Honda Accord (1993–1998)

What's good

Decent roadholding and handling, especially 2.2 and 2.3. Excellent four-speed autoboxes.

Two-year warranty grew to three.

In June 2001 Honda was rated by Motor Warranty Direct as Britain's 4th most claim-free used marque.

15th from top of 100 models for reliability in Auto Express 2002 survey. 

Honda generally 8th lowest average warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 67.27 v/s lowest 31.93) 

Very Low 2 out of 9 point death rate from accidents in this model.

What to watch out for

Steering a bit light.

Please note Haynes manual is for US spec.

Tended to be entirely trouble-free as long as serviced on time with regular changes of coolant and brake fluid.

Look for stone and screen chips on the quicker versions.

Make sure electric front windows work properly and are not sluggish. Rear wings rot out along bottom edge above bumper extensions. This is a big panel in short supply, so the problem is very expensive to remedy.

Check for emulsified oil under the oil cap of 2.3i engines as this could indicate a cracked cylinder head which is £2k to replace.

Exhaust rear silencer boxes rot out on low mileage 'short run' examples.

Electric front windows have a habit of popping out of runners. New 1999 model instantly 'dates' a 98R old model.

Rust in the rerar wheel arches.

An intermittent fault that causes the engine to cut out may be nothing more than a failed ignition amplifier. A replacement part costs £50.


May 2002: contact point in ignition can fail at speed causing a stall in cars built 1997 to 1998.

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