Porsche Boxster (2005–2012)

What's good

May 2012: Porsche Boxster 987 2006: 6th highest first time MoT pass rate (88%) for models numbering more than 2000.

What to watch out for

Handbrake prone to jamming on.

Battery charge feeble; goes flat if car not used too much.

Wind deflector flimsy.

As with 986 Boxster, brake discs prone to rusting if car not used enough, especially the rears.

9-7-2012: Not immune from coil spring failure. One 51k mile 2006 car needed four springs and a new steering rack within past 18 months.

20-8-2012: For warranty purposes, Porsche now requires for all new tyres to be stamped with the letter N-0 or any sequence up to N-4 and all tyres should match, not N-2 on front and N-4 on back, for example.

26-2-2015: Late model Porsche ECUs record how the car has been used, in particular if it has ever been over-revved. So vital to see a readout of an interrogation of the ECU before buying a used Boxster.

7-8-2015: Clutch failed on 2010 Porsche Boxeter S at 34,000 miles. Cost of clutch and DMF quoted at £2,600 minus a £500 discount by Porsche dealer, so £2,100. Will be cheaper at an independent specialist.

12-12-2015: 68,000 mile 2007 Porsche 987 Boxster S 3.4 ( M97.21 engine) diagnosed as having scoring on the cylinder bores. According to the Porche garage that serviced the car this is a known problem which will need a complete engine rebuild. Repair bill likely to be £10,000. (See: Peter Morgan on bore scoring) Might be due to oil surge and oil starvation during hard cornering first seen in the 996 3.4 engine due to being wet sump rather than dry sump. More likely to be due to repeated short runs from cold.

25-5-2016: Oil leak reported from independently purchesed used 2006 Boxster.

26-7-2016: Catalytic converter cores of 68k mile 2006 Porsche Boxster S reported to have melted due to a fault with the mass airflow sensor affecting the fuel/air mixture and causing it to run over lean and over hot.

18-3-2017: Report of blocked rear drain tubes of Porsche 987 Boxster S leading to permanently sodden carpet behind the front passenger seat (which also explains heavy condensation inside the car). Porsche advised that that once the drains are cleared they would need to remove the seats, trim, and carpet to dry everything, and to prevent the electrical controls under the seat from failing, e.g. hood mechanism. Not a cheap fix.

10-9-2018: Report of cloth at base of convertible roof of 2006 Porsche Boxster 987 slipping outside the plastic window frame and having to be guided back by hand to close.

22-9-2018: Report that 2005 Porsche Boxster S Tiptronic jumping out of gear and lever becoming difficult to move as car gets hotter. A change of transmission fluid heps, but the real villain is the external muli-function 'Tiptronic Switch' on the side of the transmission. Replacing that solves the problem.

16-11-2018: Problem reported with radio of 2009 Porsche Boxster S immediately after it had had its radio/computer module replaced by the Porsche dealer under warranty a few years ago. Occasionally, for example after a shopping trip, when owner restarts the engine he find that the radio has switched itself off and that the controls on the radio have become inoperative so that it cannot be switched back on. He found that if he was to leave the car in this condition that the battery would be completely drained the following morning. In addition, he has found that if he disconnect sthe battery, leaves it for some seconds and then reconnect the battery, that the fault clears itself. Keeps a 10mm spanner in the driver's door pocket for this purpose.

9-3-2019: Report of 'Gear Selector Not Engaged' warning appearing on dash of 2007/57 Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic. Warning later changed to 'Tiptronic Emergency Run'. Yet car has continued to run beautifully. Boxster forum suggested could be caused by a flat battery, but battery not flat, or corroded battery terminals, but they are fine. Porsche dealer suggested selector lever had probably worn at its base and shorted out a switch. Quoted £1,300 to fix. An independent Porsche specialist will have a cheaper fix.

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