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SATNAV, SPEED LIMIT AND SPEED TRAP DETECTORS: Can you do a FAQ about Aftermarket Satnav Systems. Which of them show prevailing speed limits and speed traps?


Compilation of various bits of information, some unedited, in chronological order, including 2008 Auto Express comparative tests. Newest news at the end.

On 30-3-1998, High Court Judge Lord Justice Brown threw a claim out of court by the Police against a motorist who was caught using a Radar Detector. The Police claimed that under the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949, the motorist was illegally using the device. The Judge judged that the Radar Detector did not actually receive any intelligible police information and that the Detector was only picking up the presence of radar and not any information within it. This case set a precedent and made the use of Radar Detectors legal in the UK.

To over-rule this judgement, the Road Safety Act 2006 specifically bans the use of radar and laser detectors, but as of 23-10-2007, no commencement date had been given for this to come into effect. It is expected that DfT will create a Statutory Instrument giving a commencement date. No SI, No start.

Jammers are illegal on the grounds that they pervert the course of justice.

However, Radar and Laser Detectors are illegal in France and Spain and most of Europe and their use may result not only in their confiscation and destruction but also confiscation of the user's car.

GPS speed trap Locators remain legal throughout the UK and Europe and there are no plans to outlaw them.

Performance Products has launched the Snooper 3ZERO, a revolutionary new combination radar detector with GPS technology.

The first of its kind, this new device will locate fixed speed cameras using GPS technology and the renowned AURA database. The unit will also detect the radar and laser waves that are transmitted by the majority of police speed guns.

This launch comes at a time when drivers face more traps than ever before on British roads. Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that speed camera convictions have risen from 262,000 in 1996 to 1,865,000 in 2006, while the number of speed cameras on the roads has tripled in the past decade.

Aptly named 3ZERO, in honour of the company’s 30th anniversary, the device celebrates the company’s pioneering developments in the field, which included the introduction of radar detectors to the UK in 1979.

Steven Ballard, director at Performance Products, said: “We have always been at the forefront of technology in this area and the Snooper 3ZERO is no different. The device is far more advanced than other radar detection devices and will detect live cameras, instead of just alerting you to every camera on the road. Drivers will also benefit from a more sophisticated screening process to ensure that the device doesn’t react to false alerts.”

A lot of people are still fearful that radar/laser detectors are illegal in the UK. In fact, that is not the case. Steven Ballard explains:

“The government tried to introduce a ban on this type of technology a few years ago, but this part of the Road Safety Bill was never implemented. This was largely due to the backlash from the industry and general public who challenged the validity of how they proposed to do this.

“Even though it was never fully implemented the publicity it received did make some retail outlets nervous and they stopped selling and producing units and similarly lots of consumers still believe this to be the case. In England it is legal to buy and use both GPS and radar detection devices. What is illegal is any device that interferes with a signal, helping people to break the speed limit and get away with it, as opposed to devices which just flags up speed limit changes and notify the driver.”

The Snooper 3ZERO costs £149.99 inc VAT and is available from www.snooper.co.uk.

Trafficmaster Smartnav one button system guides you round jams and warns of cameras on your pre-programmed route. www.smartnav.com

Road Angel now does 'Navigator' which is a GPS speed trap locator combined with street level satnav. You can run it as a speed trap locator only or as satnave with speed trap locator overlays. The memory can be updated with new speed trap locations online. More at www.blackspot.com

The location of fixed and commonly used mobile speed trap sites is available FOC on www.pocketgps.co.uk This is in a format that can be cownloaded into a PC, then uploaded into at aftermarket satnav systems as points of interest. Some of the systems that will take this information are Tom Tom Go (www.tomtomgo.co.uk), Evesham Mio 168 (www.evesham.co.uk), Navman iCN510 and Navman iCN650. Independent suppliers include www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk which also offers very good advice.

As a general warning, depending on how old it is (which may depend on how long the kit has been in stock) the mapping on many aftermarket satnav memories or CD Roms may be out of date by as much as a few years. If and when updated CD Roms or DVDs become available the cost can be as high as £150.

More on this at:- www.pocketgps.co.uk/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=93


TomTom GO 300, 500 and 700, TomTom MOBILE and TomTom NAVIGATOR users across the UK can now download fixed speed camera alerts. Costs £49.82 from www.tomtom.com This covers monthly updates for an unlimited period.

Legality of speed camera warning systems

The Dept for Transport is proposing to ban laser and radar sensors in the first quarter of 2006. GPS based systems will remain legal. Most systems have laser sensors but have the option to disable this feature should the need arise and they'll still warn you of the cameras and the popular mobile sites. Systems like the New Road Angel, Origin b2, RoadPilot and TR30 will remain 100% legal. For more advice please call Nav Now on 0871 7500 111 or link to www.nav-now.co.uk

Sat Nav Mapping

Choosing the right Sat Nav system can be a minefield as they're only as good as their mapping. Some sat nav systems come with maps that are useless and some are bang up to date. Satellite navigation experts Nav Now (0871 7500 111) suggest two systems that have particularly up-to-date mapping: the Magellan RoadMate 700 (a system that can be moved between cars) and SmartNav (installed into your car). The SmartNav is particularly good, its mapping is updated 4 times a year automatically on subscription by the manufacturer. More at www.nav-now.co.uk

Mapping updated for OEM CD based systems (but nor DVD based) from www.navteq.com and www.teleatlas.com

www.gpsinforad.co.uk costs £80 for a device which measures the speed of the car by GPS in fixed camera trap locations and warns if it is over the limit in that particular place. Price includes free updates for 12 months.

www.snooperuk.com does a new combined GPS satnav and fixed camera/mobile camera site warning unit called the Indigo for £599.


Micro Fuzion GPS camera detector for £99 gives voice, tone and word warnings and free updates. You can add your own site (such as a police ramp or a mobile site) at the push of a button as you pass it. Also displays true speed as measured by GPS. From www.speedsafe.co.uk

Don't work through some windscreens

A problem with Inforad and all other GPS systems is they will not work properly through Athermic glass and many will not work through Ford 'Quickclear' wired windscreens. Need a separate aerial.

Sat Nav system Mio PDA 168

Simon Feacey of Offenbach in Germany reports of this system: "while the maps offer a seamless transfer between European countries and has taken me wirth minimal problems through the UK, France & Germany the hardware is absolute rubbish! The connecting teeth which are used to recharge the unit broke after 3 weeks (& took 5 weeks to replace due "to a shortage of spares" while with the top down on my Jaguar E-Type Roadster (& the sun up) the screen becomes unreadable & the instructions indistinct. A poor system, with basic design defects, which I would not recommend to anybody!"

Traffic Jam Info Maps on Your Mobile

Live images of problems ahead on the screen of your mobile using CCTV images from Highways Agency and Trafficmaster data. Service.costs £14.99 for 3 months or £39.99 for 12 months, Trafficmaster extra. www.traffictv.co.uk

Helping To Prevfent Theft

A new organisation "www.SatNavRemoved.com" has been formed to promote the practice of removing Sat-Nav units from cars, and by providing members with stickers clearly advertising that the unit has been removed, hopefully reduce the number of opportunist break-ins.

In a further initiative, fully aware that even the most conscientious driver sometimes forgets; "SatNavRemoved.com" will replace stolen Sat-Nav units with a loan unit if members have paid an additional subscription. These loan units will usually be delivered within 3 hours, and will help busy travellers to keep mobile. The loan periods range from 7 days to 90 days, depending on the level of membership taken; and at the end of the loan period the member will be able to purchase the loan unit for a competitive price.

Basic (Bronze) Membership costs just £7.99 for two years, and includes membership to SatNavRemoved.com's online forums where members can share their Sat-Nav experiences. They also plan to run competitions and offer member discounts through the online forums.

Silver Membership costs £25 for two years and allows one emergency free replacement Sat-Nav unit for 7 days, while Gold Membership (£45 for two years) allows a 28 day loan unit, and Platinum Membership – costing £65 for two years, allows a 90 day loan unit. In addition to the Bronze
Membership benefits.

More at www.satnavremoved.com

RoadPilot microGo

Press Release:

RoadPilot launches microGo, the world’s smallest all-in-one GPS speed camera locator
*Plug-and-go and one-touch operation provide outstanding ease of use
*Visual and audible (voice and beeps) alerts ensure maximum safety and driving licence protection
*Daily RoadPilot camera location updates quickly accessible online
*New variable colour backlight to match vehicle instrumentation
*Expanded European database of fixed speed camera sites
*microGo will cost just £199.95 (including VAT)

RoadPilot has announced the launch of microGo, the world’s smallest GPS speed camera warning device. The stylish speed camera locator can be simply mounted on the windscreen or dash, is just the size of a match-box, and is offered with a graphite coloured case, brushed aluminium face, and configurable coloured backlight which can be adjusted to closely match the instrumentation of any vehicle.

The microGo uses visual and audible alarms to alert the driver to all types of fixed speed cameras across the UK and Northern Europe. Currently microGo includes France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Norway, with Sweden, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland to be added in 2006 at no extra cost. The information stored in microGo can be quickly updated on a daily basis online, from the RoadPilot database. Drivers can also opt for an additional laser detector to protect their licence from mobile and hand-held speed guns, available soon for an additional £49.95 (including VAT).

The microGo is directional and speed sensitive, ensuring no false alarms from cameras covering opposite lanes or when travelling below the speed limit. The display is adaptable, allowing the driver to select exactly what appears on screen, and is operated using one-touch technology.

