Letter from Hawaii - Stargazer {P}
Dear backroomers,

Just a short note from Hawaii, having been driving around for a few days now a few motoring related items spring to mind.

1. Petrol prices, while the mainland US is enjoying falling petrol prices (US$1.60/US gallon) Hawaii is still suffering rising prices due to local state taxes (US$2.13), mind you still
cheaper than the UK!

2. variety of cars/SUVs not represented in the UK, many Nissan, Toyota and others that are common here but not available in the UK, eg Nissan Murano.

3. Euro cars available here...VW are reasonably common, eg Passat, Golf but the Bora is still called the Jetta here. Mind you the Golf used to be called the Rabbit, so Golf is an improvement.

4. Unusual subaru...as well as the standard Legacy Outbacks and Forester, saw an unusual Impreza, couldnt work out what was different....swollen wheel arches, different body kit, then noticed the badge...2.5RS, must have squeezed the 2.5 flat four engine into the Impreza....loads of fun!

5. new Toyota Camry, saw a new style Camry today, very nice looking, quite different to the one I am used to from Oz.


Ian L.

Letter from Hawaii - Hugo {P}
".....mind you still cheaper than the UK!"

Not what I would call much of a challenge!


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