Car Lifetime Cost Control From BCA and 2nd Byte

Wed, 09 Jul 2008
BCA and 2nd Byte have announced a new strategic partnership to offer manufacturers and their dealer networks greater control and transparency in their electronic remarketing.

BCA's operational management and sales experience, together with 2nd Byte's retail marketing capability gives manufacturers a new way to select and market their wholesale stock to the widest possible audience - from franchised networks to the retail consumer.

The BCA/2nd Byte partnership provides end-to-end transparency across the life of the vehicle, improving control at every stage of the process and increasing returns. Vehicles spend fewer days in stock because of increased visibility earlier in the de-fleet cycle, proactively managing bottlenecks in the business process and actively driving buyer participation.

Lower disposal costs are enjoyed by pre-determining refurbishment, storage and vehicle movement requirements, all of which are tracked and reported through the system. Time-to-sale, one of the key constituents in maintaining rock solid residuals, is reduced by routing the right vehicles into the right sales channels at the right time.

To date, BCA and 2nd Byte have driven a combined figure of £1.3 billion per annum worth of OEM stock back through the franchise dealer network. "It's about getting cars presented at the earliest opportunity and with comprehensive build specification all wrapped up in an attractive package" says Alex Lowe, sales and marketing director at 2nd Byte. "This means we can achieve the highest possible return with maximum visibility whilst keeping fulfilment costs to a minimum."

Andrew Whitehair, managing director of 2nd Byte commented “BCA and ourselves are acknowledged as the leaders in our own markets and by pooling our knowledge and resources we intend to revolutionise the way manufacturers and their dealer networks manage their available used car stock."

Jonathan Higham, director remarketing services for BCA added “Both companies bring a range of complementary services and systems to the marketplace as well as sharing a huge amount of experience in direct and online selling of vehicles. By harnessing and delivering the best of each company we can offer our customers a range of bespoke and highly effective vehicle remarketing services.”

BCA 2nd Byte Collaboration

BCA have developed a range of Remarketing Services which look to offer customers an “end-to-end” service from initial entry on to fleet through to disposal. The solution includes an Inventory Management System and a range of electronic sales tools.

2nd Byte has been providing Internet based electronic marketing tools to car manufacturers and their franchise dealers for 15 years and has extensive experience in marketing as well as selling used car marketing services to manufacturers. 2nd Byte has developed a manufacturer electronic B2B sales tool Push 2 Pull (P2P) which is currently being used by 6 clients.

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