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I have cleaned the windscreen of my Yaris and replaced the blades with Bosch soft blades, but on the driver's side I still get a raking noise as the wipers seem to judder across the screen. Any ideas?
I am confused about which "green" car I should buy. I have a budget of £10k max and need to commute 40 miles each way without a charging point in my school.
My daughter has just passed her test but has only driven the instructor's Peugeot 308 and likes this a lot. We have a budget of up to £5000 - what car should she look at?
I recently passed my driving test at the age of 28. I am looking for my first car. I have no knowledge of cars. My car use is mostly city driving with very few long trips. I want a five door, manual and...
What's the best used car under £1000?
We are thinking of buying a hybrid car for up to £20,000. Which would you go for and why?
I drive a BMW 535d and park outside my work. When I leave to go home I have had four marks on it, scratches, dents on various parts of the paintwork over the past two years. I have had enough of these...
I need to buy a small car for my son to learn in, then drive when he passes. I am looking for the best combination of safety and value. What do you recommend? We're hoping to spend less than £7000.
Can you recommend a car to replace my Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost? I enjoy driving it but it has given me problems since new. I've looked at your website and so many of the new smaller cars show issues that...
What five-door automatic costing £10k would you recommend for urban use?

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