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Swearing...... - Webmaster
Although Mark has hung up his moderators hat. It's worth keeping the following in mind - which, btw, was originally written by him.

"Swearing is not permitted on this site. Anybody surprised ? Anybody think that this is a bit of a change ? Perhaps this is new to someone ?

No ? Well then I am mystified.

Is anybody particularly offended by the letter "s" and thinks that using "$" instead purifies the word ? Perhaps "i" bothers you and "1" is somehow cleaner and less troublesome ? Maybe "@" stands for a better ideal than "a" ??

Or perhaps some people are confused and incapable of communication without dedicating some small part of their limited intellect to getting a word past the sweary thing by using special characters ?

Whichever it is, take note - its becoming a pain entering these notes simply to edit out a single word. In future at the first signs of weariness, boredom or frustration on the part of the particular moderator concerned, then out will come the delete button becauses its so much easier than the edit button (which we have and you don't - nyaah, nyaah).

And if you don't like it, if you think that "real men" swear, if you think that you're man enough to take some rough language and that limited swearing should be permitted, if you think that other people should be able to cope and that you should be able to use whatever language you want, then I have some bad news; I have tried to care. I have really really tried, in fact done my very best to care - but I don't."
Swearing...... - Dynamic Dave
Despite having this 'sticky'; various other reminders at different times; and now a recently introduced reminder whenever you post a new topic about NOT SWEARING, some of you seem to think that it doesn't apply to you.

Let me make it perfectly clear to the minority of you that still persist in swearing or choose to use #@$* type characters to work around it. It is far easier to delete than edit - which I shall be doing from now on.

Words that accidentally trigger the filter are of course exempt from this rule.


ps, don't bother emailing me or the other moderators with your opinions on whether this no swearing rule is petty because quite frankly I am not interested in your views on the subject. What's written here and in other forum policies explains all you need to know.
Swearing...... - Webmaster
If one or two of you are wondering where your posts have gone;

what's written above also APPLIES TO YOU, with no exemptions whatsover.

Some of you have been here long enough to know about the above mentioned policy on swearing, yet it would seem you still need reminding of it.

Swearing...... - Dynamic Dave
Looks like some of you need another reminder about the NO SWEARING rule this site has in place.

Deletion of a post by us moderators is far quicker than editing it, so if you wonder where your post has gone....

Persistent offenders may find they are no longer able to log in as their accounts have been disabled.


Edited by Dynamic Dave on 19/08/2009 at 01:44


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