2008 Volkswagen Golf


Widdowson Motor Sales
Mileage 4,800 miles
Year2008 registration

Vehicle details

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF SE TSI finished in Grey (Manual), 47,000 miles with grey cloth interior, only 2 previous owners from new. Welcome to Widdowson Motor Sales we concentrate on bespoke vehicles we spend a lot of time and effort preparing vehicles to be individual so there will be details about our vehicles that set them aside from others you see on the market today. We would like to point out that Autotrader do not take this into consideration when creating a price marker and although most of our cars are priced as good great or fair some cars will say priced high this will be because of the investment we have made in the car to make it stand out from others. We Do not make any mechanical enhancements all enhancements are cosmetic and done in a tactful manner which will replicate what is available on the higher models of that manufacturer. At Widdowson Motor Sales we have a full in house preparation centre all our cars go though a strict process to make them the highest quality available to our customers from mechanically to the cosmetic detail we pride ourselves on the standard of the car we retail on top of this. Widdowson Motor Sales is a great place to come and shop for a car its a relaxed environment and we leave our customers to shop at there leisure with a strict none pushy approach from our staff. You relax and digest the information. We look forward to seeing you. , TERMS & CONDITIONS , WIDDOWSON MOTOR SALES LIMITED will not be held liable for any damages or loses to any customers vehicles after the sale of the purchase. Widdowson motor sales are also not under any legal obligation to provide any form of warranties unless stated by the customer to have a AA warranty as a added product with their car. Under the consumer rights act 2015 it shows that we (widdowson motor sales) must provide a vehicle that was fit for purpose during the whole sale of the process. After widdowson motor sales has taken payment for the goods the customer is now liable for any repairs or loses to them self. , Please note that all vehicles are checked and are prepared for sale by our self and the vehicles must pass our checks before placing on our online platforms I.e website & Autotrader. These checks look for any signs of leaks of oil, transmission oil, brake fluid and screen wash , DEFAMATION AGAINST OUR BUSINESS, The term ‘defamation’ describes an untrue statement that’s been presented as fact and causes harm to the character of the person it describes. If someone’s reputation is damaged because of a false statement, this statement will be considered defamatory. Importantly, such statements can cause a business or individual to start legal proceedings. These comments can be made via reviews that may and can affect business operations and cause widdowson motor sales limited lose of income. Which can result of Widdowson motor sales lawyer to file legal action against the individual or business making such false statements.

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Volkswagen Golf

Vehicle registration: YT08XHO
Widdowson Motor Sales
Huthwaite Huthwaite Nottinghamshire NG17 2PE
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