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Top 10 tips for buying an approved used car

Approved used car schemes can save you thousands when it comes to buying a nearly new or used car. What’s more, owing to the fact that all are backed by the manufacturer, you get that extra peace of mind, with a cast iron guarantee that should protect you in the event of anything going wrong.

But there are still a few golden rules and tips to help you get a great deal...

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The choice is huge, where should I start? 

Resist the temptation to rush out to your nearest dealer and test drive the first car you see. Instead, stay at home, relax and work out what you really need from your next car. Take time to work out your budget for buying the vehicle and running it on a weekly basis. Once you have these figures, stick to them, no matter what. 

Owing to the huge choice of vehicles available, it can be daunting when it comes to finding suitable cars. If you are having trouble then use our Car Chooser, which will let you shortlist the best nearly new and used cars based on your personal needs. 


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