Toyota Yaris (2011–)

What's good

Enjoyable to drive.

Economical engines - particularly the hybrid.

Well equipped as standard.

Plenty of room for rear passengers.

Five star Euro NCAP 2017 rating. 83% adult occupant safety, 80% child occupant, 63% pedestrian, 57% safety assist.

2-8-2018: Report that at 65k miles, thanks to changing the trtansmission fluid and a diet of V-Power a 2012 Toyota Yaris 1.33 CVT is now running better even than when new. MPG improved from an average of 43/44 to 46/47 and interestingly the gearbox seems to make best use of the better petrol using 200 - 300 fewer RPM for a given load. The engine is also smoother, quieter and more responsive low down (proof if any were needed of the benefits of running on decent petrol).

Every Toyota Hybrid vehicle comes with a 5-year 100,000 mile Toyota warranty, which – with an annual hybrid service - extends the cover on your battery for up to 15 years. Replacement battery cost for the Yaris hybrid is £1,085.76.

What to watch out for

Material quality isn't great, with a cheap-looking plastics in the cabin.

Not the cheapeast small hatchback.

Even high spec Yaris such as the Yaris hybrid Bi-Tone don't have auto headlights and the gear selector positions are not illumnated unless the headlights are on.

26-8-2014: Two engine failures of 2011 Yaris 1.4D-4D purchased in May 2013 with 40k miles. First engine failure after 2 months required new short engine. 2nd engine failure in July 2014, same problem, lots of white smoke, short engine replaced again for 2nd time in 38 months life of car.

5-8-2015: All 'current' Toyota sat-navs use the same software. There is a manufacturer's advisory that if customers complain about nonsense directions in the UK, France or Spain and their sat-nav has Software Version: 2.8.4al it requires upgrading free of charge, takes about one hour.

5-9-2015: Service light spanner on dash coming on and off at irregular intervals in 2011 Yaris 1.4 D-4D, couples with drop in mpg. Owner took it to Toyota dealer, who found a code for high oil level. Car has done over 18,000 miles in the past year alone and the DPF is only showing as 44% used, according the Toyota garage. Under warranty, they did a forced DPF regeneration, and reprogrammed the dash lights so that the glow-plug light now comes on when the car is regenerating the DPF. Told owner to keep driving if the light is on, regardless of if he has reached his destination, which might be a bit inconvenient. This was the first time the garage had done this modification, and they're interested to see how it works. They gave owner a print-out of a Toyota manual page explaining the new setup, so it seems to be pukka.

16-2-2016: Complaint about poor illumination from headlights of 2015 Yaris on country roads and also the fact that the interior length is 6 inches shorter than the 2006 model Yaris.

22-2-2016: Problem reported with Multidrive S CVT where the gearbox briefly changed down and then back up when the revs rose on a level road at constant speed of no more than 40 mph. It happened several times over a couple of hours and since then, no problem.

9-3-2016: 2015 Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D needed a forced DPF regeneration and oil change at 18,000 miles, costing £275. Might not have been actively regenerating, and this might be because owner filled it with Millers longlife ACEA C2 5W30 instead of the correct 0W30 at the last oil change. Problem occurred despite almost all mileage on motorway on 800 mile road trips at 2,000rpm.

15-7-2016: Report of poor illumination from HID headlights of 2013 Toyota Yaris HSD hybrid.

3-8-2016: Another report of DPF problems with the Yaris 1.4 D-4D, this time twice in 50,000 miles in a Yaris used for driving school work. Steering column universal joint has also needed to be replaced twice due to driving school abuse.

20-8-2016: DPF regeneration problems reported with 27k mile 4 year old Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D.

14-10-2016: Further report of DPF problems, this time with an independently serviced 28,000 mile 2012/62 Yaris D-4D: " Hi It went back to Toyota who did several regenerations on it and the engine management light went out. 29 days later it came back on despite me having driven 1,599 miles in that time." Toyota is now questioning the independent service that owner had done prior to all of this a happening. New DPF estimated at £800.

28-5-2017: Hot starting problem reported on 9,000 mile 2016 Toyota Yaris 1.3 CVT. When the car has been driven anything over 10 miles, parked and left for half an hour or so the engine is very difficult to start. It starts eventually but after many turns.

