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laptop display problem - tyro
My laptop was borrowed by someone who wanted to use it to play a DVD using a data projector. The person concerned had a bit of trouble and eventually just used the laptop to play the DVD.

The laptop has been returned to me, and the display has changed. My first thought was that it had gone rather odd, and I couldn't put my finger on it. On closer examination, it has been changed so that every item on the screen has been stretched horizontally, or to put it another way, flattened. Letters in text look slightly fuzzy. What do I do to get it back to normal?

(I tried "System Restore", but got a message to say that it was not possible to restore the system to the chosen point.)

laptop display problem - Altea Ego
when using the projector he has changed the resolution of the display in use.,

right click the desktop

you will see a little slider in the left of the box saying screen resolution. Slide it to one that gets you back to where you were.
laptop display problem - Focus {P}
Slide it to one that gets you back to where you were.

...which as it's an LCD should be the native resolution of the display ie. the best resolution for a 1200x800 LCD is (not surprisingly) 1200x800. As you've seen, anything else will look blurry (although exact divisors would be ok as well eg. 600x400).
laptop display problem - tyro
Thanks very much, gentlemen.

I had a feeling it would be something pretty simple.
laptop display problem - ifithelps
Just out of interest, is there any reason why one would want to run a display at lower resolution?

laptop display problem - Focus {P}
Just out of interest is there any reason why one would want to run a
display at lower resolution?

Assuming there's no other way, just to increase the size of something you're trying to look at eg. text. Usually there's an 'increase text size' option though.

Edited by Focus {P} on 21/09/2009 at 11:16

laptop display problem - ifithelps

Thanks for that.

So lowering the resolution increases the size?

Something else about computers I wouldn't have worked out in a month of Sundays. :)

laptop display problem - Focus {P}
So lowering the resolution increases the size?

Yep - if you've got 1000 pixels across a 10 inch wide display, each pixel is 0.01 inches across. 500 pixels means they're 0.02 inches.

Of course halve the resolution horizontally and vertically and you end up with a quarter of the number of pixels on the display.
laptop display problem - Stuartli
>>Usually there's an 'increase text size' option though.>>

Using Ctrl and + or - in both Firefox and IE increases or decreases the text size as required.

An alternative is Ctrl and moving the mouse's scroll wheel backwards or forwards a notch for each text size change.

Edited by Stuartli on 21/09/2009 at 11:46

laptop display problem - SpamCan61 {P}
Many of those fancy LCD projectors some folks use are still relatively low resolution, the displays tend to look odd if you stick a high resolution signal up 'em.
Google Chrome? - drbe
I have just switched to Google Chrome - partly as a response to the problems on the site (yes, yes, I know that that I shouldn't change my browser just for one site, but I was missing my daily fix)

Is there a quick easy, idiots guide to Chrome? Like, where can I locate my 'favourites column'?
Google Chrome? - ifithelps
I've never had any significant problems with this site using Firefox, and it has a simple bookmarks menu which I'm sure you'd spot straight away.

When I switched from Explorer, Firefox offered to transfer the bookmarks, so it was all quite painless.
Google Chrome? - drbe
Google Chrome tells me that it has imported my bookmarks/favourites and I have ticked the box that says 'show bookmarks at all times', but where the heck are they?
Google Chrome? - Stuartli

Google Chrome? - drbe
As usual, thanks for your prompt response Stuartli.

Sadly, the first link is not written in English - well, at least, not the sort of English that makes much sense to me.

The second link, I have used, the "always show bookmarks bar" box is checked, but the blessed bookmarks just aint on the screen.

I am obviously doing something wrong - but what?
Google Chrome? - Stuartli
>>well, at least, not the sort of English that makes much sense to me.>>

Oops, my fault. It's for the Chrome OS rather than the browser...:-(

Google Chrome? - jbif
See: .... www. etc. >>

Question is, do those links answer drbe's question as to what is going wrong with his "favorites" on google-chrome?

