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99 2.0 HDi: knocking & creaking from suspension - martinu
My Pug 306 HDi makes a strange random knocking "pock-pock-[pause]-pock" from the suspension. It sounds like worn shock absorbers but I've had those checked several times, by Kwik Fit, by a Pug dealer and by an independent garage, and they say that they cannot find a fault. Also, when the car is first driven (for the first mile or so) there is a loud creaking (it sounds like a donkey braying!) from the suspension whenever it goes onto or comes off speed humps, as the suspension is being compressed and released by more than the normal amount. My garage was unable to reproduce that symptom to investigate it.

The knocking happens at any speed and happens when the wheels are pointing straight ahead or when I'm turning - steering does not affect it.

Can anyone suggest what could be making the noise. Is it serious or should I take the word of the various garages that have checked it.

The car is just under 10 years old and has done 152,000 miles. It has been serviced at the manufacturer's interval of 12,000 miles and had any fixes that have been recommended.

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99 2.0 HDi: knocking & creaking from suspension - Andrew-T
I presume you refer to the front suspension? I would have thought that any Pug dealer could make a case for replacing lower arms or drop-links profitably, so if they didn't it should mean the problem is not serious. I was told to replace both lower arms (worn bushes, allegedly) when my first 306 had only done 25K, and I have believed ever since that they weren't needed - tho I have never been near 150K miles as you have. None of my later 306s wore their bushes.

My G-reg 205 creaks from the front suspension, usually while steering. My indie says the noise is from the upper Macpherson strut mounts which are not easy to lubricate. He also says not to worry.
99 2.0 HDi: knocking & creaking from suspension - martinu
The creaking is probably coming from the front suspension as I *think* happens when those wheels go onto a speed hump or come off it. The knocking is very difficult to locate: it could be coming from any of the four wheels and just when I think "ah, it's nearside rear" the next knock sounds like the front offside :-(

The car is due for a service in a couple of thousand miles so I'll try *again* to get the garage to reproduce and identify the noise. I'd rather be told "it's the bushes/drop-links/whatever and they are not causing any harm" than "we couldn't reproduce the fault"!
99 2.0 HDi: knocking & creaking from suspension - martinu

Having just driven again now and gone over a couple of humps very slowly to separate out the action of the front and rear suspension, I'm certain that the creaking is coming from the REAR suspension.
99 2.0 HDi: knocking & creaking from suspension - Andrew-T
The creaking is coming from the REAR suspension ...

.. then you should look at the recent threads about dealing with the rear crossmember and trailing arms.

I was with a friend in his 405 when the rear torsion bar failed suddenly. The near-side hit the rubber stop, but the car remained (uncomfortably) driveable. That has clearly not happened to yours, but at 150K miles I guess age will be setting in.

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