Ford Mondeo (1996–2000)

Model History

The original Mondeo on CDW27 platform with most of its faults corrected. Decent build, decent handling, tremendous 'feelgood factor', multi-adjustable steering wheel (in, out, up, down). 14' 8" long by 6' 4" wide and weighing from 1,235kg to 1,375kg. 4-door saloon, 5-door hatchback or longer 15' 2" estate.

89bhp 1.6 Zetec E; 113bhp 1.8 Zetec E; 128bhp 2.0 Zetec E; 87bhp 1.8 diesel; 168bhp 2.5 V6 (Si and ST24). ST200 from January 1999 had 202bhp.

Hugely improved in 1997 model year facelift, which made the 5-door much better looking than the rather dowdy 93K-96N original; three lap/diagonal rear belts now standard. Faults virtually all eliminated from '97 model year and 2.0LX can offer 40 mpg economy.

Very strong bodyshell at the front. Comparatively good performance in NCAP crash tests. Easy and cheap to repair body damage. 1997 MY on is sensational used value for money and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

BMW, Toyota and Ford jointly suffered the fewest breakdowns attended by German ADAC during 2001. Enthusiasts and problem solving website:

Ford had 7th lowest average warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 65.51 v/s lowest 31.93)Ford 4th top top of Reliability Index for 2004 combining very low average cost of repair of £207.58 with average 32.16 failures per 100 Warranty Direct policies. Link:- Petrol models and diesels 1995-1997 rated average for breakdowns, problems and faults in 2003 Which survey.

9th most reliable 4 - 8 year old car in the UK according to 2008 Warranty Direct claims figures.

What does a Ford Mondeo (1996 – 2000) cost?

List Price from £24,930
Buy new from £21,822
Contract hire from £233.29 per month