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Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - patpending
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - Pugugly {P}
I have to go back to the States. Last time I went (just prior to
11/9) was on business and consequently I have a multi point entry visa. This Passport has now expired but the visa is still valid.
I am going back to the US on holiday (refreshingly cheap thanks to previous contacts made). I flew into Boston the last time and as I had the visa I joined the equivilent of the 10 items or fewer and got through immigration very very quickly. Things have obviously changed is it worth going in with the old Visa Passport and my new one or going "Tourist"
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - THe Growler
Presume you mean the B1/B2 visa. Used to be indefinite validity but now I believe 10 years before expiration.

What you could have done was to have had the old passport containing a valid visa attached to your new one at renewal time with an official seal by the Passport Office, or you can get the B1/B2 transferred to your new p/p at the US Embassy.

Otherwise do what I did when in the same boat, just use the green Waiver form and go in as a regular tourist. Depending on your entry point into the US the line-up needn't be too long. For example LA can take ages but Tampa or Memphis are often only a few minutes. I have been in and out of the US 7 times since 9-11 via DTT 3 times, TPA twice, SFO once, and have never waited long enough to feel it's been very long despite lining up with the plebs. Just try to make sure there aren't any swarthy-looking gents in front of you....
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - Pugugly {P}
Its a B1/B2 it expires in 2005. I was told by the Passport office to take both passports (if I wanted to). I heard "somewhere" that any Visa holder now has to provide Fingerprints. Mrs PU would be none to pleased.
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - THe Growler
Hmmmm. I suppose you could try that and if it didn't work you could go the regular Waiver route (that's the green form they give you on the plane if you don't have a US visa).

I would call the US Embassy first if I were you and get an opinion. You will obviously show on the INS computer as a previous visitor on a B1/B2 when you present yourself for entry and that would doubtless attract a grilling from one of those ghastly INS agents as to why you are using the I-94 Waiver programme this time around.

As a side note I understand that ALL applicants for a visit visa to the US now have to attend an interview at the Embassy or Consulate to which they are applying.

From October 2004 you will also need a machine-readable passport (MRP) to enter the USA on the I-94 Waiver using a UK passport. Some countries on the Waiver list are already enforcing this. Take note any Back-Roomers holding the older passports who wish to enjoy the hospitality of the USA thereafter under that "special relationship" we are supposed to enjoy.
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - Colin M
Take both passports. They accept a new passport but with unexpired visa in old passport. It is very common amongst flying crew to do this.

We are now being encouraged to apply for two passports so that US visa renewal etc doesn't prevent us travelling now that the UK embassy takes weeks to process a renewal.

Some types of visitor (eg born Arabs & Iraqi's) need to undergo additional security on entry which includes photographing and fingerprinting, but then they get a special stamp in the passport saying they have been vetted.

Please rearrange the words bolted, horse, after.

Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - matt35 {P}
Last time I went in to SFO an old female officer accepted my old visa - but on the way out a younger office cancelled it, so got new visa added on return.
As Colin says, best to have two passports if you are travelling a lot - the old way was to insist on the Israeli stamp (they would offer to do it on a loose sheet if you were visiting Arab countries) then apply for a second passport as the Israeli stamp stopped you visiting Arab countries.
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - Pugugly {P}
Thanks. In the early 80s I had a South African stamp in my passport - now that caused problems, Sweden in particular.

Is there an advantage (as there used to be - queue jumping) in taking the old one with me - or is best left at home ?
Inappropriate in-flight entertainment? - matt35 {P}
Maybe this will help? From Google+US Immigration.

Unless previously canceled, a visa is valid until its expiration date. Therefore, if the traveler has a valid U.S. visitor visa in an expired passport, he or she may use it along with a new valid passport for travel and admission to the United States.

New question please, house ownership. - Pete
Can anyone please give me a brief run down on the proceedure for changing my house from my sisters name back into my own.
Thanks to Colin and eMBe from "I have a question 20" I have established that capital gains/inheritance/stamp duty should not be a problem, so how do I go about this I can I do it myself?
Thank you, Pete.
New question please, house ownership. - RichardW

Get yourself a book on conveyancing from the library. I think you will just have to make out a deed transferring ownership from your sister to you, then fill in the form from the land registry to register the change.

