Review: KIA Mentor (1996 – 1999)


Reliable, well assembled and cheap.

Short on kit, image and driving appeal.

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24 July 2003

On 6,244 cars front seat belt buckles may not latch properly. New seatbelts with improved buckles to be fitted. Read more

12 March 1996

Quite well made and quite reliable. 13' 11" long by 5' 7" wide and from 1,053kg. 80bhp 1.5 or 80bhp 1.6 with more torque. 5-speed manual of 4 speed automatic. Owners seem to like them. Available... Read more

KIA Mentor (1996 – 1999): At A Glance

What does a KIA Mentor (1996 – 1999) cost?