Clear visual information is provided on the 42mm LCD display screen, including:

*Position and distance of any speed cameras near the vehicle’s location
*Actual speed limit in the vicinity of the speed camera
*Vehicle’s precise speed, to a greater accuracy than a standard speedometer
*The vehicle’s precise GPS location to within an accuracy of 5-10 metres
*Vehicle’s proximity to the London Congestion Charging Zone indicating the approach, boundary or within the CCZ
*Driver’s own definable personal speed limit
*Rotating compass display showing direction of travel
*Trip and Odometer showing distance travelled

Drivers can personalise the display to show combinations of a rotating compass; date and time; trip computer; true vehicle speed; and ‘RescueME’ – a GPS positional reading to pass on to emergency services if necessary.

"We are committed to making roads safer by making drivers more aware of their speed and providing early warning of accident blackspot and speed camera locations," commented RoadPilot CEO, James Flynn. "The microGo is a development of RoadPilot’s highly successful GPS speed camera locators, and this new device is superbly small, stylish, highly accurate and very easy to use. We are delighted to add microGo to our product range."

Another recent achievement for RoadPilot is its work with the Automobile Association (AA) to produce AA Navigator, a combined speed camera locator and satellite navigation system for in-car use. AA Navigator uses RoadPilot’s database to identify the locations of every fixed speed camera in Britain.

The microGo is available now through the extensive RoadPilot UK dealer network, direct from www.roadpilot.com, or by calling 0870 240 1702. It costs just £199.95 including VAT and has a 12-month warranty. Information updates are free for the first six months and cost £49.95 per year thereafter or only £99.95 for three years.

Satnav with live speed camera location updates

The new Road Angel Navigator 7000 is the first combined Sat Nav and Speed
Camera Warning System to incorporate live updates when new cameras are put
up using state of the art Bluetooth technology.

At only £299.99 it offers exceptional value for money as it incorporates £300 of sat nav with £300 of Camera Warning System, available by mail order.

From www.nav-now.co.uk

Other sales and information sites

More general info at www.motormods.co.uk


Apparently they are legal, but the flic who catches you might think othewise.

www.gpspassion.com reports that the latest (16 July) comprehensive
("Plus") version of its French speed camera database includes 784
fixed camera sites and 11,029 mobile camera sites. The database is
available in POI format for TomTom based GPS navigation systems and
in formats for some other devices. Access for one year (2 updates
per month) is available for a donation of at least 15 Euros via
PayPal. There is a free of charge "Standard" version updated monthly
with all fixed camera sites but only a random selection of 2000
mobile camera sites. I have successfully downloaded and installed
the Plus version to my TomTom based system and will be using it in
anger during September. There are other sources of such databases.

The Inforad was developed for France originally and covers fixed
cameras and there are other GPS-based dedicated camera locators
available for France where where they are legal (detectors are
illegal). There is even a downloadable certificate signed by a
suitably qualified worthy available on the French Inforad website,
confirming Inforad is a GPS-based locator and not a detector.
Presumably this is for showing to any disbelieving gendarme.

Smaller price for ultra-compact speed camera locator

New RoadPilot microGo is more affordable than ever, dropping in price by £50 to £149.95

microGo is the world’s smallest speed camera locator device with an LCD information screen

microGo will remain fully legal under the terms of the Government’s new road safety legislation, expected to become law next month

RoadPilot has cut the price of the microGo, the world’s smallest GPS-based speed camera locator, by £50 to the new price of £149.95 (incl. VAT). The microGo is officially the world’s smallest speed camera locator, using GPS satellite technology to alert the driver to the location of speed camera sites and accident blackspots.

Speeding is set to hit the headlines once again next month when the Government’s new Road Safety Bill finally becomes law. The legislation will introduce a graduated penalty system for speeding, where the number of penalty points incurred more closely reflects the severity of the offence. It will also be made clear that speed camera locators (such as the microGo) that use GPS technology to warn drivers about nearby speed cameras will remain fully legal.

With reported thefts of portable technology (e.g. satellite navigation and speed camera detection units) from parked vehicles becoming increasingly commonplace, the compact microGo is reassuringly easy to carry when away from the car, especially when compared to bulkier rival devices.

The microGo comes pre-loaded with a database of camera sites in Europe as well as the UK. Despite its diminutive size, the microGo unit has a large 42mm LCD display screen showing a variety of functions, including:

* The vehicle’s precise speed (to a greater accuracy than a vehicle’s standard speedometer)
* Position and distance of any fixed speed camera
* The speed limit in the vicinity of the speed camera
* The vehicle’s precise GPS location within an accuracy of 5-10 metres
* The vehicle’s proximity to the London Congestion Zone, indicating the approach and boundary

* Rotating compass
* Trip and odometer showing distance travelled
* ‘RescueME’ – a GPS positional reading to pass onto emergency services if needed
* For additional safety, a user-selectable maximum speed warning

microGo also has a variable-colour backlight, which can be adjusted to closely match the instrument panel on any vehicle. There are 64 colours to choose from.

The RoadPilot microGo can be purchased for £149.95 from Halfords, Selfridges, Harrods and all good car accessory outlets. Alternatively you can order online at www.roadpilot.com or by calling 0870 240 1702.

www.controleradar.org has a lot of info.about fixed cameras including regional lists of locations and links to www.securiteroutiere.gouv.fr where regional maps of fixed camera locations can be found.




www.wayfinder.com (for palmtops and smartphones)



If the system blanks on you:


To re-set, poke an unbent paperclip into a tiny unmarked hole underneath at the
rear of the unit near the electrical contacts. This re-boots it.

NAVIGON (information kindly supplied by Robert Strachan 4-3-2007)

Since 1998, the German company has been one of the most active in the field of
satellite-navigation, but has previously provided only innards for companies such
as Sony - Blaupunkt and Becker.

It admits that it was a mistake not to enter an exploding market under its own

The first fruits of its belated entry include the TS7000T, a portable sat-nav with pan-European mapping, real-time traffic updates (a permanent subscription is included in the price) and all the usual points of interest (fuel stations - hotels -safety cameras, Citroen main dealerships and so on). It even has national speed limit reminders that pop up when you cross European borders.

Compact and easy to use the Navigon also incorporates a neat stylus that
facilitates operation and protects the touch screen against grubby fingerprints.

March 2007 ViaMichelin launched two new additions to its portable GPS range: ViaMichelin Navigation X-960 & ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T

These new portable GPS devices, the ViaMichelin Navigation X960 and ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T, are both equipped with a SiRF Star III antenna, the latest version of ViaMichelin Navigation software and simultaneous screen displays of the current route and a zoom of the next junction.

New maps and guidance modes are provided for bicycle and pedestrian users
and each device is available with either UK and Ireland maps or European
maps covering 20 countries. The ViaMichelin Navigation X-960 and ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T will also benefit from a new services and
content programme, ViaMichelin Advantage, which offers users the option to
update their GPS devices with new content such as maps, themed POIs (Points
Of Interest) and new route information.

The ViaMichelin Navigation X-960’s light weight (just 136g) and compact,
rounded design make it perfect to carry around in the smallest of handbags, suitcases or pockets. Simple-to-use, practical, small in size, there is no
compromise in content or quality. Like all ViaMichelin Navigation products,
the X-960 contains exclusive content from the Michelin Green and Hotel and
Restaurant Guides.

RRP: ViaMichelin Navigation X-960: £159.00 for UK and Ireland version (inc.
tax). £199.00 for European version (inc. tax).

The ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T: Super smart navigation

The ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T for demanding travellers, offering advanced functionalities such as Bluetooth® hands-free function that allows incoming calls to be accepted simply by clicking on the screen. The model also offers amplified sound thanks to a speaker incorporated in the base, and real-time traffic information to avoid unforeseen traffic congestion and road
incidents. The X-970T also comes with tourist information and Michelin Guide

RRP: ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T: £239.00 for the UK and Ireland version
(inc. tax). £279.00 for the European version (inc. tax). Both models available from end of April 2007.

ViaMichelin Navigation X-980T:

This is distinguished by exceptional visual clarity thanks to its 4.3 inch wide screen. As well as maps covering 20 European countries and 100% panoramic navigation, the ViaMichelin Navigation X-980T offers five route options including the “ViaMichelin recommended” option, double display with zoom on the next junction, amplified sound thanks to the audio base, long journey mode, hands-free functionality and text-to-speech (providing voice
instructions on street names and directions). And of course, free real-time
traffic information together with Michelin Guide content.

RRP: ViaMichelin Navigation X-980T Europe: £399.00 (inc. tax).

ViaMichelin Advantage

This is a new programme of "exclusive, high-value and innovative services and content designed to improve the comfort and safety of customers." The ViaMichelin Advantage programme focuses on three benefits:

Ø Updated maps and content
Ø Simple, ongoing access to exclusive content such as safety
camera locations, themed Points of Interest and recommended tourist routes
Ø Convergence between the ViaMichelin Navigation GPS range and all of
the functions and services offered by the ViaMichelin website (www.viamichelin.com<.link>)

Available from 20-3-2007, the ViaMichelin Advantage programme will continue to develop in 2007, underlining ViaMichelin’s commitment to providing
high-value-added services and content.

About ViaMichelin

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Michelin Group, ViaMichelin designs,
develops and markets digital mobility assistance products and services for
road users in Europe. Drawing upon Michelin’s hundred years of
experience in the travel world, this activity, launched in 2001, is intended
for the general public and for businesses. It proposes a complete service
offering (maps, route plans, hotels, restaurants, traffic and tourist information,
etc.), accessible on a variety of media: Minitel, the Internet
(www.ViaMichelin.com), mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), navigation systems, etc.