Obviously, if out of your depth, consult a conveyancer, but if you find out what is needed then you might be able to do some of the work so that you can save some money.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Music CD Covers - BobbyG
Can anyone recommend a good website for downloading audio cd covers? I previously used cdcovers.cc till it stopped doing audio, I currently use mega-search and cover target but not too impressed. Anyone use any better ones?
Ethical shopping - Rebecca {P}
Admittedly I'm not very clued up on Politically Correct matters, and don't always do my shopping with ethical considerations in mind, but can someone tell me whether by boycotting products from Zimbabwe I would be (in a miniscule way) harming the regime or the farmer/producer?

Sorry if that's a bit heavy for Monday morning...
Ethical shopping - Altea Ego

As Zimbabwe's farming/manufacturing has collapsed, you would have to work very hard indeed to find any products in the UK from Zimbabwe. I would think it fairly safe to assume that any products you do find, the money will go towards the mortgage payments on a new mansion somewhere..
Ethical shopping - Rebecca {P}
Renault Family - there are defintely fresh green beans from Zimbabwe in the supermarkets - saw some in Tesco yesterday and dithered about buying them!

(Out of season here now so can't buy local, before anyone starts)

Growler - under no illusion that my green bean buying habits will topple any regime (!) but as I have the choice to buy/not buy, it would be good to make an informed choice.
Ethical shopping - THe Growler
IMHO it wouldn't make an iota of difference to anyone unless you're really bothered about that stuff, and who's going to notice anyway except you. Mugabe is going to implode before too long without any help from the outside world. Poor old Zim.

I expect to get zapped yet again for this one.......

I have a question Volume 21 - Mark (RLBS)
Please note this from the thread rules...

"Any of the above will be deleted. If the thread becomes difficult to maintain it will simply be removed."

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If I, or the others, have to do any more moderating in this thread then it will be permanently removed.
I have a question Volume 21 - Phoenicks
I am currently with BTOpenworld for broadband. I'm moving house and have been told that i need to start a new 12 month contract at my new property. I've already done 14months with them and am now thinking that, rather than tie in for a further 12 months, i might change provider.

Can anyone suggest a really good Broadband provider that wont cost me £££'s to set up? I presently pay £29.99 per month and having looked around i reckon i can save quite a bit on this amount.
I have a question Volume 21 - Mark (RLBS)
I wouldn't change.

The amount is ok, and the other providers support and helpdesk tend to make BT look positively professional.

We just surveyed the whole market for all our home users and the BTOpenworld was the best (or least worst) overall.

I would certainly not use satellite.

I have a question Volume 21 - Phoenicks
Cheers Mark. When i have used BT's helpdesk it has always been helpful.

Perhaps it isnt worth the hassle....

What did you mean when you said 'I would certainly not use satellite' ?
I have a question Volume 21 - Altea Ego
Think mark was thinking if you were not in a ADSL area. You can use satelite broadband if not, uplink via the phone line and downlink via satelite at broadband speed. Its carp and expensive tho.

For all news/views/revues on uk broadband try www.adslguide.org.uk/
I have a question Volume 21 - Pugugly {P}
Back you up wth BT. It was highly unreliable (always dropping out) on my old Gateway, but since I bought my Evesham in March has run with no problems. Maybe it was the computer. Can't see a point in changing to save a quid a month. Works every time without that pain of changing e-mail addresses.
I have a question Volume 21 - Baskerville
I've been using Demon Internet for three months now with no problems and no outages at all: I work in front of this PC all day every day so I would know. £24.99 a month for the 500K service. BT regularly comes way down the league tables for reliability and speed.
I have a question Volume 21 - Focus {P}
We're with PlusNet www.plus.net whose 500kbps services start at £19pm- we pay £22pm so that our teenagers can do file-sharing all evening.

Works fine, although I haven't had to use their customer support much so can't say how it compares with BT. They've got various awards ("Best Broadband ISP Award 2003" PC Pro mag) according to the website.

I have a question Volume 21 - Wales Forester
£23.44 a month inc. VAT for 512kbps ADSL. (Solo 2 Go 500)

Been with them for a few months with no problems.

