Honda Element (2003–)

Model History

March 2003

A new vehicle type, combining elements of twin-cab pick-up, 4x4 and Berlingo utility. Has a 160bhp, 161 lb ft torque 2,354cc chain cam four cylinder engine (same as US versions of CRV) with 5-speed manual or 4-speed autobox and four wheel drive.

Built in RHD for Japanese market. RHDs have to go through more complex Enhanced SVA on a 'Model Report' so are more expensive then LHD imports.

April 2009

Substantially restyled for the 2009 model year and available with new features, the Honda Element builds on its spacious and versatile SUV character with a more chiseled exterior appearance and a refreshed interior design. Three unique Element styles are available that range from the rugged and simple Element LX, to the more refined Element EX, to the sporty Element SC.

The Element is assembled in Ohio at the Honda of America Mfg., Inc., East Liberty Auto Plant using domestic and globally sourced parts. It is not sold in the UK. For more on the Element.

What does a Honda Element (2003) cost?

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