Toyota Previa (1990–2000)

What's good

Cheap to buy and very practical.

What to watch out for

Only one sliding side door on the nearside.

No diesel, supercharged petrol or 4x4 in UK except on independent imports. Only one petrol engine (but ripe for an LPG conversion).

Auto holds its gears for a long time, can be frenetically noisy and a bit juicy.

One sliding rear door precluded use as a taxi under some local authority rules.

Airport taxis do huge mileages they may not show.

8-seater versions best. 6 'captain's' chairs pointless.

Cylinder head gaskets can go if coolant not changed every two years. Look for mayonnaise under oil filler cap and in coolant expansion tank (though, since these are remote from the engine, it may not have reached that far). White exhaust smoke also indicates head gasket problems.

Rear diffs eventually whine.

Interior may have been trashed by kids or 'crocodiled' by dogs.

Catalytic converters go eventually.

On the GS, the single pop-up sunroof was fitted at port of entry. Sometimes they ran out, so no sunroof on a GS does not necessarily mean a non UK car.

Diesel 4x4s are all Lucida Emina grey imports. Slightly narrower than Previa.

Please note Haynes manual is for US spec 1991 - 1995.

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