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Where can I get a telepass to go through the 'T' lane at French Autoroute toll stations?


Readers can get the Liber-t for automated telepeage payment from: https://www.tolltickets.com/country/france/libert.aspx?lang=en-GB&mnu=c

French Autoroutes Telepeage: https://www.tolltickets.com/ 
From July 2013 tags issued in France are no longer valid for use by UK residents via a credit card account. The service for UK residents is now operated by Sanef Tolling; if you go to www.saneftolling.co.uk it explains how to return your French tag and cancel the agreement and how to obtain a new tag. The system will operate in exactly the same way as the previous one except payment will be made from your bank account through a Direct Debit authority.


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