Honda HR-V (1999–2006)

Model History

May 1999

Be-spoilered suburban style wagon with part-time four-wheel-drive. 3-door: 13' 2" long by 5' 7" wide, weighing 1,200kg and capable of towing 1,200kg. Cheaper than CRV with smaller 1.6 engine offering 103 or 123bhp VTEC. CVT auto option.

April 2000

4x4 5-door version of HR-V added from spring 2000 together with two-wheel-drive version of 3-door. 5-door is 13' 6" long. Two power outputs: 103bhp for 1.6 and also available with 4-speed torque converter auto. 123bhp VTEC version 5-speed manual and 4WD only.

June 2006

Last UK sales of first generation Honda HR-V

December 2014

1999-2006 Honda HR-V shown to be the most reliable SUV in Warranty Direct's Claims records.

What does a Honda HR-V (1999 – 2006) cost?

List Price from £20,695
Buy new from £17,931
Contract hire from £160.40 per month