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Honda Civic IMA Hybrid (2003–2005)

Last updated 3 April 2017

A petrol-electric hybrid that accommodates five people and luggage. Smooth, quiet and relaxing to drive.
Servicing can be expensive.
Updated 3 April 2017

Owner of 13 year old 115,000 mile Honda Civic IMA reports it has been basically reliable and an enjoyable car to own, but recently I've been struck down by the braking system. Had 2 new calipers which...

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Unlike the Prius, ithe Civic IMA doesn't look or feel like a car of the future. Even though it has the flat floorpan body of a current Civic, it's styled like the previous generation Civic saloon. And it's manual. Apart from the regenerate/assist display on the dash and a battery charge indicator there's nothing inside the Honda IMA that makes you feel you're not in a normal car.

Turn the key, though, and the engine starts eerily quietly. Not like the Prius in which the engine doesn't start at all. Just a quiet engine. Yet if you rev it you get a rorty VTEC roar which tells you it's alive and well. Then off you go. Feels very flat and gutless at first. And you watch the dials a bit too much as you refill the battery. But it feels like a normal car.

Honda Civic IMA 2003 Road Test

Owners' reviews

Economical, nice interior and smooth (if a little slow) to drive
List Price from £19,300
Buy new from £16,400
Contract hire from £191.38 per month

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