More at www.ViaMichelin.com

3 September 2007

Volkswagen calls in Trafficmaster’s RDS-TMC service

Trafficmaster has signed a major new contract to supply UK RDS-TMC traffic information to Volkswagen vehicles.

Over the next year, a number of models will introduce Trafficmaster’s RDS-TMC traffic service on new factory-fitted navigation systems. Customers ordering a new Volkswagen Phaeton, Touran or Touareg with the new system will be able to receive Trafficmaster traffic data with immediate effect and the brand will extend this to other vehicles in early 2008.

Volkswagen chose Trafficmaster after an extensive testing programme that evaluated the information received from Trafficmaster’s dedicated network of 7,500 roadside sensors located on the UK’s motorways and trunk roads.

Trafficmaster already supplies RDS-TMC data to navigation systems for sister brands, Bentley and Audi.

Michael O'Shea of Volkswagen said: “With the daily congestion on Britain’s roads, live traffic information is ever-more important for in-car navigation systems. We believe that Trafficmaster service is the best fit for us, to help our customers save time and money by avoiding the jams. We are pleased to be able to offer Trafficmaster’s RDS-TMC service on Volkswagen products.”

Tony Eales, Chief Executive of Trafficmaster Plc, said: “We are delighted extend our working relationship with Volkswagen Group. This contract reaffirms the excellence of our traffic information, in both quality of data and geographical coverage.”

(Trafficmaster information seems to be more accurate and up to date than information supplied to the Highways Agency and to other RDS-TMC equipped car satnav systems.)


Check the speedometer, then quickly apply the brakes. For many UK motorists, this is the all too frequent response when they spot a roadside speed camera, greatly increasing the chance of a shunt with cars that might be following too close behind. In the autumn and winter months these dangers are exacerbated when wet and icy conditions lengthen safe stopping distances.

To minimise these hazards, the latest RoadPilot microGo speed camera locator allows the user to adjust the device’s audio and visual alerts so they are activated at a greater distance from the camera. This gives the driver, and those in cars behind, more time to react and modify their speed if necessary.

“Many drivers instinctively brake whenever they see a speed camera, regardless of the speed at which they might be travelling,” explains James Flynn OBE, CEO of RoadPilot. “In wet or icy conditions in particular this can be hazardous, as stopping distances, and the risk of skidding, are greatly increased.

“The flexibility of the alert function on the microGo means users can extend the distance from a camera at which warnings are given. Thanks to an auto-ranging programme built into the unit, alerts are also modified to change according to the speed at which the vehicle is travelling - the higher the speed, the greater the distance at which an alert sounds.

“Users can even set the device to notify them via visual and verbal warnings whenever their speed goes beyond a certain level. This all means that the driver can focus their full attention on the road ahead - rather than on their speedometer,” concludes Flynn.

When there are no cameras in the vicinity, the microGo displays the vehicle’s precise speed, to a greater degree of accuracy than its standard speedometer. Simple, one button operation allows the user to change a range of settings, including adjusting the unit’s LCD screen backlight colour to match that of the vehicle’s control binnacle

The microGo comes pre-loaded with RoadPilot’s comprehensive database of speed camera sites in the UK and Northern Europe.

With reported thefts of portable technology (e.g. satellite navigation and speed camera detection units) from parked vehicles becoming increasingly commonplace, the “plug and go“ microGo - at just 5cm x 6cm - is reassuringly easy to carry or move from car to car, especially when compared to bulkier rival devices.

The microGo can be purchased from Selfridges, Harrods, and all good car accessory outlets for around £149.95, and currently at selected retailers for £99.95. For a limited period, the microGo is available at Halfords for the special offer price of £99.95 and comes with an extra six months’ free subscription to RoadPilot’s industry-leading
database. See in store for details.

For more information about the microGo, or to order online, visit www.roadpilot.com, or call 0870 240 1702.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED bot as a locator and as a road speed readout:

Origin B2 from Origin Technologies which can be set to read 1" high speed readings either in MPH or KPH has been re-named POGO. Also gives gives GPS camera locations. One reader wrote, "When the unit went wrong after 4 years use, they replaced it Free of charge within four days." More info at: www.pogogps.com; stockist: www.nav-now.co.uk

21 December, 2007


Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content for navigation and location-based solutions and satellite device manufacturers, has announced it will integrate Ordnance Survey’s digital road routing information into Tele Atlas Logistics, a comprehensive digital map database that identifies the most appropriate road routes for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) throughout Great Britain.

Tele Atlas Logistics, launched in March 2007, has been designed specifically for fleet owners, operators of large trucks and other road-restricted vehicles. With digital road routing information from the Ordnance Survey, Tele Atlas Logistics will enable HGV drivers and haulage operators to use their navigation device to calculate the safest and most suitable routes to reach their destinations based on road height, width and weight restrictions.

Since 1996 UK-based goods vehicle traffic has increased 11 per cent and car traffic has risen 12 percent, contributing towards an increase in delays on UK roads of 8.7 percent since 2005 . As a result, many HGV drivers seek routes through towns and villages to avoid known congestion areas.

Allan Rasmussen, database operations manager Tele Atlas UK, adds, “In view of the ever increasing volume of traffic on our roads, facilitating efficient and safe road routing is very important - especially for HGVs.”

Allan continues, “Since March 2007, Tele Atlas has continued to develop, enhance and add more content to Tele Atlas Logistics. By using our fleet of mobile mapping vans, our vast resource network, and data from the Ordnance Survey, Tele Atlas has very rich and accurate routing information available to haulage companies and HGV drivers. Tele Atlas Logistics includes attributes like road weight, width and height
restrictions, all of which are invaluable to haulage companies and to helping ease congestion on local routes.”

The Ordnance Survey’s digital road routing information takes into account all local authorities throughout Great Britain and their preferred local haulage routes. By using the recommended routes, hauliers can be sure that they’re being directed along the most suitable roads. This will in turn help reduce congestion on local roads
and help ensure hauliers can make their journeys safely and efficiently.

Tele Atlas Logistics is now available to all Tele Atlas partners.

About Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power some of the world's most essential navigation and location-based services (LBS). The information is the foundation for a wide range of personal and in-car navigation systems and mobile and Internet map applications that help users find the people, places, products, and services they need, wherever they are. The company also works with
business partners who trust its digital map data to deliver critical applications for emergency, business, fleet, and infrastructure services. Through a combination of its own products and partnerships, Tele Atlas offers digital map coverage of more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company was founded in 1984 and today has approximately 2,500 full-time staff and contract cartographers at
offices in 24 countries and uses a sophisticated network of professional drivers, mobile mapping vans, and more than 50,000 data resources to deliver highly accurate and up-to-date digital maps. Tele Atlas is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TA6) and on Euronext Amsterdam (TA). For more information, visit www.teleatlas.com.



Garmin Nuvi 760. Price £259.95. Speed trap data accurate and directional. Bluetooth downloads address book. No integrated TMV aerial. www.garmin.co.uk; www.globalpositioningysystems.co.uk; www.halfords.co.uk


Magellan Maestro 4245. Price £224.01. Bluetooth has no address book. Built in TMC aerial. Works by postcode. Built in TMC aerial. www.magellangps.com; www.morecomputers.co.uk

Garmin Nuvi 200. Price £129.99. Speed trap data accurate and directional, updatred £29.99 a year. www.garmin.co.uk; www.globalpositioningysystems.co.uk; www.halfords.co.uk


Navman S30. Price £109.94. Speed trap identification poor. www.navman.co.uk; www.globalpositioningysystems.co.uk

PogoDrive. Price £249.95. (Formerly Origin). Perfect speed trap performance. Free updated 6 months, then £50pa. www.pogogps.co.uk

Medion GoPal E3410. Price £189.99. Bluetooth hands-free. TMC with windscreen aerial. www.medionshop.co.uk

Snooper S600 Syrius Plus. Price £249.99. Bluetooth. Excellent speed trap identification. Updates free for 6 months then £59.40pa. No TMC. www.snooperuk.com

ViaMichelin X970T. Price £168.03. Bluetooth. TMC aerial. Speed trap identification non directional, but updated free. www.viamichelin.com; www.easydevices.co.uk

Clarion MAP670. Price £229.99. Bluetooth, but no address book. TMC with windscreen aerial. www.clarion.co.uk; www.clarionworld.co.uk

TomTom One 3rd Edition. Price £119.96. Optional plug in TMC aerial. Speed trap identification non directional. www.tomtom.com; www.globalpositioningysystems.co.uk

Navman S90i. Price £229.95. Bluetooth downloads address book. Integrated camera. Standard TMC aerial. www.navman.co.uk; www.globalpositioningysystems.co.uk

TomTom GO 720 Traffic. Price £289.95. Standard plug in TMC aerial. FM transmitter to feed instructions through car's radio speakers. www.tomtom.com; www.globalpositioningysystems.co.uk


Navigon 5110. Price £260. TMC with standard wire aerial. Expensive for features. www.navigon.co.uk; www.clove.co.uk

Snooper Proline 2000. Price £299.99. Good speed trap identification. Updates £5,40 a year. TMC with standard aerial. Expensive. www.snooper.co.uk

RAC Satnav 215. Price £139.81. Wide screen. TMC not standard. www.rac.co.uk; www.easydevices.co.uk

Road Angel Navigator 9000. Price £299.99. No Bluetooth. GPRS updates £69pa. Good speed trap alerts. www.roadangel.co.uk

Manufacturers, Importers and Suppliers:



















More at www.autoexpress.co.uk


ROAD ANGEL CONNECTED, price £299.99 + subscription, website www.roadangelgroup.com

Why choose the Road Angel Professional Connected?

