If you have some news to share.... - Avant

Some people very helpfully share news (e.g. on new or forthcoming cars) with us, and many of us find that interesting.

But if you post a link, can it please be to the Honest John website - which is regularly and promptly updated with such news - rather than other sites. Advertisers, who provide the income to keep the whole website going, need to be assured that the number of visits to the site make advertising on it worthwhile.

It's also worth adding that a lot of the queries that people post on the forum can be answered by information on the site. So do keep looking at it.

I'll make this thread sticky after a few days.

If you have some news to share.... - focussed

Appreciate why you have posted that Avant, but is is ok to post links for where to get stuff, where to get things done, specialist suppliers etc where the answer or information is not on the HJ site?

If you have some news to share.... - Avant

Yes, of course - recommending products or services is fine. It's just that HJ would prefer it if we didn't mention websites which are in competition with ours.

If you have some news to share.... - Benedict56

Hi, I just noticed that quite often "do you have some news?" is used even google shows more then 12 million hits. Why is it possible there to use some instead of any? Is there any difference in meaning? What about "do you have some time tomorrow?" Also possible right? but why...

If you have some news to share.... - Avant

No material difference, and I don't think it's relevant to this thread, which is for help and guidance to posters.

If you have some news to share.... - jamie745

Why are your casual forum users expected to know which websites are in competition with you?

If you have some news to share.... - Steveieb

Deat Avant, Just realised from your article about white taxis in Wellingborough that we may live in the same area. I am currently in Mears Ashby and would like to share knowledge of local garages and suppliers as we both have a love for Audis , where your column name originates. Hope to hear from you. Cheers, Steve B

(Edit: sorry, only just seen this two years on. We used to live in Berkshire, now in north Dorset. I'm sure I never wrote anything about taxis in Wellingborough, fascinating as that subject might be!)

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If you have some news to share.... - Steveieb

Dear Avant,

The recent article from Canada about the future of the electrical infrastructure improvements required if the take up for Electric Vehicles increases exponentially, will be of interest to back roofers.

It is called Amstead Garden Suberb and appeared in the Feb 17th part 1 release.

Can you release this on the discussion site please Avant ?
If you have some news to share.... - Avant

Someone's found it, in answer to your other thread.

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If you have some news to share.... - daveyK_UK

Hi Avant,

if you need some support with moderating, please get in touch.

I have been a member of this forum for a number of years and I am happy to help.


If you have some news to share.... - Avant

That's very kind of you. I'm managing fine on my own for now, but good to know that you're there and willing to help if needed.

Many thanks.

If you have some news to share.... - Bromptonaut

Avant - I need to contact moderators as the email I use as site log in is no longer extant. I'm sure at one time I could access a user profile but I'm jiggered if I can locate it it now.

Who should I contact?

Thanks in advance


If you have some news to share.... - Avant


You'll get me! I'll be glad to help if I can, or refer you to someone in the HJ organisation if I can't.

Pre-2010 we used to have profiles, but there hasn't been much call for the recently, probably because even before GDPR there's been far greater awareness of data security.


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