What is AdBlue and what does it do?

I currently have a 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class diesel and I am waiting delivery of a new B-Class 180d. I prefer Mercedes diesels to Renault petrol engines.

Because I only do around 8,000 miles per year what action do I need to take keep the engine in tip-top condition?

What is AdBlue and what does it do?

Lastly, my current C-Class averages about 50mpg, whereas a petrol model does about 40mpg to 45mpg, so is the diesel better for the environment because it goes further on the same amount of fuel?

Asked on 18 November 2021 by Harry

Answered by Russell Campbell
A modern diesel likes regular motorway runs to keep its DPF filter in tip top condition. Our sister website published a guide on DPFs that is worth reading: heycar.co.uk/guides/what-is-a-diesel-particulate-f...f

Find out about AdBlue here: heycar.co.uk/guides/what-is-adblue

Petrols are considered to be better for the environment because they produce less harmful gases. More info on that, here: heycar.co.uk/guides/should-i-buy-a-diesel
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