Their setup cost is just £17.57 inc. VAT and the BT line activation, modem and microfilters are free.

I have a question Volume 21 - Mark (RLBS)
as long as it works, its fine. Ditto NTL.

Our issue with these companies is when something does go wrong. It tends to stay wrong. I find BT is no more nor less likely to go wrong or cause problems than the others, but if it does then we find that getting it fixed, getting advice and getting attention is considerably better.

However, with all these things its personal choice by and large. You'll still have BT copper and switches whoever you choose, you're pretty much only changing customer service, price and facility.
Work experience - Ppaul

My sister is currently studying Forensic science. She wants to do some work experience for 12 months within a laboratory environment.

Her problem is she doesn't know which organisations to contact or where to find contact details.

Can anyone suggest a website where organisations like these would be listed (I'm thinking a professional body or something similar)

Thanks in advance


Work experience - Dwight Van Driver


which is the Home Office Forensic Science site up

Click on Enquiry at top
Click on Proceed to enquiry form at bottom
Seek their advice

Hope she has a very strong stomach......

Work experience - PoloGirl

www.prospects.ac.uk and www.hobsons.co.uk have directories of places that offer placements, lots are science based.

If it's definitely forensics she's after then the site DVD suggested is probably best, or she could try approaching individual police forces or similar directly.
Good luck!

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I have a question Volume 21 - El Hacko
continuing my earlier thread on those hard-to-find widescreen TVs in black cabinets, seems that JVC and Sanyo still haven't totally gone over to the dreadful silver finish - in case anyone's interested, empiredirect site looks best
Digital TV boxes. - M.M
I know you guys are good on the tech stuff. How are you all getting on with the different makes of Freeview boxes. Any well thought of makes/models?

Digital TV boxes. - Altea Ego
Check this place out forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/ for all user comments on whats good and whats sad with Freeview hardware
Digital TV boxes. - Colin M
Phoenicks, take a look at Pipex before you commit to BT again. They seem to get quite good reviews and are quite a bit cheaper than BT.

Another reference is www.adslguide.org.uk

Digital TV boxes. - Phoenicks
Thanks Colin - very helpful
Digital TV boxes. - harry m
i will second pipex for broadband this coming from a bt employee.
Digital TV boxes. - wemyss
I bought a Thomson some months ago anf find it OK. I chose the Thomson because it has two scart connections whereas many have only one.
The digital quality is superb and switching between analogue and digital you really notice the difference.
The remote on the Thomson isn't brilliant and many of the buttons on it only work with a Thomson television, so it may pay to get the same make freeview box as the television its going to work with. The channel I use mainly is UK history which is good and Sky news likewise.
There are occasional downloads on to the digital receiver which are done automatically with a progress box appearing on the TV screen. However I'm not sure what they are supposed to do and don't notice any difference aterwards. Ocassional remote control lock up occurs and is well known.
Many junk programmes which are nonstop adverts but on the whole the freeviw boxes are good.
Digital TV boxes. - Phoenicks
Has anyone flown World Traveller Plus with British Airways?

I have the opportunity of cheap flights with this as a cheaper-than-normal upgrade. Is it worth it?
Digital TV boxes. - Mark (RLBS)

Without question it is worth it. The only issue is whether or not it is on a route you wish. e.g. it is not available to Argentina.

Short haul within Europe is usually too short to be worht spending *any* extra money, especially since upper class is normally no more than an economy seat with the middle one blanked off with a tray.

However, for any longer flight, substantially more leg room, substantially more recline, wider seats and a much smaller cabin. Def. worth it.

In case you haven't seen them, they are wider, taller seats situated in an intermediate cabin between Business and Economy, although the service received is essentially that of economy.

The only thing which irritates me is that I strongly suspect that it has the recline and leg room that economy had 20 years ago which has subsequently been *so* whittled down.

And if you decide you don't want the "cheaper-than-normal upgrades" then send them my way.

Authors Annonymous - NitroBurner
Just to say thanks to the guys in the last volume for reccomending some books to read. Will be looking out for them on our next trip to the shops...
Authors Annonymous - Colin M
World Traveller Plus with British Airways?