Google Chrome? - Stuartli
>>Question is, do those links answer drbe's question as to what is going wrong with his "favorites" on google-chrome?>>

Originally answering:

"Is there a quick easy, idiot's guide to Chrome?"

Some Chrome bookmarks info at:

Edited by Stuartli on 21/09/2009 at 19:39

Google Chrome? - John R @ Work {P}
The Bookmarks Bar is just below the Back/Forward, Reload, Home Buttons and the URL line. It is usually light blue in colour and you can see it disappear if you un-tick the option in tools (Spanner) or press Ctrl+B. Your Bookmarks folders (if any) should show as folders with their names on the left of this horizontal bar.

They act more like Menu items and drop down when clicked on. Sadly they do not stay Vertically 'on-screen' like Firefox or IE.

Hope this helps. (I'd love to include small screen snaps but the format of the Forum does not allow it.)

John R

Edited by John R @ Work {P} on 21/09/2009 at 18:08

Google Chrome? - drbe
Thanks for the responses. I think I may have cracked it. In Google Chrome (why is the word Google underlined in red?), if I click on the 'other bookmarks' icon at the top right of the page the bookmarks appear vertically on the right-hand side of the page.

I can click and drag each bookmark to a horizontal position at the top of the page. The downside is that it only gives me space for six bookmarks, any others disappear off to the right.

So, a result of sorts. Unless, of course, there is a further refinement which I haven't grasped - not an unlikely scenario.
Google Chrome? - malteser
Google (!) Google Chrome privacy concerns!
(Actually I use Scroogle as my search engine of choice, as it eliminates Google's habit of data mining your searches!)
Desktop Icon size - Windows XP - BobbyG
Windows XP running on Samsung NC20 12" netbook.

I come in from work tonight and the icons on the desktop are huge, and all screens I go into have huge writing etc.

Now I am not sure how to put these back to normal and , of course, none of the kids touched it did they!

Is it a setting within XP I need to do or is it a setting specific to the netbook?

I am sure its something simple - but my mind has gone blank - I tried Display settings in the control panel but nothing in there seems to make a difference!

Desktop Icon size - Windows XP - Manatee
Tip from PC support at work - switch it off and switch it on again ;-)

If that doesn't work - they've probably changed the screen resolution. Right click on the desktop. From the right-click-menu click 'properties', the 'settings' tab, and select the highest resolution.

Edited by Manatee on 22/09/2009 at 23:03

Desktop Icon size - Windows XP - rtj70
If they haven't just changed the screen resolution then they might have set it to use larger fonts.

Go to display properties and select the Appearance tab. They may have changed the fonts to large size. Or even extra large. But it does sound like they have reduced the screen resoltion. Also changeable via display properties - right click on the desktop.

Edited by rtj70 on 22/09/2009 at 23:08

Desktop Icon size - Windows XP - BobbyG
Cheers guys - its the resolution, now fixed by method you described.
Now I am pretty sure they didn't do that so somewhere I must have some sort of shortcut that changes the resolution!

Will have a hunt.... but thanks again.
Router/Internet Problem - Armitage Shanks {p}
Good Morning. My partner's lap top died and went off for repair; the problem was that it would not boot up. This was traced to a dry joint on the motherboard which was fixed and computer returned to her.

Now it boots up and everything is fine BUT, despite being connected to her wireless router she cannot get onto the internet via IE or Mozilla. Good signal strength and everything appears OK but no access to the internet.

She has a desk top and that can be connected via the same router and an ethernet cable and works fine but the same router and cable, connected to the laptop, produce no connection. Any ideas welcome! It has been suggested that the repairer may have put some sort of code/block on the computer but I can't see why they might and there are no pop-ups about such a thing.
Router/Internet Problem - smokie
Poss the Windows (or a n other) firewall has been turned on (unusual to block browsing though).

Control Panel, Security Center should give you some idea.

