written.


Today’s first Audi A5, a 49k miles 2008/57 3.0V6 TDI quattro Sport turned out to have been undervalued at a reserve of £17,000, because it then romped ahead to sell for £20,300. There was no such mistake with the second, a 30k mile 2007/57 3.0V6 quattro non-Sport that started at £18,000 and sold for £19,100.


Three-year-old Mondeo diesels are now plentiful, so bidding depends very much on engine, trim level and, above all, mileage. Today’s cheapest was a 105k mile 07 1.8TDCI 125 Edge 5-speed that sold for £4,150. While the dearest I saw past the block was a 56k mile 2007/57 1.8TDCI Ghia estate. Sold for £8,100.


Hall against online bidding means no real surprises because if something looks cheap then someone staring at a screen somewhere will pick it up. A 20k mile 09 Jaguar XF 2.7D Luxury (which means base spec) sold for £22,000. I thought an 85k mile 2007/57 Mercedes C220CDI Sport auto did well to make £14,200 versus under £10k for same age and mileage C200CDI Elegance manuals a few weeks ago, but then the Sport did have a particularly bling set of wheels.


Probably best value for money today was a 45k mile 3 year old Chrysler 300C 3.0V6 CRD, sold for £9,700.


(As usual, ‘s’ means sold. ‘p’ means top provisional bid, ‘pc’ means provisional, but close. ‘n/s’ means not sold. ‘n/w’ means miles not warranted. ‘MNW’ means unknown mileage. ‘dmg’ means damaged. D/R means damaged and repaired. ‘fl’ means facelift. ‘H/T’ means hardtop. Extras like ‘lthr’ and ‘sat’ are specified when they are not standard.)


Audi A3 1.9TDI 105 SE, 07 reg, 65k miles £6,900

Audi A3 1.9TDI 105 Special Ed, 2008/57, 59k miles £8,500

Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI 170 S-line, 2007/57, 33k miles £15,500s

Audi A5 3.0V6 TDI quattro, sat, 2007/57, 31k miles £19,100s

Audi A5 3.0V6 TDI quattro Sport, 2008/57, 49k miles £20,300s

BMW 118d 2.0SE, 2007/57, 31k miles £9,300s

BMW 118d 2.0 M Sport, 2007/57, 59k miles £9,900s

BMW 118d 2.0SE, 09 reg, 49k miles £10,100s

BMW E90 320dES, 06 reg, 155k miles £5,200s

BMW E90 320dSE 177, 08 reg, 111k miles £7,650s

BMW 520d 177 SE, 2007/57, 93k miles £8,700s

BMW 630CI 3.0 Sport, 2006/56, 55k miles £15,800s

Chrysler 300C 3.0V6 CRD, sat, 2007/57, 45k miles £9,700s

Citroen C4 2.0HDI 138 Exclusive, 2008/57, 45k miles £6,150s

Citroen 2.0HDI Grand Picasso auto, 08 reg, 84k miles £6,800p

Dodge Caliber 2.0SXT CVT auto, 2007/57, 42k miles £4,950s

Ford Focus 1.6TDCI 90 LX 5-dr, 2006/55, 71k miles £3,200s

Ford Focus 1.6TDCI 110 Ghia estate, 06 reg, 98k miles £2,750s

Ford Focus 1.6 Sport 5-dr, 2007/56, 93k miles £2,900s

Ford Mon III 2.0TDCI 115 LX estate, 05 reg, 61k miles £3,300s

Ford Mon 1.8TDCI 125 Edge 5-dr, 07 reg, 105k miles £4,150s

Ford Mon 2.0TDCI 140 Zetec 5-dr, 07 reg, 113k miles £4,350s

Ford Mon 1.8TDCI 125 Edge 5-dr, 2007/57, 84k miles £4,950s

Ford Mon 2.0TDCI 140 Zetec estate, 2007/57, 100k miles £5,350s

Ford Mon 1.8TDCI 125 Ghia estate, 2007/57, 56k miles £8,100s

Ford Mon 2.0TDCI 140 Ghia 5-dr, 08 reg, 67k miles £6,800s

Honda Civic 1.4 i-DSI SE, 08 reg, 65k miles £6,900s

Honda Civic 1.8 i-VTEC Type S 3-dr, 2009/58, 32k miles £8,500s

Honda Civic 1.4 i-DSI Hybrid CVT, 2007/57, 53k miles £7,000s

Honda Accord 2.2iCDTI Exec, sat, 2007/56, 78k miles £6,750s

Honda Accord 2.2iCDTI SE, sat, 2007/57, 80k miles £6,350s

Honda CR-V 2.0i-VTEC Sport, 2006/56, 89k miles £4,650s

Jaguar XF 2.7D Luxury, 09 reg, 20k miles £22,000s

Jaguar XJ 5.0V8 Portfolio, DAB TV, 10 reg, 13k miles £55,100p

LR Freelancer II 2.2TD XS, 07 reg, 33k miles £16,200s

LR Freelancer II 2.2TD S auto, 08 reg, 21k miles £15,400s

Mazda 6 2.0TS2 auto, 08 reg, 111k miles £4,700s

Mercedes C220CDI Sport auto, sat, 2007/57, 85k miles £14,200s

MB ML320CDI Sport, sat, 2007/56, 44k miles £20,200s

MB CL500 5.5 coupe, satnav, 2008/58, 15k miles £37,000p

Renault Clio 1.5DCI 106 Dyn 3-dr, 2008/57, 27k miles £6,200s

SAAB 9-3 1.9TID 120 Vector Sport, 2007/57, 57k miles £6,750s

SEAT Leon 1.9TDI Stylance, 2007/57, 60k miles £7,200s

Toyota Aygo 1.0VVT-I Blue 3-dr, a/c, 2007/57, 38k miles £4,500s

Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 Life, 2007/57, 41k miles £3,700s

Vauxhall Astra 1.7CDTI 100CL estate, 07 reg, 111k miles £2,700s

Vauxhall Astra 1.9CDTI 120SR 3-dr, 07 reg, 72k miles £5,550s

Vauxhall Astra 1.6T 16v SRI 3-dr, 2007/57, 13k miles £7,300s

Vauxhall Astra 1.7CDTI 100 SR 3-dr, 08 reg, 51k miles £7,100s

Vauxhall Vectra 1.9CDTI 120 L, 2006/56, 90k miles £2,650s

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI 120 Club, 2006/56, 87k miles £4,500s

VW Polo 1.4S 80 5-dr, 2007/56, 23k miles £5,250s

VW Beetle 1.9TDI, 05 reg, 98k miles £4,300s

VW Touran 1.9TDI 105, 07 reg, 91k miles £5,600s

VW Caravelle 2.5TDI, 06 reg, 200k miles £8,250s

Volvo V50 2.0D S, 06 reg, 94k miles £4,400s

Volvo V50 1.6D Drive S, 2009/58, 31k miles £10,750s

Volvo XX90 2.4 D5 184 Active, 09 reg, 19k miles £19,400s


To view the full new Lex Autolease sales programme click on Lex Autolease

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