Lexus LS 600h (2006–2012)

What's good

Top marque in 2006 J.D. Power UK Customer Satisfaction Study, earning the 2006 Gold Award for a sixth successive year with 873 points out of 1000, well above the industry average of 791 points.

May 2007 Lexus achieves record-breaking seventh consecutive J.D. Power Gold Award for customer satisfaction.

What to watch out for

11-5-2011: DO NOT JUMP START. Hybrids should be trickled charged, not jump started (bulletin from Toyota how to do it correctly). If a recovery agent connects jump leads directly to either hybrid battery and than to his battery the sudden charge can damage circuits with in the hybrid system (not necessarily the ECU). It seems that not all recovery companies are familiar with the correct jump start process . Damage can be caused which will not be apparent at the time.

15-7-2012: Regenerative braking, and the fact that rear brakes do very little of a car's braking anyway, mean that corrosion can build up on rear brake discs and is not cleaned off by the pads, resulting in a life of as little as 20,000 miles.

17-7-2017: Report of inverter cooling system packing up on 2009 Lexus LS600h at 135,000 miles. Estimate for repair was £24,000.


19-5-2010: As a result of customer feedback, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is preparing a recall of some Lexus LS 600h and LS 460 models equipped with the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS). The precise number of cars involved is still being finalised but initial figures show approximately 11,500 vehicles are affected globally. We are anticipating around 40 units to be affected in the UK market. No other Lexus vehicles are affected by this issue. This matter has been under investigation by TMC since March this year who have received approximately 10 complaints in Japan. No accidents have been reported relating to this issue and we have received no reported cases of this concern in the UK market. VGRS is a feature that enables easier handling during low-speed driving and provides better stability during high-speed driving than conventional steering by changing the gear ratio. The problem occurs at low speed when manoeuvring the steering wheel to full lock position. If the driver then returns the steering wheel very fast, this could lead to a steering wheel off-centre condition even though the driving wheels would be straight. This phenomenon will be resolved automatically in a few seconds and the driver may notice this correction as the steering wheel centre moves slowly by itself to the centre position when driving straight during the correction operation. The driver remains in control of the vehicle as the steering wheel self corrects itself. VOSA has been notified that a recall will be initiated in the UK.

1-7-2010: Improperly functioning valve springs have been found in some Lexus engines and there is a small possibility that abnormal engine noise or unstable idling may occur. In very rare instances, there is a chance that the engine may stop. There have been no reported accidents related to this issue. Vehicles sold in the UK that may be affected include the Lexus GS 450h, GS 460, LS 460 and LS 600h models. Lexus has identified approximately 3,200 vehicles in the UK that are potentially affected by this issue. Lexus will do whatever it can to ensure that our customers’ inconvenience is minimised as much as possible, decide on any action, and inform our customers promptly.

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