Morgan Aero 8 (2001 – 2015) Review

Morgan Aero 8 (2001 – 2015) At A Glance


+Very fast, a modern lightweight construction and a great sound from an excellent BMW V8.

-Love-it-or-hate-it looks. Most people choose 'hate it'.

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Ask Honest John

Buying a new sports car- what do you recommend for £22,000?
"I am looking to buy a sports car to use at weekends. I have up to £22,000 to spend, but don’t want a car that will cost me an arm and a leg to maintain. At present, I’m thinking Morgan or Porsche. What would you recommend? "
If you want vintage ride, handling and discomfort, but a car that hardly depreciates at all, then the Morgan. If you want what is probably the definitive mainstream sportscar, with the finest handling, then the Porsche Cayman. If you want something in-between, then a Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport.
Answered by Honest John
Would you recommend a Morgan over a Porsche Boxter S?
"When I eventually change my BMW Z4 35is, I think that the natural choice would be a Boxster S. However, I have no need for a practical car at all and wonder if a Morgan (perhaps a 2-litre 4-seater) would be a reasonable car? I understand in terms of handling and performance this would not be in the same class, which would be fine. Are Morgans reliable and reasonably safe, and are there any obvious pitfalls?"
Morgans tend to depreciate very slowly, or even appreciate, so aren’t bad investments. But they are relatively high maintenance, the ride and handling are vintage, and I find them extremely uncomfortable, by which I mean bone-jarring and you are forced into an unnatural posture. So I urge you to try one before you commit to one.
Answered by Honest John
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