There is another advantage which is not publicised and that is BA flights are currently very busy "down the back" due to low ticket prices and BA keen to fill seats. As a consequence "involuntary upgrades" as they are shown on the passenger list, are very common. To get an upgrade from World Traveller to WT+ is a bonus, but there is a stronger likelihood of an upgrade from WT+ to Club with the sleeper bed etc if you are already booked WT+.

Even if the flight has spare capacity in economy, it is not unusual for the check in staff to use their discretion to move suitable pax up a class if there is plenty room and particularly if the passenger is a BA card holder.

Authors Annonymous - Phoenicks
Well that sounds b***** good!!!

If i mention my partner works for ATC, its our Honeymoon (which it is) and i dress smartly you just never know!
Digital TV boxes. - Phoenicks
Its to Chicago. Checked out the spec from the BA website, but you never know unless someone has actually used it.

GF works for Air Traffic Control so can get industry deals - £245 to Chicago and the extra £190 for the WTP outbound and £170 inbound. So £605 total. But its a 9 hour flight and i'm 6'1 so seriously thinking about it :-)
Digital TV boxes. - Mark (RLBS)
at 6'1", and I am, I wouldn't think twice. That's about 20 quid an hour for comfort rather than agony in a seat you can actually sleep in.

And the comment about upgrades is accurate. To that end, always fly dressed in a manner where you will get "SFU" (suitable for upgrade) entered on your record. It frequently makes a difference.

I always fly dressed smartly and I've been upgraded to 1st from Business about 20 times in the last 3 or 4 years.
Legroom on Flights - Cardew(USA)
I hate to be unpatriotic but at 6'5" I fly American Airlines to the USA purely for the "extra 4" in coach".(economy) It makes a huge difference and is about the same as BA World Traveller+. Flights usually cheaper than 'standard'BA World Traveller prices.

BT telephone sockets - L'escargot
If my memory serves me correctly, you can make a connection into one type of telephone socket in order to fit an extension socket, but there is one type of BT socket that you are not allowed to meddle with. How can I tell which type of socket I have in my house?
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
BT telephone sockets - Mark (RLBS)
Do you mean which is the master ? If you do, then look at it, one has a groove all the way across it, the other does not.
BT telephone sockets - Altea Ego
Not strictly true mark, BT have varied the config and subsequently look several times over the years. Depends when it was fitted. The only way to tell is to take it apart and see if it has any components ( a capacitor/resitor and a thingy ) on the board.
BT telephone sockets - harry m
the main socket should be in 2 pieces if it is undo the 2 screws and pull off the plate use 2,3 & 5 from this socket and same on your extention does not matter what colours you use as long as its the same at both ends.if you have the old just be careful and do the same everyone else does.you will need a tool to put the wire on the bt socket but they usually come with an extenion kit.
BT telephone sockets - harry m
doh extension kit would be even better.
BT telephone sockets - Welliesorter
The type of master socket that has the cover divided into two by a horizontal line is called a Linebox or NTE5. I also have an NTL line and their socket looks almost identical. It's slightly larger than an extension socket and is designed in this way so that there's a clear dividing line between what belongs to you and what belongs to the phone company. In the BT terms and conditions this is referred to as the 'network termination point'.

Removing the lower part of the front cover isolates the extension wiring (your property and not maintained by BT) and the line itself (BT's and their responsibility to fix). The extensions are wired from the inside of bit of the cover that you can remove.

If you ever report a fault to BT and they believe the problem to be with something in the house, they'll normally ask you to take the lower part of the front cover off before sending an engineer round. If, after removing the cover, you plug a known good phone into the part of the socket that's left behind on the wall and it doesn't work, you can be fairly confident that the fault is with something maintained by BT. If BT installed extensions connected to a Linebox, they don't maintain them as part of your line rental agreement: they'll have been sold to you with a year's warranty.

If you have the older master socket, where the front plate is in one piece, don't mess with it. It should only be worked on by a BT engineer and the only type of extension you can add is one that connects via a doubler or piggy-back connector. These sockets are harder to distinguish from professionally installed extensions. As RF said, the main difference between an extension and a master socket is that it contains a yellow capacitor and some other components. If you were to replace a master socket with one intended to be used as an extension, the phone wouldn't ring and any remote test done by BT would show the line as being faulty.