* UK wide safety camera locations updated via GSM/GPRS technology every few seconds so there’s no more need to plug it into a PC to download updates

* Sleek design with remote control so no more stretching across the Dashboard

* In built tracking function enables your location to be identified in an emergency by friends, family or the rescue services*

* Full colour screen which you can customise to your taste

Features and Benefits

* Alerts the user to:
o fixed safety cameras
o mobile safety camera locations
o average speed camera zones
o black-spot areas
o school zones
o congestion charge zones
o fatigue warnings
o railway crossings
* UK wide safety camera locations updated via GSM/GPRS technology every few minutes
* In built tracking function enables your location to be identified in an emergency by friends, family or the rescue services*
* Receives text messages
* Sleek design with remote control so no more stretching across the Dashboard
* Audible and visual warnings
* Overspeed warning
* Advisory speed limit at camera locations
* Continuous digitally displayed GPS speed reading
* Up to 8 hours battery life, for cable free operation
* Simple windscreen mount, and plug and go installation
* Full colour screen with customisable, easy-to-use interface
* Automatic power function means you never need to remember to switch on or off
* Simple to use menus
* Auxiliary socket for laser attachment
* Designed and manufactured in the UK
* 100% legal

Subsequent subscription charge of £4.99 per month by Direct Debit (minimum of 12 month contract required) * Free one month trial of tracking function, additional subscription required for ongoing use.

8-5-2008: Snooper launches S290M Sapphire Plus Mobile

Snooper's innovative sat nav technology is now available for PDA phones, as the S290M Sapphire Plus Mobile.

The software can turn a standard PDA phone into a fully functional sat nav and speed camera location system. Snooper's Golf Pro Shot Saver is also available as part of the package, giving you access to more than 2000 golf courses across mainland Europe and using the latest GPS technology to provide you with distances to anywhere on the golf course ­ perfect for executive golfers.

Steven Ballard, director at Performance Products, said: "When you're in the car, you will have access to our speed camera database, which is updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when you're on the golf course, you'll know exactly what hazards are ahead and how far you are from the green, helping you decide exactly which club to use.

This product has all the functionality of our standard model, but having this technology on a PDA phone makes it the ultimate in portability."

The Sapphire S290M Sapphire Plus Mobile UK & Ireland software is available at £69.99 (RRP) including VAT. The EU version costs £99.99 (RRP) including VAT.

More at www.snooperuk.com

Sat-Nav for HGV and van drivers

Letchworth, England, 14th May 2008 - Navevo, specialist UK GPS software developer, has today unveiled its sat-nav solution for drivers of heavy goods vehicles and vans.

Using NAVTEQ Transport, ProNav GPS software features dynamic routing and navigation optimisation based on a vehicle’s dimensions and legal restrictions to avoid incidents such as travelling down unsuitable narrow roads or crossing bridges with vehicles that break weight restrictions.

Key Features:

* Enhanced GPS navigation for HGVs, vans, horse transporters, caravans or trailers
* Dynamic routing and navigation optimisation based on
o Vehicle dimensions (e.g. height, width, length, weight)
o Legal restrictions (e.g. no HGVs allowed, carrying hazardous goods)
o Other warning data (e.g. cross winds, steep hills)
* London unloading and parking penalties database
* POI data for professional drivers

Optimised Navigation
ProNav allows drivers to enter their vehicles’ vital statistics, including weight, height, length, width and the goods they are carrying (normal, corrosive/explosive), the software then calculates a route to ensure drivers are not confronted with roads or obstacles not suitable for their vehicle or cargo.

During a journey, ProNav warns drivers of hazards such as steep hills, high cross winds, and the risk of grounding. These are displayed as icons on the software’s maps, well in advance of approach to provide drivers with time to decide whether to change their route. ProNav can instantly re-route a driver’s journey if deemed necessary.

Exclusive London Unloading and Parking Penalties Database

ProNav is the perfect travel companion for London delivery drivers. ProNav pin points red route and standard loading bays for delivery drivers and provides exception times and maximum loading period data. Drivers can search for these facilities by street name, town or postcode allowing them to prepare in advance of a journey. ProNav also includes London parking penalties warnings (parking pips and penalty charge notice hotspots) to help drivers avoid charges.

POI Database for Professional Drivers

In addition to POI databases included on standard systems, ProNav features a POI database for professional drivers including national HGV petrol stations and London cafes where drivers can purchase breakfast for under £5, as well as 40,000 other POIs supplied by NAVTEQ.

ProNav comes complete with street level mapping for the UK and Republic of Ireland, seven digit postcode lookup and a six month free trial of safety camera alerts. Thanks to ProNav’s dual functionality, features designed specifically for the professional driver can be switched off, turning ProNav into a standard GPS solution for every day use in the car.

“We have developed ProNav to ensure its advanced capability and ability to overcome many of the problems professional drivers face when using traditional sat-nav systems,” says David Guiver, Navevo’s Business Development Director: “We have chosen to exclusively partner with electronics expert Maplin for the launch of ProNav and are extremely pleased to be the first to offer this innovative solution.”

Navevo will be extending its ProNav software to work with commercial fleet mobile market solutions in the near future.

Navevo is also currently developing a European and US version of ProNav software.

For further information about ProNav, please visit www.pronav.co.uk.

Maplin will be launching a new HGV navigation system incorporating ProNav in the coming weeks across its 147 stores in the UK and Ireland. The system will also be available online at www.maplin.co.uk

Universal satnav/camera locator fitting mat

The Nav-Mat eliminates the need to attach the GPS to the windscreen of the car. Instead the Nav-Mat sits on the dashboard of the car and the suction arm attaches to the Nav-Mat, giving a clearer view of the device itself and more importantly reducing the risk of theft left by the 'ring mark' on the windscreen. The Nav-Mat is compatible with all GPS devices and has been on sale in the USA since summer 2007 and in the UK since April 2008.

Benefits with the Nav-Mat are:-

1. It keeps the windscreen legally clear of obstructions.

2. No ‘ring’ marks from the suction mount left on the windscreen.

3. A suction mount bracket is less likely to be left in view when the car is unoccupied.

On the basis of the benefits I have outlined above, the Association of Chief Police Officer’s ‘Secured by Design’ (www.securedbydesign.com) initiative has recognised and licensed the Nav-Mat as a very useful product to reduce the theft of satellite navigation devices.

Nav-Mat is on sale for £19.99 in Halfords top 150 stores and is available from www.amazon.co.uk

More at www.southmid.com


Clarion's latest portable navigation units are the first to map buildings, landmarks and elevation changes in 3D, and combined with comprehensive lane information and turn-by-turn voice prompts (text to speech), deliver the clearest, most convenient route advice yet.

The MAP780 (Europe) and MAP680 (UK & Ireland) use two separate high-performance programmes to draw buildings in the foreground and background. Buildings close to the driver appear see-through as you approach them, so as not to obstruct the view of the next junction, whilst buildings further away are textured and solid, making them lifelike and easily recognisable as reference points while driving.

Both PND's utilise digital elevation model data to draw height and depth features, with hills and mountains rendered in 3D while you drive, to create the most realistic view, at all levels of zoom. Elevation information is also applied to the road network for rendering of shadows, to display roads and bridges at their correct height for a greater clarity of route guidance.

Clarion has also incorporated comprehensive lane information for the first time, with all lanes available rendered in 3D, and the one needed highlighted, for a more intuitive navigation experience.

In another first, thanks to Bluetooth technology, Clarion's latest portable navigation devices also display SMS (text) messages on-screen, as well giving seamless touch-screen access to a paired phone or PDA, whilst audio streaming (A2DP) and MP3/WMA playback is also possible via a built-in music player.

Enhanced entertainment features on the 2008 PND also feature a movie player, allowing users to download up to 4GB of MP4 video via MMC or SD card, whilst a digital photo album allows the user to upload pictures via SD card or the built-in USB port.

The MAP780 and MAP680 are priced at £269 and £229 respectively, and are available via Clarion appointed dealers across the UK. For more Information, call Clarion (GB) Ltd., on 01793 870400, or visit www.clarion.co.uk

Snooper launches S290M Sapphire Plus Mobile

3-7-2008: Snoopers innovative sat nav technology is now available for PDA phones, in the form of S290M Sapphire Plus Mobile.

This software can turn a standard PDA phone into a fully functional sat nav and speed camera location system. Snooper¹s Golf Pro Shot Saver is also available as part of the package, giving you access to more than 2000 golf courses across mainland Europe and using the latest GPS technology to provide you with distances to anywhere on the golf course ­ perfect for executive golfers.

Steven Ballard, director at Performance Products, said: "When you're in the car, you will have access to our speed camera database, which is updated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when you're on the golf course, you'll know exactly what hazards are ahead and how far you are from the green, helping you decide exactly which club to use. This product has all the functionality of our standard model, but having this technology on a PDA phone makes it the ultimate in portability."

The Sapphire S290M Sapphire Plus Mobile UK & Ireland software is available at £69.99 (RRP) including VAT. The EU version costs £99.99 (RRP) including VAT.

More at www.snooperuk.com

Roadpilot microGo speed camera locator reduced to £99 for Christmas 2008

RoadPilot is spreading some festive cheer by reducing the price of its microGo speed
camera locator by more than 30 per cent. Now available for just £99.95 from www.roadpilot.com, the gadget is the perfect present for keen motorists this Christmas.

