Kia Cee'd (2012–2018)

What's good

Cee'd awarded five-star Euro NCAP safety score, with 89% adult occupant score, 88% child occupant score, 61% pedestrian score, and 86% safety assist rating.

The clean lines of the Cee’d exterior are matched by the handsome and fuss-free style of the cabin.

There’s lots of space inside the Cee’d for passengers and luggage, and build quality is up with the best in class.

Choose the 126PS 1.6-litre diesel engine and you’ll enjoy strong fuel economy and low emissions to keep running costs down.

The Cee’d GT is fun to drive and both versions are generously equipped at keen prices.

Kia continues to provide one of the best warranties in the business with its seven-year cover.

27-11-2016: High level of praise from GB of Edgware: "Kia cee'd diesel auto almost the perfect car. Definitely can be excluded  from the Petrol V Diesel rule, it is far better than any of my previous 40 petrol engine cars. Ist cee'd  24,000 miles over 3 years overall  34 mpg. approx 90% Edgware into London twice weekly to Watford. No Yellow warning light unlike previous Chevy Cruze. Second Ceed now 1 year old (how time flies)  9,000  miles. Overall 40 mpg ISG switched off & driven fast. 7 days a week 2.2 miles each way journey, then mainly around Edgware and into central London. Have  not been to Watford for past six months, needs your recommended Michelin Cross Climates for steering feel and slightly better ride at 30 psi. No Warranty claims. Feels very much faster than the official  0 to 62 sec. figure. very underated car."

25-5-2018: Reader report: "Just an update on my Kia cee'd 1.6 CRDI. 265,000km. It has never ever let me down. 5.6 l/100. I have changed tyres 8 times and one rear light bulb. New clutch at 200,000km. Unfortunately, we’re going through difficult times in France regarding diesel. It’s almost the same price as petrol. I’m probably going to get a Prius and run it on E85 biofuel. The remapping will be done to take both petrol and E85."

What to watch out for

The petrol engines in the Cee’d hatch are not as refined, quiet or free-revving as those found in its main rivals.

Although fun to drive, the Cee’d GT is not an outright hot hatch despite its engine’s considerable power output.

A lack of feel in the steering in the straight ahead position is disappointing.

Timpsons cannot cheaply copy keys.

Seems that KIA dealers are routinely remapping the turbos on 1.6 and 2.0 CRDI engines to prevent overboost and extend the lives of the turbos. This results in much less torque in the 1,800-2,000 rev range and considerably reduced performance.

22-3-2014: Complaint of deteriorating quality of gerarchange on KIA Cee'd 1.6 CRDI 126 between 18k miles and 21k miles. Dealer refused to fix it until it gets worse.

9-6-2015: Handbrake type parking brakes prone to let go on Kia Cee'd. KIA advises pumping the footbrake before applying the parking brake and pulling it up 6-8 clicks. Always anyway leave the car in gear with the front wheels pointed towards the kerb so that if everything else fails the car will roll into and be stopped by the kerb.

2-1-2016: From 2015 model year, letter from Kia states i30 and Cee'd are fitted with larger brake callipers that preclude the fitting of 15-inch wheels and 105/65 R15 tyres.

13-8-2016: Complaint of steering lock sticking locked after starting a 2 year old cee'd. Unlocks after re-starting.

9-12-2016: Flashing airbag light and flashing oil pressure light on 2015 KIA cee'd at 11,000 miles, 2 weeks after purchase, used, from KIA dealer in May 2016. Sensor replaced. Did not fix it. Oil pump replaced. Did not fix it. KIA then ordered a full strip-down of the engine and on 9th December 2016 it is still in pieces waiting for some of the parts needed to reassemble it. No mention of which engine this was. Owner had been kept mobilt, so our advice was to reject the car for a refund of its current retail value.

22-1-2017: Report of 2012/62 KIA cee'd needing both headlights replaced due to failure of LED DRLs. Sticking calliper caused from brake pads to wear unevenly. Driver's seat does not stay at chosen height. Owner not happy with ride or road noise on 16-inch wheels. Suggested replacing tyres with Michelin Cross Climates.

23-7-2017: Complaint of March 2013 KIA cee'd 1.6GDI DCT suffering short jerks in low gears in traffic and being difficult to control in reverse. Driver urged to learn to left foot brake and get car into a KIA dealer for a change of automatic transmission fluid.

1-8-2017: Complaint that seat adjustor broke in 2013 KIA cee'd and was not covered by warranty.

11-5-2018: Report of DRLs on 2015 KIA cee'd constantly failing, as often as every 6 weeks. May need replacing as in 22-1-2017.

24-5-2018: Complaint that though a reader's previous 2014 KIA cee'd 2 had voice-operated Bluetooth, his 2017 KIA cee'd 3 SW does not have the feature. Dealer says not borken; merely never fitted to the car.

20-8-2018: Report of lacquer on 'diamond cut' alloy wheels of 2016 KIA cee'd GT blistering due to stone chips.

28-10-2018: Report of 2015 KIA cee'd needing new LED sidelights. Fixed under warranty with o question, and dealer had an ample supply of replacements.

15-2-2019: Report of slight blistering on alloy wheels of 2013 KIA cee'd SW at 60,000 miles. Dealer took photos and sent them to KIA. KIA sent the dealer a complete set of new alloys which were fitted this week. All under the 7 year warranty.

13-4-2019: Report of damage to automatically engaged 4WD system of KIA Sportage KX-3 CRDI Auto because owner had the front tyres only replaced by an independent tyre depot and the difference in tread between front and rear has broken the 4WD system. This will cost £2k to repair. Must not be a disparity of more then 3mm between the tyres or the system will detect that as slippage and automatically engage. Front/rear tyre wear can be countered by swapping front tyres with rears (same side) every 10,000 miles.

24-5-2019: Report of bottom crankshaft aux belt pulley of 2013 KIA cee'd 1.6 GDI DCT-6 falling off. Both pulley and fixing bolt had been collected by the engine undertray.

30-7-2019: Report of nearside mirror pod of 2014 KIA cee'd exploding on two occasions; the first time in 2018 and then again in July 2019. "Suffered the disintegration of the nearside mirror assembly preceded by a loud explosive sound with debris being scattered several feet around. The mirror remains intact, hanging by the electric cable." Owner charged £595 for a replacement mirror. On both occasions, owner was reversing down his driveway. Dealer told him the same thing had happened previously with a KIA Picanto.

7-12-2019: Report of problems with Dual Clutch automatic transmission of 2015/65 KIA cee'd 1.6CRDI used as a driving school car at 45,400 miles. Now been in garage for 19 days trying to fix what felt like a thump when it changed gears and then a high pitched whining noise. This is the second time in 2 years. The KIA dealer has replaced the clutch pack and flywheel, but within hours off getting the car back the problem returned.

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