Top 10: Best crossovers

Crossovers have replaced big hatchbacks and estates as the default car for many family buyers. It's easy to see why, due to the extra practicality and raised seats which make it easy to get children in and out. With so many on the market, it's hard to know which are the best. These are the 10 top performers in the 2017 Honest John Satisfaction Survey.

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Mazda CX-3

Overall rating: 88.79%

It’s very hard to find a chink the in the armour of the Mazda CX-3 - it’s a crossover that seems to do everything well. Owners tell us they like the quality and reliability, it’s easy to drive and performs well. It also has good ride comfort, is well made and stands out as one of the most reliable cars you can buy.

Its sixth place finish here, therefore, is mostly down to its average practicality compared to its near rivals.

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hissingsid    on 4 December 2017

As a CX-3 owner I am not surprised that it scored poorly on practicality. The interior layout is an ergonomic disaster and the lack of space will not appeal to families, but space is not a major consideration for me as I rarely carry more than one passenger.

Good points include a smooth powerful 2.0 litre normally aspirated petrol engine returning 43-44 mpg, a proper torque converter automatic transmission and a proper handbrake. Apart from a leaking aircon condenser replaced under warranty (a common fault) the car has been 100% reliable so far.

Bad points include a rather too firm ride and relentless road noise from the Bridgestone Turanza tyres, even with the smaller 16 inch wheels. The Bridgestones will be replaced by Michelin Cross Climates in due course, as recommended by HJ.

DLDLDL    on 4 December 2017

What exactly is the difference between:
MPVs, and
This list of Crossovers includes a Mini which to me looks like a small estate car, yet it does not seem to major on 4x4s - which would seem to be a key feature of vehicles that crossover between being "normal road" cars and "off-roaders".

Car manufacturers may not be doing themselves favours by making the (apparent) variety of vehicles so confusing that you are never really sure what you are looking at!

NickNike    on 4 December 2017

What is a crossover? Neither one thing or another. I bet they're all deadly diesels as well. Amazing what some people will buy.

hissingsid    on 5 December 2017

If the membership of the Mazdz CX-3 Forum is representative of owners, the vast majority of CX-3's are petrol, including my own, as my original comments made clear.

Marcus T.    on 17 May 2018

well something that will do 60MPG for a start.

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