By way of a warning: BT's callout charge for repairs to things they don't maintain, or where you've caused the damage yourself, is £50 plus VAT. Any work done is charged at £55 per hour plus VAT. Details at tinyurl.com/upux .

Irrespective of the socket type, I prefer to use plug-in adaptors for extensions as they're easier to install and remove. Telephone extension wiring is very thin and delicate, and prone to damage.

Having said all this, extensions are easy enough to install. It's a job I'd happily tackle although I'm an incompetent DIYer and would never mess with other types of household wiring. If you buy a complete extension kit, either from BT or a DIY shop, the instructions will be provided.
BT telephone sockets - Welliesorter
A couple of seconds on Google revealed:


The type you can work on yourself is the NTE5 towards the top of the page. The type you shouldn't mess with looks like the LJU2 or LJU3 a few rows down. As you can see, these are hard to distinguish from the extension sockets shown alongside them.

Sending Email - No Do$h
Any of you wonderfully intelligent and smashing people able to help a moderator in need?

For my sins I use AOL and have done so for 8 years, so don\'t really want to change ISP as I\'ve used the same email address for years.

I need to send email \"from\" another name, i.e. Name@othername.com rather than name@aol.com where I specify the \"othername.com\". It\'s a real website, but without mail hosting.

Anyone know of a way of doing this, either web-based on downloaded? Outlook is no good as it has a falling out with AOL and it needs to be simple as I am.

First person with a suitable answer gets a bite of my pickled onion if I ever get to have a ploughmans with HJ.
Sending Mail - Welliesorter
There's little security in e-mail so you can specify any address you like to send from. This means there's nothing physically preventing you sending mail that appears to come from tony@number-10.gov.uk.

With any other ISP the answer would be to enter your own provider's outgoing mail server into the e-mail program. As you'll know, the trouble with AOL is that it has its own non-standard e-mail system that doesn't use the POP3 (for incoming) and SMTP (for outgoing) mail protocols. You can't just use any old outgoing mail server because owners of these quite sensibly bar access from users of other service providers. If they didn't they'd be overwhelmed by spammers.

Who is the service provider hosting the 'othermail.com' address? Do they have a server that you can use? You might find the info on their web site. This seems unlikely given that you say they don't provide mail hosting. How do you receive the messages? Are they just forwarded to your AOL address?

There are simple web-based services like mail2web but you have to check your mail first before you can use them to send. I don't think you'll be able to do this because yours is on AOL.

I'm afraid this could be a roundabout way of saying you're stuffed because you use AOL. There's nothing about AOL that prevents you sending and receiving e-mail in the standard way, the trouble is, unless I'm sadly mistaken, you don't have access to an outgoing server for sending.

If you're planning to stay with AOL I can think of three possibilities in order of preference. The first would be my preferred option by a substantial margin.

(1) If othermail.com belongs to you, pay the company that hosts it to provide mail hosting. The cost of this would be negligible and they'd give you access to their mail server to enable you to send. These companies often also provide webmail. If they don't offer this facility, switch to a hosting company that does.

(2) Go to www.netidentity.com and set up an e-mail address with them. Once you have this you can use their webmail or their outgoing server in Outlook, either of which would enable you to appear to send from any address you like. This could be your perfect solution except that it's a bit pricey at 24.95 US dollars per year. I'd strongly recommend you ask around to make sure no other (ie free) web-based e-mail service offers this facility first. I use it myself because it gives me an address of the form firstname@surname.org and works independently of any ISP I use. If you decide to take this route, e-mail me first because I get a trivial amount of money credited to my account for referring you.

(3) Run your own e-mail server on your computer. This would need a certain amount of technical knowledge because of the security implications: you don't want anyone else using it for obvious reasons. I'm not sure if this would work on an AOL connection but I don't see why it shouldn't. Some companies may possibly bar incoming mail sent in this way.

(4) Sign up for Yahoo! Mail. Unlike Netidentity, this doesn't let you specify the address from which mail is (apparently) sent but it does at least let you specify the reply-to address.

