Review: Renault Scenic (1996 – 1998)


Practical, versatile interior design. Decent drive. The diesels are very frugal. Lots around at cheap prices.

Too unreliable to recommend. A Citroen Xsara Picasso is even more roomy and practical.

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1 May 2012

1998 Registered Renault Megane Scenics MoT tested during 2011 had the 4th worst overall pass rate at 36% Read more

1 September 2002

All 1.9 diesels built 1997-2000 with gold colour alternator pulleys recalled because pulley can fail and cause the timing belt itself to fail or jump a few teeth. Read more

15 February 2002

Non a/c Meganes and Scenics with K4J or K4M engines with a catalytic converter fitted may have a hard brake pedal and lack of brake assis caused by deterioration of brake assist pipe because it passes... Read more

Renault Scenic (1996 – 1998): At A Glance

What does a Renault Scenic (1996 – 1998) cost?

List Price from £21,715
Buy new from £17,710
Contract hire from £235.62 per month
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Ask HJ

Should I change to a new car?

I hope you find this interesting and can help me understand my own numbers. I currently have 2003 Renault Scenic 1.6v Fidji, I've driven it since new and bought it off a friend at the end of 3 year lease for £3331 (long story to explain here). Since then I have been keeping a record of maintenance costs (MOTs + Services and parts) and road tax. The results are as follows: Average per month on-the-road cost is £60 (ex purchase price) and Average per month total cost is £106 (inc purchase price). I did not take into account insurance cost (£500 per annum) as this can be affected by other unrelated factors. The car does about 7200miles per annum. It appears to me that the car is certainly worth keeping with such low maintenance costs and I have happily driven it across Europe couple of times and to Spain and back. However, would I be better off replacing this older car for a newer one with lower emissions and a lower chance of possible high repair bills around the corner, e.g. replacing air-bags as recommended by Renault at 10 year's intervals? I've looked at financing a brand new car for the same monthly cost and all I can get is a super mini - not the most suitable car for a family one day (hopefully!).
You are quite lucky that it's been so reliable. Yes, problems could be around the corner. It would cost more to replace the airbags than the car is worth do most owners of 10 year olds don't. It's worth very little as a p/x. You could run it until something big breaks then scrap it. Or replace it now. Whatever you do will cost you virtually the whole cost of the new car that will then depreciate to 30-40% of its new value over 3 years.
Answered by Honest John
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