05 1.6 Zetec - Feedback required - Dobiesmon
I think I have found a car so any thoughts make it quick please , It is a c-max a 1.6 zetect on a 05 plate just 3 years old but only 9.789 miles on the clock price £6,490.
the other one has 27,500 miles same price.
comes with 5 Doors, Manual, Estate, Petrol, 9,789 miles, Metallic SILVER. ABS, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, AA OR RAC INSPECTIONS WELCOME, CHOICE OF 2, superb low mileage example, UNDER COVER VIEWING AVALIABLE, cd player, colour coded bumpers, colour coded mirrors, drivers air bag, electric front windows, front fog lights, full main dealer service history, leather steering wheel, load cover, mirrors electric, one owner, passenger air bag, power steering, remote central locking, side air bags. Insurance Group:6, PROUD MEMBERS OF THE TRADING STANDARDS FAIR PLAY CHARTER SINCE 2002.12 months warranty.

The only difference I can find is the other one has a heated front window .
I would have liked a 2lt Diesel but out of my price range

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C Max - BobbyG
Hi there, friend got a 1.6 petrol Zetec, 05 plate about this time last year from auction. It had 5k miles and was ex-motability car. Think she paid £7200 for it when these were nearer £9k on forecourts.

Your price looks very good and also looks like it may be ex Motability? If so do all your usual checks but pay particular attention to interior eg scrapes, tears etc.

Hers has the heated front windscreen, something she has now vowed she will never be without again in a car. You sure the first one doesnt have one?
C Max - Dobiesmon
Hi Bibby
After doing a check on here if I am right an 05 plate could be from aug 04 to middle of 05 and the heated front screen was added jan 05 but will have a good look later today .
C Max - BobbyG
An 05 plate will only be from March 05 and not before as this is when the registrations change. However, a 2005 Model Year could be from late 2004.

It is, of course easy to check, even if you are just peering in the window you can see the two heated window buttons (or with a close eye you can see the wires in the windscreen as well)
C Max - whoopwhoop
Many c-max's were manufactured but stood in car compounds/showrooms for a year before being sold & registered as demand was lower than expected when first launched so an 05 may have been manufactured in 04.

C-max are OK but interior rattles and squeaks like a tin of bolts. Thats why we parted with ours.

Known faults : rear boot release button prone to water ingress and failure (check it!). Rear brake pads wear silly quick. Rear discs also wear quick. Instrument cluster glitches not uncommon and cost a mint to put right. 1.6 petrol far more reliable than 2.0 tdci, but the diesel is a hoot to drive wheras the 1.6 is automotive mogadon.

All in all a practical car. Not exciting but practical.

Zetec gets useful flexible seating arrangement where rear outers can slide backwards and inwards to create bags of space for rear seat occupants.

C Max - Chris M
I have a 04 1.8 Zetec with heated front screen. Living on the south coast, I wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there.

Good bits:
Performance OK, but no rocket
Comfortable seats
Easy to get in and out of due to high seating
Ride and handling OK
Fairly quiet

Bad bits:
Thirsty, perhaps because it's quite low geared
Zetec seat material stains easily - if it gets wet, you have a water mark!
The rattles, oh the rattles. The dash mainly and they come and go from day to day.
At speed on an A road I find it gets upset by some road undulations. The car rocks from side to side - made worse, I suppose, as you sit higher up.
Front tyre wear quite high - 15,000 miles quite normal

I've had my ex-Mobility car for nearly a year and it's been reliable. Like most cars they have their weak points. Fractured air con pipes, EGR valves on some diesels, EPBs, boot locks, rattles!!........ I've only had the rattles, air con pipe, rattles, boot lock unlocks occasionally in heavy rain (although dash bleeps to let you know), did I mention the rattles?

Would I have another - maybe.

C Max - Ravenger
As an 06 C-Max Zetec owner (from new), I'm pretty pleased with mine.

The biggest mistake I made when buying it was to get a 1.8TDCi engine, as the 1.6's were in short supply. It's a decent enough engine, but far too rough and noisy when cold, and the MPG around town is pretty poor.

It's actually a very nice car to drive. The seating position is the most comfortable in any car I've driven. It's very easy to get in and out of. The flexible seating in the Zetec is very useful when you've got adults in the back. There's virtually no body-roll when cornering, and my children like the large rear windows, and aircraft style trays on the back of the front seats.

I have read that the 1.6 petrol engine is a bit underpowered for the car, and tends to be a bit thirsty because of that.

The rear brake wear problem is mainly a feature on the Ghia's with the electronic parking brake. It is, however quite heavy on tyres, especially the fronts. I had to have two new fronts at 14,000 miles, and replaced the rears at 20,000 miles.

My car is coming up to its second service, and reliability wise it's been pretty good. The only major problem I've had was the steering creaking, which was fixed under warranty.

As for rattles, I do get a bit of rattling from the seat trays where my children have kicked them, and there's a squeak from one of the rear passenger seats, but only when it's slid back with an adult in it.

C Max steering creak - Techno
I have an 05 C-Max Zetec from new and have been pretty happy with it.

Mine too has deveoped a steering creak, most noticable when turning in and out of my drive, also when parking in a parking bay. You mention that yours was fixed under warranty, what was the cause of the problem?

C Max steering creak - Ravenger
Mine too has deveoped a steering creak most noticable when turning in and out of
my drive also when parking in a parking bay. You mention that yours was fixed
under warranty what was the cause of the problem?

I think it was the track-rod ends. The rubber boots had split, or something caused the lubricant to dry out. I did have to take the car back to them twice, because they hadn't fixed it the first time. Once it was done the steering was noticeably lighter too, though it's since got a bit heavier again.
05 1.6 Zetec - Feedback required - Dobiesmon
Thanks for all the info I am told it was reg march 05 and the heated front screen would have been an extra at the time , but I could alway have the other one which has heated screen but I think the lower mileage one is better for me its black inside so won't show any marks lol.
I think it will be hopefully better on fuel than the car I was driving an old L reg 2.0ltr Granada est ,The heads gasket has gone and its sitting on the driveway.

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