Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG (2013–2018)

What to watch out for

Bucket seats are for 6 footers and people with very narrow shoulders.

Whoopy exhaust note won't be to everyone's taste.

Power output reaches the limits of the twin-clutch twin-shaft transmission's cababilities on the road.

29-3-2019: Report of 2015 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG repeatedly stalling after having been brimmed with fuel. MB dealer 'investigated' twice inconclusively while car was under warranty. Then, a few weeks after the 3-year warranty ended, on instruction from MB Germany, the dealer concluded that the fault was with the fuel tank and the fuel tank breather system carbon cannister and replaced both. Invoiced the owner for half of the cost: £828.90. The reason for having to replace both might be that the lining of the fuel tank had broken up and blocked the fuel tank breathing system, preventing fuel from being pumped to the engine injection system. If so, the owner should not have been billed.

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