Dacia Logan MCV (2013–)

What's good

Dacia Logan MCV 0.9TCe runs much better on Shell V-Power Nitro Plus than on ordinary 'premium' 95 ron petrol.

Handling and roadholding of Dacia Logan MCV Stepway on 16-inch wheels with 205/55 R16 Continental Eco Contact tyres much improved over standard Logan MCV.

90 dCi offers 32mph/1,000rpm in 5th.

What to watch out for

Standard cheap Halfords radios are not compatible with the pre-fitted speakers. You need a special radio.

Dacia UK prices are not 'on the road'. To get the 'on the road' price you need to add first registration charge and first year VED.

3-12-2014: 3 Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating. 57% adult protection; 75% child protection; 55% pedestrian protection; 38% safety assist.

6-10-2016: Complaint that gear change quality "notchy" on a Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi.

22-11-2017: Complaint that the heating system of a 2015 Dacia Logan MCV leaves the driver's and passengers knees cold. Mechanic suggested switching off air recirculation.

10-5-2019: Dacia Logan 1.0SCe (998cc) purchased 17th April 2019 turned out to be faulty and apparently "cannot be repaired until the manufacturer has developed a new chip." Grounds to reject the car within the first 30 days.

26-5-2019: Problem reported with clutch of 30,000 mile 2015 Dacia Logan MCV. Every so often the car refuses to go into any gear. It usually starts off with the gears feeling clunky and sounding noisy when changing before completely stopping working.The only thing that works is to pull over, turn the engine off completely and sit for five to ten minutes. When it is turned back on again everything is usually completely back to normal. Apparently stems from the brake and clutch using a common fluid reservoir. There's a diaphragm valve that diverts the fluid to either the brake or the clutch as needed. If you are using the brake and clutch simultaneously as you do in heavy stop-start traffic, the diaphragm can stick open on the brake side preventing the fluid reaching the clutch. We suggested a change of brake fluid, pointingout that the clutch slave cylinder may be very difficult to drain.

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