UPDATE: That wasn't very helpful, here's a bit more.

Assuming it's XP...

Go to Start/Run, type cmd and press enter (to get a black command box). Do this on the desktop too, so we can compare.

Type ipconfig and press enter

Is the Default Gateway and Subnet Mask the same on both machines? (If not, the laptop hasn't obtained an address correctly from the DHCP server - probably inside your router - come back for more advice)

If they are the same, on the laptop only, type ping - this will attempt to contact the BBC website and should show the response time. If it times out come back for more. If it gets through then it's probably a firewall.

If it times out, try ping just to make sure you are talking OK locally.

Come back and let us know how that goes.

Edited by smokie on 23/09/2009 at 10:47

Router/Internet Problem - rtj70
When you mention "good signal strength" it would seem you are referring to a wireless connection. But then you add it does not work via a cabled connection.

If it's wireless not working then maybe there is MAC address restrictions enabled on the router and the repaired laptop has a new motherboard and therefore new wireless MAC address. This would prevent it from connecting.

If you are having trouble with the wired connection, open a command prompt on the desktop and laptop when connected. Then run the command:

ipconfig /all

Does the Ethernet connection have both an IP address and default gateway on the laptop and is the IP address in the same range as the working desktop?
Router/Internet Problem - Armitage Shanks {p}
Thanks you all - I have taken the coward's way out and done a full back to basics reload and, as you can see from the fact that I am posting, I am back on the internet and all is well.
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - drbe
I now have Google Chrome as an alternative browser to IE. How do I set the homepage in Chrome?
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - Altea Ego
click the spanner, options, basic, home page, open this page.

But the internals feature, where it pops up piccies of the last pages used I find useful
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - bell boy

is the real answer
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - Focus {P}
is the real answer

Well I'm going to give it a go on Linux. I like the sound of "Use Opera Turbo to turn your sluggish network connection into a broadband beast" - anything with a turbo in must be good :-)
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - rtj70
Google Chrome has one advantage over many other browsers - the different plugins and threads are sandboxes so cannot interact. Crashing (or killing) the Flash thread won't close the browser.

Anyone using Chrome can see that calling up the Chrome task manager and killing the Flash thread will kill the adverts on this page. Refresh the page and the thread comes back as do the ads. But you can see the CPU usage of these threads and see that one of the problem ads at the moment was Mazda's.

I did get to like Chrome a lot. Tend to mostly use Safari now though as I also now have an iMac.
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - Focus {P}
Google Chrome has one advantage over many other browsers

as soon as they produce a version for linux I'll give that a go too
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - rtj70
How Chrome works on the Mac (not really used it as it's not even Beta yet) or Linux in the future is anyone's guess. Whether you can list processes/threads as you can in the Windows version etc.
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - Focus {P}
EDIT sorry, started new thread instead

Edited by Focus {P} on 23/09/2009 at 22:29

Google Chrome - setting the homepage - drbe
I think I have partially cracked it. When I open Chrome now, my six last used/most used favourites open in thumbnails.

Included are my mail site and HJ, so I have got the most important ones!. I don't know what I did to get this, but I have got it, which is the main thing.
Google Chrome - setting the homepage - ifithelps
...and HJ, so I have got the most important ones!...

You could download a copy of Firefox and set HJ as the home page, so when you opened the browser, you'd be straight there.

Firefox also has a bookmarks toolbar and it would be easy enough to set HJ there and your mail address and a few others.

All you would need to do then is hit the relevant icon on the toolbar.

Internet explorer - maltrap
With the recent connection problem i changed my internet explorer to version8. An IT technician at work thought IE8 wa c##p and to use IE7. I,m using Windows Vista. What,s everyone else,s opinion?
PS thanks to whoever sorted out the connection glitch. Being a computer novice i wasnt able
to find my way around it.
I,d started losing the will to live.
Internet explorer - Stuartli
IE8 seems to offer too many problems on the rare occasions I use it; can't beat Firefox in my case.
Internet explorer - NowWheels
An IT technician at work thought IE8 wa c##p and to use IE7

The best IE is no IE at all.

