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Top 10: Most reliable cars 1990-2009

Using its own statistics of frequency of problems and hard cash paid out for repairs, Warranty Direct has nominated the Most Reliable and Least Reliable cars built between 1990 and 2009.

In celebrating its 15th anniversary during 2012, Warranty Direct studied more than 200,000 live and historical policies spanning the decade and a half since it started recording reliability data with its unique Reliability Index in 1997, for cars dating back to 1990. 

The Reliability Index has become an industry benchmark for used car reliability, using a complex formula to rank more than 450 individual models, taking into account factors such as how often the car breaks down, how much it costs to repair, plus average age and mileage. Click through the gallery below to see the most reliable cars, or click here to see the list of the least reliable. 

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Mitsubishi Lancer

In Evo form the Lancer is famous for being a performance machine, but lesser models top the reliability tables. Those looking for a value for money, sensible family car will find very well looked after used Lancers for less than £3000 and thanks to high reliability and low repair costs when things do go wrong it ranks at number one on Warranty Direct's list. 


Kurtis tweedie    on 14 January 2017

I bought Saab 9.3 sport 2006. For 4000 and have spent more than £3000 in repairs. In garage at minute needs alternator. Should I call it a day. Or is it worth any more repairs. Has 100000 miles on clock and have had to remove dpf filter.

Garry Fielding    on 22 January 2017

Most cars around 10 year old and 100,000 miles need new parts fitted. I've had the battery, alternator, timing belt, water pump, wipers and bulbs replaced. Things that wear out in time. Not repairs though.

spog69    on 27 April 2017

Not necessarily so. Our corolla verso 1.8 vvti around 10 years old and apart from consumable parts it has only needed the clutch replaced at 140,000 miles. Drives like new still (I.enjoy slow with stiff suspension) but don't see why it won't go onto 200,000 miles.

The SAAB was a vauxhall in disguise and my ashtray and zafira diesels were the worst cars I ever had for reliability! I'll never buy vauxhall again I'll stick with Japanese

Andrew Hosking    on 4 May 2017

Too right - the Corolla I e owns for nearly 7 years & 100k miles has been faultless,apart from a couple of suspension bushes & new front shocks & now over 12 years old!
Wouldn't consider anything else!!

DaveWK    on 23 June 2017

2005 CItroen C5 Exclusive 2 litre hdi manual. 81,000 miles, 48/50+ mpg. Towed caravan at 30 mpg all over Europe. Never missed a beat, still on original exhaust. I bought in December 2007, with 17,000 miles. Lots of gadgets and they all still work.

   on 23 July 2017

My 2005 honda crv 2.0 petrol now has 110.000 miles on clock & apart from regular services ,it never misses a beat & flies through every mot . Hence , my next car will be another crv with low miles that i can just keep forever ! Ive had this one four years & its never let me down . We have two hondas & two toyotas in the family & all have been 100% reliable.

Null Factor    on 26 September 2017

I bought a lot of different cars... Recently bought saab 93(2004) 205xxx km . The first thing I changed was alternator cost 300€...saab has strong engine and body for me Saab is fun drive with luxury interior great acceleration and speed even though old.... unfortunately in some ranking saab is 5th most worse car with electric problems.. Almost every saab has typicall same problem with heater fan stop working, door locks etc,... But I repaired by myself otherwise expensive... Opel Meriva 1.7 diesel 2004l was excellent never been to mechanic for serious repairs.. Most of. Japanese cars have rust problem

Edited by Null Factor on 26/09/2017 at 22:11

iago36    on 20 October 2017

I would certainly agree that Honda's are by far the most reliable cars. I would doubt the Mazda MX5 as being so reliable especially for MOT problems. Mine has always had trouble with brake problems with the calibers constantly giving trouble failing MOT. I can understand why to a certain extent as invariably the cars are not used regularly and the caliber tends to sieze due to lack of use. But my Honda's practically never fail MOT and never give trouble. My son has a 52 reg Honda Accord with 168,000 on the clock and is on the original clutch from new. Engine runs like a dream. Highly recommended.

Edited by iago36 on 20/10/2017 at 12:58

   on 25 October 2017

Yep,can vouch for Honda,the 2006 Civic .
153000 miles on the clock,original clutch,and drives great.
Cost me 2k and would not surprise me if car was good for another 150000.

Oldboyracer    on 11 November 2017

155,000 on a Ford Focus Cabrio, still on original clutch, nothing went wrong until 145,000 a few probs and now solid as a rock, still hasnt failed an MOT! . Fords often maligned but speak as you find!

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