Mazda 626 (1992–1997)

What's good

Mazda generally 4th lowest average warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 47.61 v/s lowest 31.93) Link:-

What to watch out for

4-door less inspiring, but still well liked.

Comprex supercharged 2.0 litre diesel not a success - only lasted from May '94 to Oct '95.

Body damage extremely difficult to repair, particularly to rear of 5-door hatchback.

Paint quality virtually impossible to match.

No estate cars except carryovers with older body.

(Please note Haynes manual is for US spec 626, combined with MX6 and Ford Probe.)

Repaired accident damage.

Uneven tyre wear from kerbed suspension.

Check complex quad cam 24v V6 of GT carefully.

Smoke could mean any one of 24 valve stem seals.

Timing belt failure means disaster and replacing the belt is expensive.


1997: 'Mystique' special edition based on 626 1.8LXi may have loose wheel nuts on spare wheel.

23-10-2015: US recall of 1.2 million older model Mazdas because grease could accumulate inside the ignition switch, causing overheating and possibly a fire. The problem does not occur when the vehicle is in motion. Covers 1992-93 MX-3, 1993-97 MX-6, 1993-95 929, 1993-98 626, 1989-1998 MPV and 1990-96 323/Protégé. Recall unlikley to be repeated worldwide because most of the cars will already have been scrapped.

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