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T-bone stakes

I am a keen car owner, cyclist and pedestrian. The same day that Bradley Wiggins was knocked off his cycle I was out on me best and newest, machine I was cycling (south) along a relatively major road. A motorist was driving (north) along the same road, in the opposite direction. As we approached, the motorist signalled right turn, and turned right (close, very close) in front of me. I braked hard and I was forced to turn left. (It was either turn left or clout the motorcar).

I shouted impolite words at the driver - who very kindly stopped. We discussed the incident surprisingly amicably. The nice, well spoken, lady driver of the motorcar could not understand my displeasure. She asserted (and she was genuine) she had done nothing wrong. (I was and I remain completely convinced of her bona fides.) She was genuinely unable to perceive she had done wrong; she was unable to begin to grasp the danger she had caused to me. We parted on good terms. She, the driver, happily content. Me, the cyclist totally bemused.

Asked on 29 December 2012 by PG, via email

Answered by Honest John
Car drivers simply don't understand bicycles and motorcycles. They cannot judge speed and braking distances. And part of the reason for that is they feel no fear of the smaller object. Would that woman have turned against a 40 tonne HGV? You bet her life she wouldn't.
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