Ford Galaxy (1995–2006)

Model History

Good styling, low wind noise, decent handling, nice to drive. Up to seven proper seats. 15' 2" long by 7' wide and weighing from 1,585kg.

89bhp TDI 90 takes 10,000 miles to run-in, then goes quite well and delivers 38 mpg fuel economy. Also 109bhp TDI 110 from November 1997 and 113bhp TDI 115 with six-speed VW gearbox from August 2000 facelift.

Base engine was old 113bhp twin chain cam 1,998cc four from Sierra, with 143bhp 2,295cc version from February 1999.

Big engine was VW's 172bhp 2.8 VR6 with standard 5-speed manual, but often fitted with 4-speed autobox.

Facelift V6 has 200 bhp VR6 with 6-speed manual or 5-speed Tiptronic auto.

Identical VW Sharan was a Three-Star performer in NCAP crash tests (6 points front impact; 15 points side impact).

'New Edge' face for 2001, on sale in UK from September 2000.

See also SEAT Alhambra and VW Sharan.

Safety upgrades for 2003 MY. 130bhp TDI 6-speed or 5-speed Tiptronic from 2003.

150bhp version of TDI announced February 2005.

Ford had 7th lowest average warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 65.51 v/s lowest 31.93) Ford 4th top top of Reliability Index for 2004 combining very low average cost of repair of £207.58 with average 32.16 failures per 100 Warranty Direct policies. Link:-