Fornasari RR 600 (2008–)

Model History

March 2008

Range of Italian fibreglass bodied four wheel drive off road luxury/high performance cars. RR 600 has 600PS supercharged Chevy V8. 4,400mm long x 2,060mm wide x 1,640mm high. Gigantic 23" wheels. Weight 1,600kg.

Other models have 650PS, two or four doors, cabrio top, yacht tender body or are build as out and out desert racers.

Performance 0-60mph 3.5 to 4 seconds. Top speeds 280 - 300kmh.

New for 2009 RR99 4 door coupe.

Price range up to 180,000 Euros.

What does a Fornasari RR 600 (2008) cost?

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