Use Firefox or Opera or Chrome.
Internet explorer - jbif
>> An IT technician at work thought IE8 wa c##p and to use IE7 >> >>
The best IE is no IE at all. Use Firefox or Opera or Chrome. >>

;-) It is not unknown for a bad workman/woman to blame their tools!

However, I agree, Firefox and Opera are fine for noobs.

Edited by jbif on 23/09/2009 at 21:10

Opera noob - problem with site? - Focus {P}
Ok - I'm trying out Opera (10.00) under Linux as a change from FF, and the boxes of links such as 'Honest John's Back Room', 'HJ's Road Tests' and 'News' appear at the bottom left of the page, instead of down the right hand side which is where they're supposed to be AFAIK. Is it just me?
Opera noob - problem with site? - bell boy
no that is where they go with opera and linux
welcome to the clan by the way

Opera noob - problem with site? - Focus {P}
no that is where they go with opera and linux

Mmm... thanks. When it did this in FF for a while, it was due to a problem with the site and was 'fixed'.

Another query - in FF I keep my favourite bookmarks in the visible toolbar running across the top of the window . This includes folders, so I've got one called 'Cars' which includes 'HJ' which includes 'home' and 'discussion'. I've tried to do something similar in Opera - I can see the folder in the Bookmarks menu drop-down, but it isn't displayed in the 'Personal Bar' at the top of the window where the non-folder bookmarks are displayed. Another mark lost I'm afraid unless you can tell me where I'm going wrong.

I'm sure Opera has advantages over FF - it's just you're bound to look for the things you know first before discovering the things you don't know.
Opera noob - problem with site? - Focus {P}
unless you can tell me where I'm going wrong.

No need - sorted. Have to tick the 'Show on personal bar' box in the folder's properties.

I'm going to stick with it, for now...
Opera noob - problem with site? - bell boy
its the future :-)
dont expect great things on youtube tho--it sticks :-(
small price to pay i think
i like the tools delete private data best ist
Opera noob - problem with site? - Focus {P}
small price to pay i think
i like the tools delete private data best ist

Apart from this (which FF and IE have), what is it about Opera that makes it preferable to FF? I don't mind the look of it, but I haven't yet found the magic ingredient(s).
Opera noob - problem with site? - jbif
Apart from this (which FF and IE have), what is it about Opera that makes it preferable to FF? >>

No idea. I use one for general surfing, one for my banking, and one for online purchases and sites like quidco where your cookies need to be kept and tracked by the merchant.

In Opera, I find this useful and I have made the "clear-typed-in" button from here:
Similar features may be available in FF but I have not bothered to search.

Opera noob - problem with site? - Focus {P}
Thanks jbif.

One thing I've noticed with Opera on the HJ site, apart from the layout problem (which I've emailed the mods about), is that it seems to take a while to display a 'new' post. So I did some side-by-side comparisons with FF, and while Opera consistently takes 5 seconds to get from me hitting the 'new' link to displaying the new post, FF takes about 1 second.

The difference is that Opera displays the thread page reasonably quickly, but seems to stick at the top of the thread for a number of seconds before jumping to the new post. FF appears to go straight there.

Of course if I didn't spend so much time on this site it wouldn't be an issue :-)
Opera noob - problem with site? - pda
Well, I'd like to say a big thankyou to the man with the spanners!

It's worked fine in IE all day for me and I didn't realise just how much I missed you all :)

Ebay password - maltrap
When i access my Ebay account ,despite ticking the "keep me signed in for the day"box it doesn,t. Can any one help?
Ebay password - bell boy
Have you tried this?
Ebay password - maltrap
Thanks bellboy. If you,ve got their number i,ll give them a ring!
HJ Site slow - unusable as 30 secs between screens - Falkirk Bairn
Noticed hanging on serverby.flasherver???...............

it eventually clears then the next few pages maybe OK then deadslow/stop again.

