Audi A4 Avant (2015–)

What's good

High quality family estate.

Lots of head and legroom for four large adults.

Good choice of economical engines.

Classy interior with lots of tech that's easy to use.

What to watch out for

Nondescript exterior styling.

Ride can get extremely hard on S line versions, especially when specified with sports suspension.

Optional extras can easily add £10k to the price.

10-12-2016: Complaint that headlights of 2015 Audi Avant A4 SE Technik TDi Quattro (first registered in Nov 2015) leave a patch of darkness, a section of tarmac that is unlit, between the flood of light from the dip beam and the flood of light from the main beam. This strange beam pattern is only affected by the offside headlamp unit. Owner took car to Audi dealer and it was tested on the headlamp beam tester for MoT purposes and passed as okay. End of problem as far as dealer is concerned. Owner refuted the decision and asked them to test drive the car at night which they did. They came back with the reply that there was nothing wrong and nothing they could do as there is no beam height adjustment between dip and main. Another Audi dealer compared the car to another, identical Avant and concluded that the unit was as designed and, therefore, not replaceable under warranty.

15-7-2017: Report of 'pre-sense' system of 10 month old 2016 Audi A4 2.0TDI 170 Avant operating spuriously fifteen times, now with increasing frequency. Big recall on the Volkswagen Golf for this issue, so surprising that the Audi dealer has not found any rerason for this.

18-8-2017: Report that on 4th August a 7 month old 2017 Audi A4 Avant came to a sudden halt from 38mph for no reason, on a clear road, causing the following car to crash into the back of it. Guildford Audi told the driver to ring the Audi helpline who sent a man out straight away He found a fault in the computer in the car and mended it. The engineer gave a written report of the fault tyhat the driver emailed to Guildford Audi and to Lindale Audi when it went in for diagnosis. Unfortunately it did not show a fault in the test as in repairing the car the engineer had wiped the computer clean. They sent the report to head office technicians who said the computer was ok.

28-9-2018: Complaint by owner of only getting 6,000 miles from the 19-inch Continental front tyres of his 2017 Audi A4 S-Line avant.

28-12-2018: Report of vibration from drivetrain of November 2018 Audi A4 B9 avant 272 3.0 V6 now at 45k miles: At 1,250 rpm, whether in D or S mode, there is vibration which passes through the accelerator pedal and steering wheel. Also at 1,750 rpm when cruising on the motorway at 80 mph with cruise control on in 8th gear it doesn't feel as smooth as it should. Finally, when around 2,000 rpm the car feels unrefined and actually noisy for an Audi V6 diesel.

6-6-2019: Report of engine failure of 2018 Audi S4 Avant on lease from VWFS. Long wait before its back on the road.

29-11-2019: Report of "persistent vibrations coming through the accelerator pedal and the steering wheel, often simultaneously" in November 2015 Audi A4 B9 estate 8-speed auto, 3.0 TDI V6 272HP. Has had replacement of several expensive parts under guarantee due to factory recalls (4 camshafts, crank shaft, chain tensioner), but problem's remains. In D the vibrations arrive around 1,250 rpm especially when accelerating. Owner notices that despite regular cleaning and quality fuel all the time, the engine is also quite noisy when accelerating: "it's as if there's a part somewhere which is noisier than it should be and injects vibrations into the mix when increasing speed." Also, when the car is hot and in traffic it can start to tremble slightly until shifted into Neutral. If driver leaves car in S in traffic, the vibrations are slightly stronger still.

21-12-2019: Report of "annoying" throbbing/pulsing of 3.0TDI V6 272PS motor of December 2015 udi A4 B9 avant. Happens between 1,750rpm and 2,250rpm in auto S. The engine is also noisy on acceleration but the car does accelerate very well. Owner uses only V-Power Diesel and puts a pro quality additive in the fuel on a regular basis. The car has never been out of the Audi network.


01-05-2017: R/2017/115: Audi A4, A5, A6 and Q5 (with EA888 2.0 TFSI engine): COOLANT PUMP MAY OVERHEAT. Foreign particles in the engine coolant can lead to a blockage in the additional coolant pump and cause the pump to overheat.Foreign particles in the coolant can lead to a blockage in the additional coolant pump and cause the pump to overheat. Fix: Recall the machines that are likely to be affected and update the software, which will deactivate the additional coolant pump in the event of malfunction. If there has been a malfunction of the additional water pump, it will be replaced. VINS: WAUZZZ8D0CN002863 to WAUZZZ8FXDN018070; WAUZZZ8T0CA007557 to WAUZZZ8TXDA078749; WAUZZZ8K0DA002920 to WAUZZZ8KZDA250141; WA1CFAFP2DA094219 to WA1LFBFPXFA065950; WAUFFBFC9EN010054 to WAUFFBFC9EN01005. Build dates: 1-5-2011 to 31-10-2016.

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