The pocket-sized microGo is the ideal stocking filler for drivers of all ages, warning the user of upcoming speed cameras and known accident black spots - making the unit an essential gift to keep loved-ones safe on the roads this winter.

The RoadPilot microGo comes pre-loaded with the firm’s comprehensive GPS map of European camera sites and helps drivers to be aware of local speed limits and protect their driving licence both at home and abroad.

The key factor that sets RoadPilot’s database apart from competitors is that RoadPilot’s full-time surveyors physically visit each and every site recorded to ensure all attributes - the exact GPS location, direction, and assigned speed limit of each camera - are absolutely correct.

Established in 2000, RoadPilot supplies speed camera location data to leading satellite navigation industry businesses, and was the first company to market a GPS speed camera location device.

With reported thefts of portable technology (e.g. satellite navigation and speed camera detection units) from parked vehicles becoming increasingly commonplace, the ‘plug and go’ microGo - at just 5cm x 6cm - is reassuringly easy to carry or move from car to car, especially when compared to bulkier rival devices.

For more information, visit www.roadpilot.com, or call 0870 240 1702.


The Snooper Syrius S2000 PROLINE sat nav System with TRUCKMATE solves this problem. The device allows the driver to input the dimensions of his vehicle, and gives the most appropriate route for that vehicle.

The Snooper Syrius S2000 PROLINE sat nav System with TRUCKMATE, has routing
designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles such as coaches, buses
and mobile homes. The advanced software allows the user to input their
vehicle type, and the TRUCKMATE will display the most suitable directions
for the vehicle¹s dimensions.

The technology can help to avoid low bridges, narrow and weight restrictive
roads and many other hazards, which conventional sat nav systems can fail to
take into account.

Steven Ballard, director at Snooper, said: "Standard sat navs generally 'think' you are always driving a car, and this can cause huge problems. Difficulties with large commercial vehicles cause delays not only to the driver, but also to other road users if the vehicle gets stuck. The TRUCKMATE can significantly reduce the possibility of being taken on an undrivable route, making life less stressful for everyone on the road."

The Snooper S2000 PROLINE TRUCKMATE UK and Ireland costs £399.99 (RRP)
including VAT. A Western European version is available at £449.99 (RRP)
including VAT.

The following restrictions will be recognised to ensure a drivable route will be calculated:

Physical restrictions
Weight per axle
Width restriction
Length restriction

Legal restrictions
Trucks not allowed
No left turn for trucks
No right turn for trucks
No U-turn for trucks
Trailer forbidden
Truck specific speed limits

Hazardous materials restrictions
All trucks with hazardous goods forbidden
All trucks with inflammable goods forbidden
All trucks with natural goods that can be harmful for the water forbidden

Truck specific warning information
Steep hill downwards ahead
Steep hill upwards ahead
Lateral wind
Risk of grounding
Sharp curve(s)

The software also takes into account date and time related restrictions.

More at www.snooperuk.com

LATEST KIT AT 21-11-2008

Mini Coyote Speed Camera Detector £199.99

A GPRS model transmits data between users, so when new fixed or mobile cameras are spotted that are not already highlighted by the system, users can relay this to the central database that then warns all users of its presence within 3 seconds. The news then stays live for up to 3 hours, so is ideal for warning of mobile traps. £199.99 package includes 3 months initial subscription. Claimed to be "World's first real-time GPS speed camera alert system."


ecoRoute guidance

On 7-1-2009 Garmin announced ecoRouteTM - a free software update that helps drivers save money and fuel, easing growing pressures on personal budgets and the environment.

The downloadable software will add new features to Garmin personal navigation
devices (PND's) and will provide additional capabilities including detailed fuel and
mileage expense reports, CO2 emissions, economical routing with cost of journeys,
and tips on how to improve driving to become more environmental friendly.

"Many of the biggest challenges currently facing people across Europe involve the
economy and the environment," said Clive Taylor, Director of Product and Marketing.

"Using ecoRoute on your Garmin nüvi helps you to be a smarter driver at a time when
everyone is trying to make their salaries and fuel tanks go the extra mile. As the
global leader in satellite navigation, we embrace the opportunity to be the leader
in fuel-efficient, eco-friendly navigation."

With ecoRoute the fuel cost of a journey is displayed before it begins. This really
brings home to the user how much a journey costs and aids them in the decision to
either use the car or to take public transport. It's also a great reminder to kids
that 'Mum or Dad's Taxi' isn't free...

In addition to "faster time" and "shorter distance" for route preference, ecoRoute
lets nüvi users choose "less fuel" to provide the best route to save fuel and money.
Through ecoRoute's fuel report, mileage report and fuel-saving tips, drivers can
focus on their fuel conservation even when they're not behind the wheel.

Fuel report tracks fuel usage over time, and mileage report monitors mileage and
fuel usage on a per-trip basis and can be downloaded to a spreadsheet for detailed
mileage and expense reporting. Drivers also have the ability to customize their nüvi
to fit their vehicle by accessing the "vehicle profile" under ecoRoute in the tools
menu. There, you can enter your car's fuel economy and the current price of fuel to
help nüvi better calculate your savings.

To find out if your nüvi is compatible with ecoRoute go to www.garmin.com/ecoroute.
The software application is currently being optimised for Europe and will be
available in February to download.

The new ecoRoute software is the latest breakthrough from Garmin, which this year
celebrates its 20th anniversary of leading the technology and innovation field.
Garmin is a household name globally in the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and
fitness industries.

To learn more about ecoRoute and Garmin's other products and services, go to

First Sat Nav for disabled motorists launched

For disabled drivers or carers driving a disabled passenger, it is vital to have essential information at their fingertips, such as where they can park with a Blue Badge; how the parking rules vary depending on which council’s area they are in; which petrol stations are disabled-friendly and whether your destination is accessible or suitable for you when you arrive.

Gowrings Mobility, the UK’s market leader in accessible transport, is announcing the first dedicated Blue Badge sat-nav product, designed to support thousands of disabled motorists around the UK.

The BB Nav, built by Navevo, the UK’s premier GPS software developer, covers 150 major cities and towns across the UK, including all the London boroughs. It contains all of the features found on a standard sat-nav but has been enhanced to provide detailed information for Blue Badge holders including on-street disabled parking bays; disabled accessible car parks and local council Blue Badge concessions, accessible toilets and beaches, as well as a wide range of points of interest to support people with disabilities.

Janet Seward, Sales & Marketing Director, Gowrings Mobility comments, “Many disabled travellers worry about the uncertainty of not knowing where to park, or where they can park legally according to each council’s regulations, and consequently do not venture further afield than their own local area. As a company with thousands of disabled motorists as customers, we’re committed to finding innovative products that encourage them to get out and enjoy the UK – as echoed in our current advertising campaign, Go where you want to Go, Do what you want to Do, which features a can-do attitude and a range of activities open to disabled motorists. We want to help make disabled travellers’ lives and journeys much smoother, easier and more spontaneous – and the BBNav is a fantastic example of a product that will do just that.”

Using clear colour coding, the BBNav allows users to navigate directly to Blue Badge car parks and over 10,000 on-street parking bays. The car parks have been graded according to levels of disability and mobility, with Grade 1 being suitable for wheelchair users travelling independently; Grade 2 for wheelchair users travelling with some assistance, and Grade 3 for wheelchair users able to walk a limited distance.

Innovatively, the different rules and regulations laid down by each council have also been colour-coded, so users can easily identify whether they can park legally on yellow lines, pay & display or in residents’ bays.
The key features of the BBNav include:

•Blue Badge and Red Route on-street parking bays
•Disabled-accessible car parks
•Local council Blue Badge parking concessions
•Over 60,000 Points of Interest (20,000+ Blue Badge), including 300 accessible beaches, Shopmobility and disabled toilets
•NAVTEQ street level mapping covering UK and Republic of Ireland
•7 digit postcode routing
•Safety Camera Alerts

Janet Seward from Gowrings Mobility concludes, “Following on from the success of the Gowrings Mobility Blue Badge Road Atlas, we’re delighted to be behind the BBNav product, which is a truly indispensable tool for every car trip. Ultimately, it will enable thousands of disabled motorists in the UK to enjoy active and independent lives.”
BBNav is available from Gowrings Mobility for £195 + £9.50 Postage and Packing. To order one, or for more information, tel 0845 608 8020 or visit www.gowringsmobility.co.uk

Satnav for Caravanners

Snooper, has launched Ventura, an innovative satnav system designed to help people with caravans and mobile homes enjoy their holidays without encountering low bridges, narrow roads and unsuitable routes.

Ventura allows the driver to specify the length, width and weight of their vehicle and will then navigate using routes that are practical and safe.

Having teamed up with camping specialists ACSI, Snooper Ventura also offers a range of useful planning tools with the richest world campsite data available. The driver can choose the country or region they wish to visit and then select the facilities they require such as campsites with a sea view, swimming pools, shops or restaurants. Ventura will then display matching campsites. Once the user has chosen, Ventura will navigate car and caravan or motor home to the selected campsite. And when the holidaymakers have found the perfect campsite, Ventura can display a map of local attractions and amenities.

Ventura also comes with the option of Snooper¹s award winning GPS speed camera locating technology, providing protection on roads around the world.

Steven Ballard, director of Snooper UK, commented: "Standard sat navs generally think you are always driving a car, and this can cause huge problems - especially on holiday."

"Last year we launched TRUCKMATE, which was a huge success in helping larger
vehicles avoid undrivable routes. We were surprised to find that those who
drive holiday homes and tow caravans were also using the product. That's why
we developed Ventura."