Firefox is no better than IE in the above.

This is the 1st instance of slow running for say 8 weeks, notices of others with slow running did not affect mine at that time.

Running Google Chrome - drbe
A few days ago I installed Google Chrome and I am now running Chrome alongside Internet Explorer. I switch between the two depending upon my mood!

When I am using Chrome I have the six most used 'favourites' across the top of the screen, including my mail provider.

My question is this:- when I use IE, the Mail icon has a number on it to show how many unread emails I have - very useful. In Chrome there is no such number against the mail icon, so I have to click on the icon to see if I have mail.

Does that all make sense? Is there a way for Chrome to tell me that I have new mail?
Running Google Chrome - Focus {P}
My question is this:- when I use IE the Mail icon has a number on
it to show how many unread emails I have

Which email client are you using - is it a Microsoft one eg. Outlook/Outlook Express? If so, it might be some Microsoft-specific feature.
Running Google Chrome - drbe
Running Google Chrome - Focus {P}

Is it part of the Yahoo toolbar that has been installed into IE?
Running Google Chrome - Focus {P}
Is it part of the Yahoo toolbar that has been installed into IE?

I suspect it is, in which case:a quick Google would indicate that there isn't a Yahoo toolbar for Chrome - it's designed to be a 'minimal' browser, and toolbars don't really fit in with its philosophy.

Edited by Focus {P} on 27/09/2009 at 11:20

Running Google Chrome - cheddar
Could simply be that Google and Yahoo are bitter rivals.
Running Google Chrome - drbe
>> I suspect it is in which case:a quick Google would indicate that there isn't a
Yahoo toolbar for Chrome - it's designed to be a 'minimal' browser


Quite right. I did a Google for Yahoo toolbar and it seems there ain't no such animal.

Hey Ho.
Closing Internet Explorer tabs - L'escargot
When I instruct IE8 to close all tabs it sometimes leaves a tab open ~ usually an advertisement. Is this a function of my particular settings for IE8?
Closing Internet Explorer tabs - Manatee
Are you sure it's not another window, as opposed to a tab in the window you are closing? HJ has been opening these 'popunder' windows which you don't see until you close the one you have been using (hope that's not double Dutch).
Closing Internet Explorer tabs - L'escargot
Are you sure it's not another window as opposed to a tab in the window
you are closing?

I never thought of that. You live and learn.
Skype Video Call - drbe
I can't get the video facility to work both ways i.e. I can see my caller, but they can't see me.

I have uninstalled and re-installed my webcam, I can now see myself in the check facility, but am getting 'unknown fault' in the help service.

Any ideas please?
Skype Video Call - Focus {P}
Any ideas please?

When I had trouble using Skype on my laptop under Linux, I found the Skype help was surprisingly helpful. Have you tried it? (And apologies if you have.)

Edited by Focus {P} on 27/09/2009 at 18:52

Skype Video Call - Stuartli
Do you have the latest version of Skype - these have improved video performance.

Full help at:

Firewall advice (might be the problem):

The sound help is even more comprehensive (if needed):

Posting Streetview - 1400ted
Most of my area is on Streetview.
It would have been useful to show a particular road problem on a recent thread.
I tried Copy and Paste but all that came out was the big view of the USA.
How do I get individual scenes across. It could be of use to other posters

Posting Streetview - VR6
This works for normal maps as well as street view.

When in streetview looking at what you want to look at, click 'LINK' which should be on the top right of the map. This will give you the URL to the specific thing you are looking at. Just paste the URL to where you want. (of coure using if posting to HJ, as the links are very long)
Posting Streetview - 1400ted
Thanks for that VeeR....seems to work OK.
Now just got to figure out TinyURL.


