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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sport Coupe (2001–2008)

Last updated 25 August 2016

Kerb weight 1465–1540 kg
Warranty 3 years
Servicing -

Full specifications


It's got some performance, too, provided you pick the right model. For the time being this has to be the 197bhp 230 Kompressor. It emits a pleasant snarl rather than the strange, anodyne noise of the 163bhp 200K. And, when allied to the standard 6-speed manual gearbox, it's got enough grunt to be considered sporting. Whether a BMW 330 or 328 owner would agree is a different matter, but it's in the same league as the 323i.

Daimler Chrysler make a big thing of 'tronics' with the new car. You can have a 'Linguatronic' voice-activated car phone and audio system; 'Parkatronic' sensors front and back to tell you when you're too close to the car in front; 'Speedtronic' cruise control with audible speed warnings; and a 'Sequentronic' semi-automatic gearbox.

We tried Sequentronic box allied to the 143bhp (232lb ft torque) 220 Common Rail Direct Injected diesel. Not the sort of engine you'd normally expect to find under the bonnet of a 'Sports Coupe'. The change lever is arranged so that 'N' is over to the right, with 'R' behind it. The lever is sprung to sit in the middle where pushing it forwards promotes a downchange and pulling it back gets you an upchange, which is the natural way this sort of shifter should work, just like in rally cars and Touring Car racers. But it will obviously confuse anyone who has managed to get themselves used to the back-to-front Tiptronic arrangement. Slip the MB's lever over to the left or just leave it and you get a fully automatic shift.

In the coupe I found that the Sequentronic worked best on downshifts, but was slightly slurry on upshifts unless you lifted massively to help it find its way. But, having found the six-speed manual an odd match with the 2.2 CDI in the C Class saloon, I was happier with the Sequentronic in this car.


Engine MPG 0-62 Top speed CO2
C160 37 mpg 11.4 s 128 mph 183–188 g/km
C180 Kompressor 37 mpg 9.7 s 139 mph 183 g/km
C200 CDI 44 mpg 11.7 s 129 mph 172 g/km
C200 Kompressor 35 mpg 9.1 s 145 mph 192 g/km
C220 CDI 43 mpg 10.3 s 139 mph 174 g/km
C230 30 mpg 8.4 s 150 mph 222 g/km
List Price from £29,360
Buy new from £24,768
Contract hire from £261.48 per month

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