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My Fiat Panda went into the Fiat dealer for some warranty work. When I returned to pick it up, someone had scratched from the front drivers door all the way to the back wing. They admitted fault and took...
What cars would you recommend for my 18 year old son? He's starting an apprenticeship this autumn and will need a reliable car to get there and back. The annual mileage will be approximately 18,500, most...
Fiat have contacted me saying that the cam belt on my 2012 Fiat Panda is overdue replacement. It has only done 30,000 miles. Is replacement really needed yet?
I drive a Fiat Panda but have a family of four visiting in April. What is the smallest car I could hire that would accommodate five adults but not worry me in terms of size/spatial awareness?
When I order a new car for Spring 2018 I would like it on all season tyres rather than what the manufacturer is fitting at the time. What would be the best approach to achieve this?
I live in Italy and own an Italian registered Hyundai i10. The car was purchased new in 2012, has covered 43,500 miles and has a full service history. I want to sell this car and purchase a U.K. reg car,...
What small car has the highest seat?
My partner is looking into buying a car for her 17 year son to help pass his test and to keep through university. They have £5000 to spend, but don't know what to buy. Can you help?
I currently have a Fiat Panda 1.2 with 60PS and it's great, but I'm looking for a newer car. Having read all your reviews on small city cars, I've found the Panda to be the best choice. The 1.2 engine...
Does the 2012 Fiat Panda 875cc Twinair have a cam belt or chain? When should it be changed (and does a chain need changing)?

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