Posting Streetview - jbif
Now just got to figure out TinyURL. >>

follow HJ's "sticky" link at the top of Discussion threads:


My "sticky" actually ;)

Edited by Webmaster on 29/09/2009 at 20:05

Posting Streetview - 1400ted
Tried the sticky link a couple of times...just turned the URL to 'massiveURL' nearly filling a full page.
Must be doing summat wrong...not surprising as a grade A, world class computer thicky !

Posting Streetview - rtj70
Got to the TinyURL website and enter the long URL and click make Tiny. This will create a short URL which you can paste on here or anywhere else.

So instead of say a Tiny version (as an example) could be:

Or even do a custom one:
Posting Streetview - Stuartli
Go to and drag and drop the TinyRL! link to your Toolbar or, where I've always kept it, Bookmarks (Firefox).

Then you only need to click on TinyURL on the Toolbar or in Bookmarks to convert a current page to this short form.

Copy and paste the TinyURL link which appears under the original URL to a posting in this forum or wherever it is needed.

There's also a Firefox add-on at:

Edited by Stuartli on 30/09/2009 at 00:56

Posting Streetview - 1400ted
Thanks Guys and Gals.
Sorted now...useful tips there.
I was getting the tinyURL but forgot to highlight it to copy it.
All working now.
Now my brain hurts so I'm off to bobos...Nite nite.

Posting Streetview - Dynamic Dave
I was getting the tinyURL but forgot to highlight it to copy it.

Depending on your PC settings, it should automatically put the shortened version into the computers clipboard for you to then paste the shortened link without the need to copy the link beforehand.
Posting Streetview - ifithelps should automatically put the shortened version into the computers clipboard...

I think there's note somewhere which says that won't work with Vista, so to be on the safe side I always plod through the 'long' way round, which is only an extra couple of mouse clicks.

Posting Streetview - Dynamic Dave
I think there's note somewhere which says that won't work with Vista

I think it does with my laptop running Vista. Will try and remember to check when I get home tonight.
Posting Streetview - jbif
it should automatically put the shortened version into the computers clipboard >>

Two reasons that I know of why it may not work are:

1. As Stuartli pointed out, it says on TinyURL that "This TinyURL may have been copied to your clipboard. (This no longer works for those who have upgraded to Flash 10.) "

2. In Internet Explorer 7 (and IE8 I think, but I need to check), new security settings mean this could be disabled:
If you click on
you will see whether you have a security problem - it will display the contents of your clipboard if your PC is not secure.
To secure it, in " Internet Explorer 7. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options. Click the Security tab, and Internet, and then click Custom Level. Under Scripting, click PROMPT (as a minimum setting) or DISABLE (for full security )Allow Programmatic clipboard access ."

Explained here:
Posting Streetview - Stuartli
Doesn't, unfortunately, use the Clipboard with the latest version of Flash...:-(

However, as I've always copied and pasted the link, it's no great setback.
Posting Streetview - malteser
TinyUrl - at least the best version, does not work with FF3.5.3.
PunyURL does, but you need to chose ASCII characters for your result. The default is Chineses or Japanese characters which don't usually work in browsers where Asiatic language support is absent.
An alternative is TinyURL generator 1.0.12, which does work with FF3.5.... You have options there, one of which is "copy to clipboard".

Posting Streetview - Stuartli
>>TinyUrl - at least the best version, does not work with FF3.5.3.>>

Well it works fine for me and several times already today alone...:-)

However, whenever a new version of Firefox is released and I've installed it, I'm informed that TinyURL won't work with it. I just ignore the message as I know it will work exactly as before.
Kaspersky internet security 2010 - Optimist
I've just replaced 2009 version with 2010.

It up dates about three or four times a day which is ok except it pretty much prevents the computer doing anything else while up dating.

It seems to me that internet and mail programmes load more slowly now also.

I suspect there's little I can do, but if anyone has any ideas to improve things I'd appreciate it.