"Difficulties with caravans and holiday homes delay not only the driver and their passengers, but also other road users if the vehicle gets stuck. The Ventura will significantly reduce the possibility of being taken on an unsuitable route, making life less stressful for everyone on the road."

"Ventura¹s ability to provide campsite information will be a god send to seasoned caravaners and campers, as there is nothing worse than spending the wee hours searching for accommodation."

Snooper Ventura costs £449.99 (RRP) including VAT.

More at www.snooperuk.com

Snooper Lynx uses people power to beat speed traps

Performance Products has launched the Snooper Lynx, a new speed trap
detector that will unite drivers in the fight against speed cameras with
innovative GPRS technology.

The Lynx will work as a normal Snooper GPS speed camera locator, but will
also allow users to share the positions of mobile speed traps that were
previously undetectable. If a driver sees a trap then he or she can press a
button on the unit, which sends the information to every other device in the
area. Then, if another user drives down the same road, they will receive an
alert to warn them of the camera.

The launch comes at a time when drivers face more traps than ever before on
British roads. Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act have
revealed that speed camera offences have risen from 262,000 in 1996 to
1,865,000 in 2006, while the number of speed cameras on the roads almost
tripled between 2000 and 2006.

Steven Ballard, director at Performance Products, said: ³Many drivers now
see speed traps as little more than a money-making machine for local
councils, rather than as their original aim as a safety device.

³This is their chance to take action. The Lynx allows people to help other
drivers avoid being caught out, and means our database of speed camera
locations can be even more reliable.

³In addition, Snooper LYNX doesn¹t ever have to be connected to a PC. All
downloads are sent to the device wirelessly using GPRS, so users get
information on all new cameras as well as mobile speed traps automatically.
This is revolutionary for the market and makes using the device effortless.²

The Snooper Lynx costs £199.99

More at www.snooperuk.com

Snooper launches AVN S7000 TRUCKMATE

Following the success of TRUCKMATE, Snooper has launched the new AVN S7000 TRUCKMATE, which has a larger seven inch screen and a range of entertainment features.

17-9-2009: The TomTom ONE IQ Routes boasts leading technology available before only on the top end models. It allows you to take the routes the locals use and removes the uncertainty of not knowing where you're going or when you'll arrive. It knows that the fastest route on a Sunday afternoon may be very different on a Monday morning. Advanced Lane Guidance gives you more confidence when dealing with complex junctions and there are also safety camera alerts and local fuel prices. The TomTom ONE IQ Routes Europe is priced £169.99 (SRP) or £149.99 for UK/Republic of Ireland maps.

The TomTom XL LIVE features not only the intelligent IQ Routes system, which is based on average road speeds for any journey, but also HD Traffic - which gives you 'real-time' congestion data. So you're always on the fastest route, whatever the road conditions! There's Advanced Lane Guidance for navigating complex junctions, as well as safety camera alerts and directions to the cheapest local fuel. Tap into local Google listings and drive to the nearest Indian restaurant or flower shop, wherever you are. The TomTom XL LIVE Europe has detailed maps of 42 countries priced £219.99 (SRP), whilst the UK/Republic of Ireland version costs £199.99.

The TomTom GO 950 LIVE range is the flagship series. It calculates the fastest routes based on the world's largest collection of historical speed profiles - 800 billion historic speed measurements of 15 million road kilometres. You get all the information you need about the journey before you set off, at a glance. Once on the road, this advanced sat nav constantly checks if there is a faster route, taking changing road conditions into account via a combination of IQ Routes technology and real-time HD Traffic information. There's also an Eco Routes option, so you can select the most fuel-efficient trip to help reduce the environmental impact. The TomTom GO 950 LIVE has pre-installed maps for the US, Canada and 45 countries in Europe. The GO 750 LIVE offers navigation across 45 European countries, whilst the GO 550 LIVE features maps of the UK/Republic of Ireland. Available from the end of October, prices TBC.

For anyone who already owns a TomTom sat nav device, you can now download the original Homer Simpson voice for just £7.95. Homer's comical and unusual advice helps you find your way to your destination - whether it's your favourite supermarket or doughnut store! Homer adds his own special words of wisdom to your journey, with commands such as "take the third right - we might find an ice cream truck! Mmm, ice cream". Download it at www.tomtom.com

TomTom sat nav devices are available from Halfords, John Lewis, Comet and other retailers. Visit: www.tomtom.com

Reader Recommendations Added 24-11-2009

"MicroGo" by Road Pilot Ltd., 43 Riverside 2, Sir Thomas Longley Road, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4DP, tel: 0870 2401702, www.roadpilot.com.

This is the smallest and cheapest of several speed camera detectors they make, and
Road Pilot has always claimed its products are legal. It is a GPS device fitted in the windscreen just like a sat.nav, with a lead from the power socket. Smaller than a sat.nav, currently priced at £79.95 which covers the first 6 months use, then a £50 annual subscription. Digital speed read out, more accurate than a car speedo., gives voice and visual warning of approach to fixed site speed cameras, mobile camera sites, and others. Makes gonging noises if you're over the limit. Tells the time/date, gives latitude and longitude in case of breakdown, its own odometer, etc. You update it with the latest speed camera data from Road Pilot via your PC; all kit supplied. Very easy to set up.

In case of silvered windscreens or car electronics blocking the GPS signal, Road
Pilot sells a neat (little black box smaller than a matchbox) external antenna, (no
drilling required, self adhesive to bodywork but suggests re-inforcing the mounting with some clear sealant) with a cable to lead inside to the MicroGo, @ £25.

Indic8tor is an accurate digital speedometer - displayed in mph. As you approach a speed camera, it will warn you of the camera and the speed limit and if you're travelling too fast (even 1mph over the limit), it will shout at you to slow down. Indic8tor will warn of static, SPECS, Redlight and even mobile sites; it is
GPS based, so the warning for a regular mobile site will be given regardless of whether there's a 'man in a van' there or not. There is also the facility to pre-set a speed limit. If you drive over that limit, the unit will beep and flash until you slow down. For safety reasons, this can only be altered when you are stationary.

Indic8tor is 100% legal to own and to use and will remain legal even if the proposed legislation to ban conventional radar detectors finally goes though as it uses GPS and not conventional Radar Detection. The database for the Indic8tor is updated on a weekly basis and currently more than 10,000 customers subscribe to the updates. A dedicated and friendly call centre technical team is able to resolve any problems a customer may have. More at www.indic8tor.com

New 29-11-2009 The Speed Conscience is a software application that is installed on a mobile smartphone and informs drivers of the speed limit of the road they are traveling along together with their current speed (basically passive ISA software).

It provides a traffic light style warning when they exceed the speed limit. If they are traveling at or below the speed limit, the display remains green, if they exceed the speed limit, the display turns amber and if they exceed an upper warning limit, the display turns red (www.enablecom.co.uk/how-it-works.asp shows how this works). The upper limit is user defined (either by a percentage value over the limit, a fixed value or a combination of both).

The system is currently only available on mobile smartphones with the Windows operating system. However, it will soon be available on the symbian operating system (primarily Nokia GPS enabled phones), followed by availability on the BlackBerry and iPhone.

90% of the major road network on the British Isles covered together with many urban areas. The Speed Conscience is intended to raise the drivers awareness of the speed they are traveling at compared to the speed limit of where they are traveling and to assist them in reducing their overall speed.

Roadpilot Smartphone App

RoadPilot has launched a speed camera locator application for smart phones. It incorporates database of UK and European speed camera sites. A ‘real-time’ alert facility lets other drivers notify you of nearby mobile cameras. No-strings 30-day free trial available until 31 January 2010

The growing use of roadside and mobile speed cameras for the enforcement of speed limits on UK and European roads is placing ever-greater numbers of motorists at risk of losing their licence. Drivers keen to keep on the right side of the law can now download an affordable speed camera locator application direct to their mobile phone, courtesy of RoadPilot, Europe’s leading provider of speed camera data.

RoadPilot Mobile is available on an annual subscription basis (price to be announced shortly), but to mark the launch of its latest product, RoadPilot is offering RoadPilot Mobile on a no-strings 30-day free trial to those who download the application before 31 January 2010.

RoadPilot Mobile packs in lots of useful features, as well as RoadPilot’s comprehensive UK and European speed camera location database. The latest updates to the database can be set to download automatically to the user’s mobile phone whenever the application is opened.

RoadPilot Mobile will be compatible with many of the most popular GPS handsets sold in Europe each year (* see compatibility list below), and is available for download immediately from the recently-launched Nokia Ovi store, at http://tinyurl.com/yenpea5. Further information is available at www.roadpilot.com.

One of the key features is the real-time alert facility, which enables motorists to notify other members of the RoadPilot Mobile user community if specific mobile speed camera sites are active (i.e. if there is a police speed-checking vehicle present).

RoadPilot’s method of data acquisition differs from those of its competitors in that the firm’s team of dedicated surveyors physically visit each and every site in the database to ensure that every attribute – for instance, the exact GPS location, direction of camera, and local speed limit – is correct.

For further information, visit www.roadpilot.com.

(*) RoadPilot Mobile compatibility:

RoadPilot’s strong relationships with the world’s leading handset manufacturers means that RoadPilot Mobile is fully compatible with a number of operating platforms, including Symbian S60 and Nokia S40.