Sorry if this isn't terribly helpful but at least it outlines some of the issues. There may be a techie here who knows better ways round some of them and would therefore have a better claim on that sandwich.

Sending Mail - Welliesorter
Hmm... just noticed you were only offering an onion, not the sandwich. Doh!
Sending Mail - lezebre
A technical expert at conversing with the world by phone and web, but you don't appear to have mastered communication at your local pub if you ask for a ploughmans and they produce a garnished sandwich!
Sending Mail - Welliesorter
Pub? What's that? Is that where the people who don't need to get out more go?
Sending Email - tdiist
Try www.sharpmail.co.uk

Its more for pranks, but you can change the senders address to whatever you wish as long as it isn't already copyrighted etc..
Sending Email - Dynamic Dave
Try www.sharpmail.co.uk

That link is dead.
BT telephone sockets - L'escargot
Thanks Welliesorter, you've given me all the information I need.

It appears that I have an NTS5, so I am now happy to wire an extension directly from this. I will thus achieve my aim of not having to have a large ugly adaptor plugged into the socket. I was remiss in not explaining the reason for my question at the outset.
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
BT telephone sockets - L'escargot
Thanks Welliesorter, you've given me all the information I need.
It appears that I have an NTS5

Oops! I meant, of course, that I have an NTE5.
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
BT telephone sockets - No Do$h

Er, thanks Wellie sorter. I shall follow your worthy suggestions and see where I get.

(scratches head)

Now, if I pull this wire out here and plug that, no, that won't work.......
BT telephone sockets - Peter D
Right. First socket of the installation must be a Master Socket which has a Bell Capacitor, Resistor and an Arrestor. ( Lightning Protector ) From the Master Socket one can fit one or more extensions. The two wires A and B in the Master Socket are connected to pins 2 and 5 and these then continue to pins 2 and 5 in the extensions. In addition a wire ( C ) in added from the Master pin 3 to point 3 in all extensions.

If your phone chirps or tinkles when you put it down then you have swapped lines A and B or you have not fitted wire C pin 3 to pin 3


I have a question - mal
Computer advice please,
As my desktop is starting to get a bit cluttered with programs I no longer use how do I remove them to tidy up my screen.
Regards Mal.
PS I know nowt about computers!.
I have a question - billy25
go into "my computer" click on "control panel" click on "add/remove programs" select programme(s) you don't want and click on remove.


some programmes have their own un-installer, highlight the programme you dont want under the "start" - "programmes" button, and a menu may appear that has the un-installer programme on it.
I have a question - Mark (RLBS)
>>Remove the shortcuts on your screen;

Right click, select delete.

>>To actually remove the programs;

Select the following...

start, settings, control panel, add/remove programs, click on the program to be removed.
I have a question - mal
Thanks Mark, Billy,
Looks very tidy now, but there are a still a few that are not listed but they appear above programs after clicking start so how do I remove these?.
Regards Mal.
I have a question - Mark (RLBS)
select start, get to the menu option you don't want, right click and select delete.

Just removes the menu option, not the program.
I have a question - mal
Ther'e removed from the menu Mark but how can I also remove the program thus removing them from my desktop?
Cheers Mal.
I have a question - billy25
hi mal,
if you've still got some *stubborn* programme files that don't seem to want to go!....go to IOLO.COM and download "SYSTEM MECHANIC"..it's free(on a 30 day trial) and has some useful tools for this sort of thing, such as "find and remove junk files".."find invalid short-cuts"..and a "registry cleaner"..plus others,(i wouldn't use the "find duplicate files" option, until you know what you're looking for though).
i use this utility regularly, and it's very good.

I have a question - Mark (RLBS)

If you don't know about computers, its not worth the effort unless they are causing you disk space issues or some other problems.

If you want to try, then an easy one is to start the program and look in the menus, there is sometimes an uninstall option.

You could also try searching your disk for any programs entitled "uninstall" or similar. (open windows explorer, click on search and look for uninstall*.* ). Be careful though, you don't want to uninstall somethign you need. Sometimes the directory the uninstall program is in can give you a clue which application you are talking about.