Kaspersky internet security 2010 - cheddar
I have got 2009 on one PC though it is a three user licence so I am going to use it on two others, I thought I would download the 2010 .exe file because I am sure the license is not version dependent as per F-Secure, is that what you have done? When I do it I will be able to comment further.
Kaspersky internet security 2010 - Optimist
I downloaded 2010 which you can then either use to extend the licence on 2009 or uninstall that and install 2010. I uninstalled and put in 2010 as new.

Be interested to hear your experience.

Kaspersky internet security 2010 - JH
I've used KIS for a few years and updated to 2010 a little while ago. I'm not getting problems such as you describe but maybe my pc is beefy enough to do the job without being overloaded. What's your pc / os?
Kaspersky internet security 2010 - Optimist
Elderly HP Pavilion 423 running XP.

RAM is only 256mb and I'm now thinking of at least doubling that which should make a difference, I'd have thought.
Kaspersky internet security 2010 - bell boy
why not just run something like puppy linux direct from a cd if you only use the internet for a bit of browsing its really easy to set up if you have a lan connection,once you are finished you dont need to add anything to the hard drive as its your ram of 256mb that was doing the work,turn off in the normal way and save nothing
its super quick as no programmes like klapunky slow it down
try it
its brilliant..........
Cambridge (UK) Time Server - crunch_time
I have been using this server (via About Time) daily for many years, but suddenly it hasn't been available for several days.

Anyone have any knowledge?

Cambridge (UK) Time Server - bell boy
it works here but im not installing it
Cambridge (UK) Time Server - rtj70
Can you not use a different NTP time server?
Outlook query - wd 40
If anybody can answer this, or suggest a better place for an answer, (I've googled 'default time flag for recipients) and all sensible combinations thereof without success, I'd be happy

when sending messages in outlook, it is possible to set a flag for the recipient, which currently defaults to tell them to 'follow up' by 16:00. Currently I only use this facility if I want them to reply to me promptly, so I have to set the action to 'reply', then change the time to 1/2 hour after I'm sending the mail. Is there any way to get that to be the default action ?

Edited by wd 40 on 02/10/2009 at 17:02

Outlook query - jbif
set a flag for the recipient, >>

Does this answer your query?

Edited by jbif on 02/10/2009 at 17:13

Outlook query - wd 40
No, it does not begin to address the issue of changing the default bevahiours
thanks all the same
Laptop sticky button - BobbyG
Hi, got a new Samsung NC20 Netbook. All buttons have standard spring type effect except the letter "s" which requires some pressure to be put on it.
Netbook is only a month old.

Are these laptop type keyboards the same as traditional keyboards ie can I lever the buttons out individually with a paperclip or are they more sophisticated now?

Obviously its covered under warranty and I could just send back but that would mean removing all files, setting etc. I would hate to do that to find out I could have maybe levered the button off myself and fixed the issue in 2 secs?

But I don't want to damage the keyboard and invalidate the warranty in the process?
Laptop sticky button - Altea Ego
It may have some kind of small wire pivot arrangement, or just some small plastic clips with a rubber dome under it.

Use a small knife or finger nail to pop off a non vital key top (altgr ror the windows ladder key) to check how it works.

Chances are, unless you have crisps under it, it may need a new keyboard.

Laptop sticky button - Pugugly
How about a blast of compressed air from one of those aerosols things. Usually sorts the sticky keys that my Gateway suffers occasionally.
Laptop sticky button - rtj70
Laptop keys on laptops i have had come off. In Tesco I've noticed quite a few laptops have missing keytops.

It may just be a problem with the laptop though so tread carefully.
Laptop sticky button - BobbyG
Managed to lever it off part of the way but not anymore without using more force than I want to so it is time for Amazon returns service.

So be prepared for a question shortly about how best to wipe the computer before returning.....
Laptop sticky button - Pugugly
They are good with their returns.

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