Peugeot Expert Tepee (2007 – 2016) Review

Peugeot Expert Tepee (2007 – 2016) At A Glance


+Seats up to nine people in comfort. Useful height-adjustable suspension. Sliding rear doors on both sides.

-Van-based looks.

Insurance Group 7
On average it achieves 101% of the official MPG figure

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Real MPG average for a Peugeot Expert Tepee (2007 – 2016)


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33–45 mpg

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Cuts out while driving
"I have a Peugeot Expert 2.0HDI the MIL light kept coming on and off. So I change the fuel filter (Siemens) and then all hell broke lose. Now my cab has many different codes. Starts up every time idle no problems drives well but once you are up to speed, take your foot of the power then try to reapply engine has cut out apply clutch cabs out cold have to take key out of ignition to get it restarted as if you don't will never start. Also when in idle when you turn cab off it over runs 2/3secs but if u have small revs cuts out staight away. Also if u hold the revs at 2000 after 5 secs will rev itself up as if you have applied the power hard. i have checked the wiring and found some dodgy wires replace no different changed the filter again nothing. changed the fuel rail sensor nope changed the fuel temperature sensor nope. Peugeot says it thinks it's sucking in air from somewhere? Live data showed idle at 298 and then 1000 but is in limp mode. then 1300 out of limp. codes where for feul pressor sensor/fuel temperature/air flow meter/ feul regulator and clutch sensor. HELP - the only way to drive cab is to drop the clutch each time u need to coast. "
Well there is a known fault on this model,indications are MIL showing and also fault code P1641 coming up on diagnostic. have you had a diagnostic done at all?? If P 1641 then the fault is that coolant is getting into the ECU via the ECT harness ( engine coolant temp ) switch. Would suggest that you check this out by diagnostic in the first instance. Regards
Answered by Alan Ross
Which small runabout with seven seats?
"With three young grandchildren my beloved BMW 3-Series convertible is becoming less practical. I am reluctant to part with it and so I am considering a used inexpensive runabout with seven seats for when we need to transport the little members of the family. I read somewhere that both Citroen and Peugeot produce a van-type vehicle with windows and extra seats but I have been unable to find any details."
Here: and: There's also these: ; and A cheap way out is an ex-Addison Lee Ford Galaxy diesel automatic, from around £6500 for a 110,000 miler. Addison Lee services them and changes the oil every 5000 miles:
Answered by Honest John
Buying a high-mileage small van?
"Received encouraging replies in the back room on a very clean 08 plate, one owner, 184K new model Peugeot Expert TD with FSH for daughter's private use, approx 10K per annum at £3950. As belt and braces, what should be checked/replaced by seller or, in default of that, by me? "
They are getting rid of it before the problems start, so you will be buyung a whole heap of problems, maybe £7,000 worth. Don't.
Answered by Honest John
How can I sell my mobility-modified Peugeot Expert Teepee?
"I have a Peugeot Expert Tepee Leisure converted for wheelchair access by O&H Mobility. The vehicle is a 2009 model and has covered 20,000 miles. Could you please advise me as to the best way to sell this vehicle?"
Yes, there is a dedicated website for selling all types of used mobility aids, including vehicles. It is:
Answered by Honest John

What does a Peugeot Expert Tepee (2007 – 2016) cost?