As I said before, to remove them from the desktop simply right click the icon and select delete, although this will still nto delete the program.

I have a question - Mark (RLBS)

You keep getting in just before me !! 8-)

I have a question - mal
Removed from desktop display, will have a go later at removing the programe.
I will "measure twice and cut once" before I "click" on anything, so thanks Mark and Billy, I have now learned something else about computers to add to my last learning experience a while back when I asked about how to "cut and paste"
Cheers Mal.
I have a question - Nsar
Perhaps one for Mark?
Got burgled, not a massive claim they only got into one room, but insurers have been difficult from the start and we have been offered less than what we paid for some items even though it's new for old, but we can't conclusively prove ownership or price paid as the items in question - a watch, a diamond pendant and a PC were bought 10, 7.5 and 5 years ago respectively and we have no receipts.
Also on the PC they are arguing that because my wife sometimes used the PC for her work it's not covered at all, even though she is self-employed.
Anyone know how we can secure proper new for old values?
I have a question - Mark (RLBS)
Can you find a picture of the jewellry ? Anything from a photograph of your wife perhaps wearing it, to a catalogue showing it or similar.

Someone wearing it in a photograph will "prove" ownership. Although I have to say I am amazed that they would dare question this quite so solidly without having something suspicious to go on.

Then take that picture to an appropriate expert and get him to offer an objective valuation on what he can see. Make sure you get a retail value. Feel free to describe the article if the photoraph/picture is insufficient.

If you do not have a picture, then describe it to a jeweller using pictures of similar stuff as best you can.

Send it to the insurer. They *will* stop short of calling you a liar or implying it.

As for the PC, this is more difficult given that I don't have your policy. You need to look at why it is excluded. If its solely because of business use, then what percentage of its total use would be this ? If its small then argue the point). What type of business use ? Again, perhaps a point of argument. You need to be looking for why your wife occasionally uses it for business as opposed to it being a tool of her business.

Bit vague, tell me if I can clarify more.
I have a question - Nsar
Doh! Just remembered I bought the pendant for my wife to celebrate our first born so "should" be loads of pics of her at the time with the little snapper. Just got back from the jewellers I bought it from who couldn't have been more helpful they're writing a letter for me.
Can't understand their attitude, it's the only the second time we've claimed on contents insurance in 15 years of being homeowners.
On PC I'll do as you suggest but I had assumed that as she bought it from her own pocket it can't be construed as being anything other than entirely her property. She's a barrister so only does case notes, no accounts etc..
Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.
I have a question - Altea Ego
Only ever claimed in house insurance three times

1 with insurer A - wife dropped portable TV. They insisted on sending a loss adjuster round. He cleverly did a quick inventory of the house and they then tried to claim we were under insured so would pro rata the claim downwards. I fought this one and won, but dumped them soon afterwards. Watch out for this clause.

2 Insurer B: Son accidently scratched friends new car with a baseball bat, Got friend to claim off our liability insurance, Ins co were most helpful.

3 Insurer B: Lawnmower chucked a stone thro conservatory window, Ins co sent round a glazier to replace pane (big awkward shaped jobby) cost me only the £50 excess. Again most helpful.

Needless to say we stick with insurer B:, for wifes car, the dog, the buildings and the contents.

B = Direct Line
I have a question - billy25
hi nsar,
had exactly the same problem with my insurer's when we were burgled last year. burgler's nicked p.c and all c.d's (but left the cd cases)so i was able to prove that the p.c was only being used as a games/internet machine,however, the loss adjuster tried every trick in the book, to try and *prove/trip us up* that we were in fact using it as a "satellite" station in connection with our work.we were told that even a single "word document"on it connected with our jobs classified it as "no-claim" item, and we would have to pursue a claim for it, from our employers insurance. (he failed, - and they coughed up £1000)

I have a question - THe Growler
Insurance companies
Real Estate agents
Car salesmen.....

