Peugeot 407 Coupe (2006–2011)

What's good

Excellent five star NCAP crash safety rating; four stars for child safety.

What to watch out for

Ups and downs of 35k use of V6 diesel by Nick Fairman:

"Lovely car. More Gadgets than E92 BMW coupe, quite quick and servicing costs cheap. Critisisms were RD3 satnav slow, no France on the disk, heavy, Band G tax and an average MPG of around 33. Only cost £21k for an ex demo main dealer but no market for it when it came to sell. Overall I really liked it."

Heavy depreciation if silly money paid in the first place.

Front suspension, and steering joints can become badly worn by 30,000 miles and need replacing.

Hose for Power steering can corrode through and leak on to the front o/s tyre also at 30,000.

Tyre pressure sensors corrode and need replacing at over £100 each.

31-12-2012: 'Gong' sound means that car battery is failing to hold sufficient charge and needs to be replaced.

19-2-2014: Noisy on Avon ZV3 tyres. Handles as well and eerily quiet on Michelin Primacy 3. TPMS valeves prone to failure at £65 each, plus £100 a time to reprogramme the receiver. (Better to replace with Tyresafe.)

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