3-8-2017: Complaint that on a new 2017 model Toyota Yaris hybrid the left-hand indicator stalk does not self-cancel.

28-2-2018: Report of wind noise from DAB aerial fitting of 2017 Toyota Yaris.

27-3-2018: Problems reported with the mapping of the satnav of a 2017 Yaris Hybrid Excel: Someties gets an overspeed warning on roads where the driver knows he is under the limit and, living on the coast, the satnav sometimes shows the car as in the sea.

5-7-2018: Report of 'anti-trap' electric window mechanism on new hired Toyota Yaris hybrid failing, trapping the passenger's arm and refusing to release.

2-8-2018: R eport of two issues with 2012 Toyota Yaris 1.33 CVT now at 65k miles. The offside front coil spring snapped, happily replaced under an extended Toyota warranty. But also has keyless entry and go which is playing up. The central locking has been malfunctioning with symptoms that include unlocking some doors and not others (completely at random). When in the vehicle we can hear the central locking "clicking" for a brief period as if something is slipping. As yet dealer has been unable to replicate this so not yet fixed.

11-12-2018: Report of 2011 Toyota Yaris 1.4D-4D showing a yellow light which on diagnostic by local garage said fuel errors. Mechanic has changed all filters, cleaned the diesel tank and cleared the errors. But when the car is driven it "pulls" and then loses all power. Suspect EGR and or DPF.

15-12-2018: Complaint of "feeble" illumination from headlights of 2017 Toyota Yaris Icon VVTI 1496cc. Car returned to dealer but dealer said the lights were "normal".

24-5-2019: Report of clutch thrust bearing failure on 2012 Toyota Yaris 1.33 SR at fairly low mileage, mostly suburban use. Replacement thrust bearing and clutch £1,000 at outer London Toyota dealer.

26-9-2019: Report of Toyota Yaris hybrid losing 100g of ra/c efrigerant gas in 2 years.


3-7-2013: Recall announced of 5,409 UK registered Toyota Verso S and Toyota Yaris built November 2010 to March 2012 because a coil wire in the electric power steering motor may have been stored without the correct humidity control during the manufacturing process." This can lead to a short circuit and failure of the power assistance to the steering.

15-6-2015 to 22-6-2015: Significant number of recalls over Takata airbag issue, affecting driver and passenger side airbags in Yaris, Corolla, Avensis Verso, Picnic RAV4 and Hilux. Parts not always immediately available to complete the recall work. Link to DVSA recalls page.

18-5-2016: R/2016/083 Toyota Yaris and Yaris Hybrid: "The vehicles are equipped with 3-point lap-shoulder belt assemblies in all-three rear seating positions. The inner belt (buckle portion) of each of the rear three seat belt assemblies is secured to the floor of the vehicle with an anchor plate. The anchor plate might have been manufactured with a sharp edge around the punched portion. In the event of a collision, there is a possibility that the inner seat belt webbing could become cut and separate at the anchor plate. If this occurs, the inner seat belt may not properly restrain the occupant, which could increase the risk to injury." Solution: "Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and check the Lot number of the anchor plate. Where necessary, the rear inner belt assembly will be replaced with a new one." Build dates 30-8-2011 to 26-1-2016. VINs: VNKKD3D3##A017187 to VNKKD3D3##A223777 and VNKJC0D3##A101414 to VNKKL3D3##A197022.

18-7-2016 R/2016/111. Toyota Yaris 2015 Model Year. DIRECTIONAL CONTROL COULD BE COMPROMISED. There is a possibility that a strut top mounting bearing could be damaged when a high load is applied to the strut, such as when the vehicle is driven over a large bump. If this occurs, there could be abnormal noise when driving on uneven roads or when turning the steering wheel. If the vehicle continues to be operated, the upper side of the strut rod could separate, causing a loss of vehicle stability, which could increase the risk of a crash. Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the strut mounting bearings with improved ones. If a strut mounting bearing is found to be damaged, the dealer will replace the strut and front suspension support sub-assembly with a new one. VINS: VNKJL0D3#0A149061 to VNKKJ3D3#0A282465. Build dates: 13-1-2015 to 27-2-2015.

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