I have a question Volume 21 - El Hacko
P&O is reporting that thanks to fewer cross Channel travellers this summer, their ferry services income are being hit....by the relentless onward march of the no-frills airlines.
Great. When will they learn that being part of the cartel that keeps fares high is doing them untold damage among the much fleeced British public?
Surely time to be brave and cut the appalling cost of traversing this very short piece of water that divides us from Europe...
Bio or non-bio? - L'escargot
The washing powder we use (Persil) is the same price for bio and non-bio. Are there any real advantages (or disadvantages) to either type of powder?
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
my old mates wheelchair - billy25
yet again my old mates wheelchair has developed a fault,(even though i sorted his earlier battery problem,i am now pushing him home from the local again!!).
this time, it now seems that every time he tries to mount the kerbs,hits an obstacle,or goes uphill, the chair cuts-out. it will only go again once it is placed on level ground, and the plug from the battery pack is removed and then replaced again.
i have opened both the plug and sockets,checked the wire -to- pin connections,and all are still firmly soldered, the plug is a tight fit in the socket as well.
once of a day,...if i held the handles of the chair,and tried to hold him back, the chair had enough power to almost pull me over,now,i can quite easily hold it back,as it just trips-out.
can anybody suggest a possible cause of this problem that i could check, or is it as i suspect a "load sensor" fault on the P.C.B ?
thanks in anticipation.

Bio or non-bio? - RichardW
The bio part means that the powder has enzymes in it that help to 'digest' the fats that inevitably are on washing. This gives it superior cleaning ability at lower temperatures. At temps above 60°C the enzymes are denatured and don't work. (I think, my memory of this is getting sketchy!)

Some people find they are allergic to the enzymes (some of which remain on the clothes after the wash) and hence have to use a non-bio, and some people just plain prefer not to have the enzymes in the first place.

If you have lots of greasy clothes that need to be washed at 40°C a bio will give better 'performance'.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
HJ - script errors - smokie
Is else anyone seeing intermittent script errors on various HJ pages or is it just me? I'd guess one of the pop-ups isnt' feeling well.

Also occassionally when I use the drop-down to navigate from Discussion to Technical nothing happens.

Neiter of which are a big deal...
HJ - script errors - Honestjohn
It has been a little bit sticky this morning, then seems to settle down, but if it persists I\'m afraid nothing can be done until Monday because no one who can fix it will be here until then. You can click off the ebay and AOL pop ups from the icons across the bar at the bottom.


Home Theatre System - BobbyG
For Xmas I am looking to purchase a home theatre system with speakers to connect to my existing TV, VCR and Telewest digital box.

First point is, can anyone suggest from own experience or from research, what the best buy would be between the £200-£300 online price?

Requirements are AM/FM with preset stations, Pro Logic II, play VCDs, jpeg, mp3. Oh, and SWMBO says that I am not allowed the huge speakers - although that might be negotiable!

Secondly, from scratch, what is the best way to connect all the equipment up so that I can also play TV and radio through the extra speakers?

Alternatively, can anyone point me to a web site that has all this info?

Thanks in advance,
Home Theatre System - No Do$h
Requirements are AM/FM with preset stations, Pro Logic II, play VCDs,
jpeg, mp3. Oh, and SWMBO says that I am not allowed
the huge speakers - although that might be negotiable!

Don\'t know about jpeg, but the Sony DAVS550 covers everything else and can be found in Richer Sounds for £249.00. Very highly rated and has teeny weeny speakers (apart from the subwoofer). I\'ve got an earlier model and it\'s pretty darn fine.
Secondly, from scratch, what is the best way to connect all
the equipment up so that I can also play TV and
radio through the extra speakers?

The radio automatically plays through the speakers as it\'s part of the same unit. If you feed the signal from your VCR to the telewest box, from the TW box to the Sony, then from Sony to the TV, everything you hear will be through the Sony system, except any terrestrial channels you watch direct through the TV aerial. Solution? Watch the terrestrial channels through your TW receiver!


The stores are always happy to help you with connection questions. You will need to allow £30 or so for a suitable lead as the Sony doesn\'t have a SCART socket (but has other suitable connections that will go into a scart output for your TV.

Failing that, there is a Toshiba system that may be a bit more user friendly and definitely has jpeg viewing capability.... www.richersounds.co.uk/index.php?f=itemdetl.php&p=...7

No direct experience, but Toshiba aren\'t known for making rubbish.

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