The application is available on the following handsets from launch:

Nokia: N95, N95 8GB, N78, N79, N82, N85, N96, E66, E71, E75, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic

Other handsets to follow: RIM Blackberry,Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android-compatible handsets, plus more Symbian phones


When calculating the best route, the TOM TOM GO 7000 TRUCK delivers routes that favour major roads, avoids sharp turns and allows for the lower speeds that trucks typically travel across 42 European countries including the UK. It will customise the route to suite YOUR vehicle – all you do is enter your vehicle dimensions and it will route you on an appropriate route. This means that truckers can avoid small town roads and narrow residential areas where possible. Secondly, the routing takes access route restrictions into consideration when the driver enters dimensions and weight in the personal truck profile.

Equipped with Text-to-speech and Voice address input, the device increases driver safety by reducing the frequency with which drivers need to look at the display during the journey. Help-me menu and hands-free calling further enhance driver safety.

The device is ready* for the requirements of professional drivers operating in a commercial vehicle fleet. When used in combination with LINK 300 and a subscription to WEBFLEET®, the driver can easily report on business mileage and receive destination addresses and orders on the GO 7000 TRUCK. HD Traffic (TM) and other LIVE Services ensure drivers receive current real-time traffic information, as well as reports about delays and suggestions on alternative route suggestions. HD Traffic coupled with Tom Tom IQ Routes (TM) ensures the best route and provides the most accurate arrival times.

With LIVE Services, drivers also get other relevant route information, including Safety Alerts - so they know what's ahead, Local Search with Google - so they can find service stations and businesses on their route plus Fuel Prices - so they can find the cheapest fuel around.

Available from www.nav-now.co.uk or by phone 0800 634 4480 for £434.99 inc VAT. Next Day Delivery Available

* The GO 7000 TRUCK is LIVE Services ready, a specific subscription to Tom Tom WEBFLEET is required as well as the installation of the Tom Tom LINK 300. The LIVE Services for the Tom Tom GO 7000 TRUCK are available in Belgium, France Germany, Portugal the Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland. Please note that services may vary per country.

** Dimensional and weight restrictions are available on major and interconnecting roads in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

9-12-2009: Clarion launches truck-specific portable navigation system

With the launch of a revolutionary CV-dedicated portable satnav device, Clarion has cut a major path to providing better, more accurate road guidance for commercial vehicles on Britain’s roads, and in Europe.

Whilst the demand for plug-and-go portable navigation by the car-driving public has triggered significant product development, the lack of a competent CV-specific equivalent for the truck market, has done little to ease the drivers’ burden.

But Clarion’s launch of the MAP690TRK CV portable navigation device - with its ability to designate routes according to the vehicle’s size, weight and other criteria – represents a considerable advance over present products on the market.

No stranger in the supply of in-cab audio, multimedia and navigation to CV manufacturers, fleet operators and independents, Clarion has designed and purpose-developed the product with functionality and ease-of-use at its core, including a unique, active cradle (AC709) with a 12-24 volt power input, stereo speaker output and built-in TMC antenna.

Route calculation takes into account bridge height, width and carrying capacity, tunnel height and width, road carrying capacity and water protection and/or hazardous material transportation limitations.

Trip assistance tools allow for the inclusion of loading and waiting times at pre-determined stops to be taken into account when calculating the ETA, whilst a travel time monitor tracks driving and rest times and alerts the driver when daily, continuous or break times are exceeded.

The MAP690TRK accommodates three different vehicle profiles, logging data on height, width, length, weight (actual and max.), weight per axle and trailer inclusion, whilst a mode of transport option allows use in the car as well as truck, making the new navigation device truly portable.

Two separate high-performance programmes – powered by a powerful 400MHz CPU – allow the MAP690TRK to display buildings both in the foreground and background. Buildings close to the driver appear see-through as you approach them, so as not to obstruct the view of the next junction, whilst buildings further away are textured and solid, making them lifelike and easily recognisable as reference points while driving.

The new PND also uses digital elevation model data to draw height and depth features, with hills and mountains rendered in 3D while you drive, to create the most realistic view, at any level of zoom. Elevation information is also applied to the road network for rendering of shadows, to display roads and bridges at their correct height for a greater clarity of route guidance.

The MAP690TRK is pre-installed with map data for 44 European countries whilst voice guidance is offered in 38 languages. To cater for UK and European driving, the MAP690TRK utilises both a 5-digit and 8-digit postcode search function, to direct you more accurately to your destination, and with the addition of built-in RDS-TMC traffic information and numerous driver alerts, commercial vehicle users are kept constantly updated with changing conditions.

To cope with the demands for an ‘always-connected’ communications network, Clarion’s latest portable navigation device also makes the most of Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free operation of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and PDA’s, including on-screen phone book and touch-pad dialling.

Entertainment features on the MAP690TRK include audio streaming (A2DP) via Bluetooth and MP3/WMA playback through a built-in USB music player, a movie viewer, allowing users to download up to 8GB of MP4 video via MMC or SD card, and a digital photo album that allows the user to upload pictures via SD card or the built-in USB port.

The Clarion MAP690TRK is priced at RRP £399.00 inc. VAT, with the AC709 active cradle priced at £35.00. For more information contact Clarion (GB) Ltd. on 01793 870400 or amsales@clarion.co.uk website www.clarion.co.uk.

Added 9-1-2010 SatNav Updates

Often enables you to update ageing satnav with recent mapping.



12-2-2010: ISO gives car industry new interface to navigation systems

As the car navigation industry has grown so has incompatibility between navigation
systems and the databases that store important location information. Additionally,
there is a need to more easily develop navigation system applications. ISO
(International Organization for Standardization) is contributing solutions to
those issues with an International Standard for a navigation system application
programming interface (API).

Car navigation systems use map databases to give precise driving directions, or to
determine the vehicle's location and provide information about nearby points
of interest, such as restaurants and hotels. Some newer systems can also receive
and display information on traffic congestion and suggest alternate routes.

ISO 17267:2009, Intelligent transport systems Navigation systems Application programming interface (API), will help facilitate the interoperability between navigation systems and map databases by providing an interface that will make information accessible and retrievable as well as assist developers of navigation systems. More at www.iso.org


26-2-2010: Snooper launches MY-SPEED


Snooper, has launched MY-SPEED, an innovative new speed detector that alerts motorists to speed limits and changes in speed limits on the road they are travelling on.

The ultra-compact device has been designed to help motorists avoid speeding when they are unaware of the speed limit of the road. Many motorists can be caught speeding accidentally due to factors such as poor road signage or unfamiliar roads, which is a risk the device aims to remove.

Although MY-SPEED is a speed tracking device, it has been designed to help motorists monitor there own speed to ensure they are within the speed limit, not to avoid detection from speed cameras.

Easily mounted onto the inside of a windscreen, MY-SPEED uses the latest in GPS technology and a comprehensive database of speed limits in Western Europe, to continually alert motorists.

As the speed limit changes, MY-SPEED can also be set to alert the driver both visually and audibly as the speed limit displayed automatically changes, ensuring that drivers will never inadvertently drive at the wrong speed limit again.

MY-SPEED is available for £99.99.

For more information, please contact www.snooperuk.com

31-3-2010: Negative reports of outdated mapping showing wrong speed limits.

11-5-2010: Significant number of reports of misleading mapping failing to warn of speed limits rendering this product worse then useless. Purchasers should return the product and demand a full refund on grounds of "not of satisfactory quality". Anyone caught speeding where the unit has failed to warn them correctly should sue for the full cost of their conviction: fine, points and increased insurance.


30-3-2010: TomTom brings premium features to its entry-level device with the launch of TomTom Start2

New features include advanced lane guidance which makes light work of complex junctions. This feature displays all of the lanes clearly on the device, showing which one drivers should take – and helping to make navigation simpler and stress-free.

New drivers and first-time sat nav users will especially appreciate the new spoken street names feature. Because the name of the street they’re entering is read out loud, they can keep their eyes on the road and still be sure of their location.

What's more, the TomTom Start2 is fully compatible with RDS-TMC Traffic*. This transmits traffic information to the device, including what’s happened, the area it affects and the estimated delay. The device will also plan an alternative route, helping drivers get to where they want to be on time.

And of course, like its predecessor, the TomTom Start2 has a simplified menu. There are just two options – ‘Plan route’ or ‘Browse map’ – for a hassle-free start to any journey. Drivers can also add a bit of spice to their device with StartSkins: fun changeable covers available in a variety of bright colours.

And that’s not all: to calculate the optimum route and ensure the most accurate arrival time, TomTom’s innovative IQ Routes™ technology uses real historic car speed measurements from the roads, plus analysis of the time and day of travel. This can save time, as well as money and fuel.

Lightweight, with a compact 9cm (3.5”) screen and featuring a semi-fixed, foldable mount, the TomTom Start2 fits right into a pocket, making it the ideal travel companion.

Availability and pricing

The TomTom Start2 will be available from beginning of April. The recommended retail price is £119 for the device with a regional map and £139 for the device with a European map. StartSkins changeable covers are available from www.tomtom.com/startskins

TomTom Start2 new features include:

  • Advanced lane guidance – gives drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.
  • Spoken street names** – reads street names out loud, helping drivers to keep their eyes on the road.
  • RDS-TMC Traffic compatibility* – transmits traffic information to the driver’s device, including a description of the situation, the location, the direction of traffic affected, the estimated delay and an alternative route.

TomTom Start standard features include:

Easy to use

  • Plug & Go – the device requires no installation. Simply plug in and tap the touch screen.
  • Simplified menu – features two simple buttons: ‘Plan route’ and ‘Browse map’.
  • Easy portability – a lightweight (128g) device with a 9cm (3.5”) screen. The semi-integrated EasyPort mount folds neatly onto the back of the device.
  • Loud and clear voice instructions.

