Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2003–2009)

Model History

April 2003

McLaren Mercedes for people for whom even a 200mph SL55 AMG isn't enough. 626bhp supercharged V8 developed from 493bhp SL55 V8. weighs a low 1,420kg. Top speed of 330kph (207mph), 0-100kph under 4.0 seconds and a completely different, much more supercar-like feel than the SL 55AMG.

More powerful 722 (Called after Stirling Moss Mille Miglia SLR start time, not engine power) launched early 2007. Roadster with 626 hp and same 207mph top speed launched May 2007.

December 2008

SLR Stirling Moss announced. Neither a roof nor a windscreen to separate the driver and passenger from the outside world; unadulterated high-speed excitement with all the attributes of a speedster.

With 478 kW/650 hp the SLR Stirling Moss accelerates its V8 supercharged engine from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 3.5 seconds, and has a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph) – no other series-production car is at the same time so open and so fast.

This extreme concept makes the new high-performance sports car a legitimate bearer of the name of the British motor racing legend and Mille Miglia record-holder Stirling Moss, who drove the legendary Mercedes-Benz SLR racing cars from victory to victory during the 1950s. The exclusive SLR Stirling Moss rounds off the current SLR family and is limited to 75 units. It is priced at 750,000 euros.

What does a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2003 – 2009) cost?