Maps and best routing

  • Latest map guarantee – ensures drivers start driving with the latest map. If a new map for the device is released within 30 days of first use, drivers can download it once for free via TomTom HOME.
  • Map Share technology – allows drivers to make changes to their own map and benefit from thousands of corrections made by TomTom users every day, free of charge.
  • IQ Routes technology – uses actual road speed data gathered over many years to calculate the fastest route anywhere and at any time of day.

Enhanced safety

  • Realistic visual instructions – replicates road signs, making them easier to follow.
  • High-quality speaker – gives voice instructions at an adjustable volume.
  • Help Me! menu – provides direct access to emergency numbers and directions to the nearest emergency providers.


  • StartSkins – offers fun changeable covers and matching protective bags. StartSkins available in store: Flaming red, Ice blue, Electric green and Deep purple. Sunburst yellow and Flaming orange are also available from www.tomtom.com. Priced at £14.99 per colour.
  • Carry case,£19.99.
  • USB car charger.

* Requires RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver accessory and RDS-TMC subscription, sold separately.

** Spoken street names is not available in Nordics and Eastern Europe.

Tele Atlas delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power some of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services (LBS). Through a combination of its own products and partnerships, Tele Atlas offers digital map coverage of more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The Automotive business unit develops and sells navigation systems and services to car manufacturers and OEMs. TomTom WORK combines industry leading communication and smart navigation technology with leading edge tracking and tracing expertise.

TomTomNV was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and has offices in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. TomTom is listed at Euronext Amsterdam in The Netherlands. For more information, go to www.tomtom.com.



Amsterdam, 27 April 2010– TomTom previewed the GO LIVE 1000, the first in a whole new generation of navigation devices, designed to bring real-time services to millions of drivers.

The new TomTom GO LIVE 1000 is the first TomTom product completely designed for connectivity. Based around a powerful ARM 11 500 Mhz processor, the device also showcases a new Webkit-based user interface and the latest capacitive touch screen technology.

The software and service delivery platform have been optimised for rapid integration of third party applications and easy localisation to match the needs of specific markets or applications. The back end server systems have been completely redesigned, allowing effortless delivery of rich content and downloadable applications, via cable or over the air. All this also makes the TomTom GO LIVE 1000 future proof. It will be much easier than ever before to receive the latest content and relevant information instantly.

Working with partner Vodafone, TomTom has pioneered an innovative new business model, delivering real-time connectivity seamlessly across 33 European countries for the first time. With the GO LIVE 1000 there is no need for subscription or activation, as a full year of services* is now included with the device. This suite of services includes TomTom HD Traffic™, mobile speed cameras and local search in 16 countries.

New routing

TomTom is committed to providing motorists with the best routing technology possible, developing industry firsts IQ Routes™ and HD Traffic™.

For the new platform, TomTom engineers were tasked to design a new routing algorithm that continuously scans the road network for the fastest routes, using these layers of navigation information. This has resulted in a patented super fast routing algorithm that sets new standards in accuracy and speed. And user interface enhancements give drivers a better visual understanding of traffic conditions.

Complete new look and feel

The new user interface and application logic have been much improved. To existing TomTom users, the product will have the familiar TomTom feel, being easy to use and rich in features, but it does that in a much richer graphical environment. The new capacitive touch screen offers crystal clear graphics at high resolution.

“Our customers are relying increasingly on their navigation devices and it is no longer about the destination alone, but also very much about the journey itself,” said Corinne Vigreux, managing director TomTom. “The GO LIVE 1000 has been designed to make the journey a relaxed, predictable, safe and enjoyable experience. Thanks to our technologies we know the road ahead and what is happening on the journey. The GO LIVE 1000 will get our customers to their destination easier, safer and faster than ever before.”

Richer and more detailed maps, covering two million kilometres more roads and addressable locations across 45 European countries, ensure drivers never have to waste time looking for valuable information regarding their route.  Also, a new Park Assist feature automatically informs drivers of car parks near their destination.

*Availability of services will vary per country


The TomTom GO LIVE 1000 will be available from summer 2010.

More at www.tomtom.com.


Europe's most advanced real-time GPS speed camera alert system, Mini Coyote V2, launches in the UK

Uses a constantly updated database of fixed and mobile camera locations in conjunction with 'Live' updates from Coyote users

Unique in displaying the vehicle's actual average speed through SPECS-monitored average speed camera zones, such as those typically found in motorway roadworks

A new device that is helping more than 600,000 motorists across Europe stay safe on the roads, while protecting them from speeding fines and points on their licences, is now available in the UK.

Mini Coyote V2 is Europe's most advanced real-time GPS speed camera alert system and uses a constantly updated database of fixed and mobile camera locations. This database is supplemented by a live community of users, who can alert other Coyote subscribers to new fixed and mobile camera locations in close proximity at the touch of a button. As a result, Mini Coyote V2 users benefit from the most accurate and up to date information during their journey.

The portable device can be used by car, van and truck drivers and sits discreetly on the dashboard using a magnetic base. It works in 28 countries and in 9 different languages. A motorbike kit is also available for motorcyclists, and there will soon be a downloadable app, iCoyote, available for iPhone users.

Uniquely, the device displays the vehicle's actual average speed when driving through SPECS-monitored average speed camera zones, such as those typically found in motorway roadworks, and it also alerts to school and high-risk zones, plus Congestion Charge entry locations.

Mini Coyote V2 will also identify the reasons why, for example, you are stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway - helping to combat the frustration and lack of information that can often result from delays during a journey.

Mini Coyote V2 will be priced at £185 (inc VAT) complete with three-months' European service subscription. After the initial three-months, users can opt to renew with one of two annual subscription packages - UK only coverage for £89 or full European coverage for £119 (prices inc VAT).

It is being distributed in the UK by Cobra UK Limited, part of the Cobra Group

11-3-2011: Garmin Nuvi 1310 £87-86 and Garmin nuMaps Lifetime Lifetime Europe Update Card £67-98 (compared to £60 an individual update)  from www.mynewcheap.co.uk, recommended by John Margerison

26-3-2011: Mini Coyote V2 now available with 12 month UK subscription as standard.

Coyote has announced a new pricing structure for its recently UK launched Mini Coyote V2 GPS Speed Camera Alert System. The price remains at £185 including VAT, but now includes a 12 month free UK subscription instead of just three months. When compared with competitor products, such as the Road Angel Vantage (£249.99 plus £54.99 for 12 months subscription), this makes the Coyote excellent value for money.

The device, which already has a community of over 800,000 users across Europe, works to help drivers 'Keep Safe, Keep Legal, Keep Driving'. Using a constantly updated database of fixed and mobile camera locations, the Coyote protects drivers from speeding fines and points on their licences.

Customers wishing to upgrade their subscription from the outset to include European coverage can do so for £50 by calling Coyote Customer Service on 0845 504 8969. Annual subscription renewal prices remain at £89 for UK coverage, or £119 for European coverage. All prices include VAT.

The Mini Coyote V2, launched to the UK market in November 2010, alerts users in real time to fixed and mobile speed cameras and SPECS-monitored average speed camera zones, such as those typically found in roadworks. Its unique 'community' facility also allows users to alert each other to the location of mobile speed cameras at the touch of a button. It also displays the speed limit for every road you drive on, as well as your current speed and warns drivers of variations in speed limits on all roads across 28 European countries (for users choosing the European subscription upgrade),  as well as warning drivers of high risk and congestion charge zones and issuing incident alerts. The device is distributed online via www.coyotesystems.co.uk and The Carphone Warehouse's website www.connectmycar.com.

1-6-2012: Advice from TomTom how to make its satnav compliant with French regulations banning speed camera locators. How to make your TomTom French compliant.

28-6-2012: In response to complaints of outdated mapping, from 28th June 2012 TomTom is enabling all of its 60 million satnavs to receive and make inter-active updates.

Map Share allows drivers to personalise the TomTom map on their own system and also inter-actively share and receive map changes with the Map Share community around the world. (Map Share was previously only available on a limited number of TomTom devices.)

Map Share technology enables drivers to keep the TomTom map on their device up to date with immediate changes in their area. Dynamic road changes, such as changed speed limits, new street names, blocked roads and new traffic directions can be updated directly on the satnav. Drivers then have the choice to share those road changes with TomTom and the broader Map Share community. All TomTom customers can now download daily Map Share changes for free.

"Roads change all the time. Overnight, roads can close or traffic can be diverted, having a big impact on people¹s journey times." says Corinne Vigreux, TomTom¹s Managing Director. "With Map Share, drivers can update their own mapping themselves straightaway. Plus, TomTom has an active community of drivers who share around 250,000 road changes with TomTom and each other every month. With this new initiative, Map Share will increase enormously, hugely reducing confusion and anger about misdirection.

Map Share enables people to quickly and easily report and share the most frequent road changes. More structural, long-term changes such as the addition of roads or roundabouts are validated and updated within TomTom's maps and made available on a quarterly basis. TomTom's approach to mapping includes the combination of authoritative sources, such as field collection, government data or satellite imagery, with community input to ensure its maps accurately reflect reality.

Map Share is already available for many TomTom customers. From 28 June, all TomTom Start, Via and GO customers will be able to receive free daily map changes from the TomTom Map Share Community via a simple, free software update.

Daily map changes include: Changed speed limits, New street names, Blocked roads, New traffic directions, 
Altered turn restrictions.

Drivers retain control over which daily map changes they load onto their device. They can choose to accept changes submitted by some or many other Map Share users, or only those verified by TomTom.

A video providing an overview of TomTom¹s Map Share can be found here:











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